The Best Yoga Pants for Women (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Pants for Women (Reviews & Buying Guide)

To women, comfort and fashion are essential for workouts. Yoga pants are not only ideal for exercises, but they also have decent looks. So, having the best yoga pants for women is vital. 

Yoga pants are versatile. Ladies wear them with fashionable shirts for a perfect outfit. Also, due to strenuous poses required during workouts, they are suitable for exercises. However, there are various features you need to consider while buying these leggings. This review has everything you need to know about the best yoga pants for women.

5 Best Yoga Pants for Women in 2020 – Reviews

  1. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants – Best for High Quality
  2. LifeSky High Waist Yoga Pants – Best for Stylish Design
  3. Persit Women’s Mesh Yoga Pants – Best Mesh Yoga Pant
  4. HISKYWIN Inner Pocket Yoga Pants – Best for Diverse Workouts 
  5. Jockey 2358 Women’s Perfected Yoga Scrub Pants – Best Comfort Yoga Pant

While buying the best yoga pants for women, you should consider various things. Best yoga pants should make your workouts fantastic. They also give you a fashionable and stylish look. Here are some essential features to consider for perfect women yoga pants. 

Things you should consider when choosing the best yoga pants for women

1. Easy movement

While taking your yoga classes, flexibility is essential. Various moves will require you to move into many positions. So, you should have leggings that are working well for you. 

So, the best yoga pants for women should flex and stretch for a perfect fit. You should always ensure you don’t feel confined by your yoga leggings. You should be able to maintain your smooth movements while in these pants. 

2. Breathability

Excellent yoga leggings should have a useful breathability feature. This factor is crucial for hot yoga due to the intense workouts. 

Pants with perfect breathability function wink away the sweat. As a result, your yoga exercises become more comfortable and relaxing. 

But, most pants with this feature have thin and light material. They might not be very durable due to this material. 

3. Durability

Best yoga pants for women should be durable. Long-lasting leggings are economical, hence giving you value for your money. The quality of the material determines its durability. 

Also, proper maintenance of your pants prolongs their lifespan. So, always take good care of your pants. 

4. Fit and comfort

Most women use yoga pants as their everyday wear. So, you should ensure that your pants are fitting well for your convenience. When wearing them for long hours, they should give you the necessary luxury. 

5. Style

For women to look elegant, they should wear stylish pants. In the current market, yoga leggings are available in various forms. 

They come in vast color arrays, thus giving you a wide range of choices. Besides, the leggings are also available in many print styles.

Stylish yoga pants are excellent for workout studios and other activities as well. 

6. Performance and functionality

The functionality and performance of your pants are dependent on your yoga workout. Pants with cotton-spandex blend materials are suitable for non-intense yoga workouts.

Consequently, they give you a buttery-soft feeling and holds on to their shape. Also, the pants allow you to squat and stretch, and they don’t rip apart. 

If your workouts are super intense, your pants should have a synthetic material. The fabric has a moisture-wicking ability, and it dries away your sweat. Besides, this material regulates the temperatures after your workout. 


What qualities make the best yoga pants for women comfortable?

Comfort and smooth movements are essential features for women.

Stretchy and flexible waistband in yoga pants gives you the necessary support. Also, such waistbands assist you in making flexible poses and movements.

What types of materials are suitable for the best yoga pants for women?

Some yoga pants have blended fabrics, while others only contain one material type. But most pants have synthetic materials, which include nylon, spandex, or polyester. 

Comfort, design, and durability of the fabric are the primary factors that should guide your decisions. 

What is the best way to care and wash your best yoga pants for women?

You should take good care of your leggings for them to last longer. So, you should always use cold water while washing them. 

Unless you have “no heat” options, you shouldn’t put your yoga pants in a drier. Heat stretches the pants out and makes them fade their colors.

How long do the best yoga pants for women last? 

The lifespan of your yoga pants depends on the type of material and care. For an extended yoga pants’ lifespan, you should consider high-quality material. 

Also, you should have various pairs of yoga leggings. Besides, you should wash, dry, and store your yoga leggings appropriately. 

Are the best yoga pants for women suitable for yoga workouts only? 

Yoga pants are not only comfortable but also a fashion statement. That’s why you find women wearing them even as they do their grocery shopping. 

Due to their relaxing and breathability features, most individuals also use them while traveling. 

Product Reviews

1. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants – Best for High Quality

These pants have a four-way stretch design. 

They are suitable for performance, comfort, and style. So, if you love fashion, these pants are ideal for you.

Also, these pants are durable due to the high-quality material used. Besides, they offer a super soft stretch. This feature ensures perfect body movements, thus enabling you to make yoga poses. Also, its gusset crotch facilitates smooth movements and comfort. 


The leggings come with pockets as well. Therefore, you can store your essentials there as you work out. Their seams don’t rub and chafe your skin. So, these features make the leggings the best yoga pants for women. 

This yoga pant has an opaque fabric, which is ideal for holding your body. As a result, performing yoga poses becomes easier. This fabric conforms to any body shape. 

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants are fashionable and functional. Also, they are available in a variety of colors. 

You can use its side pockets to store relatively big items. Also, it has another hidden pocket for small items storage. The pants have a 30-day warranty, thus guaranteeing you of quality. 

These yoga pants are versatile. They are ideal for exercise, loungewear, and pregnancy as well.


  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable
  • Have an ultra-stretchy feature
  • Have a gusset crotch to maximize movement
  • Great pockets
  • Has a perfect fit


  • They are mid-waist  

These yoga pants are ideal for pregnant women.

2. LifeSky High Waist Yoga Pants – Best for Stylish Design

These leggings give you a relaxed feeling, hence boosting your confidence. 

Excellent comfort makes this legging one of the best yoga pants for women. It is an exceptionally soft material. When you wear these pants during work out, you can conveniently exercise for an extended period. 

Also, it has a high waist tummy control. This feature ensures that your tummy is in smooth contact with the pants. 


The pants are non-see through and look very stylish. The breathable fabric used ensures your legs remain comfortable and relaxed throughout an exercise. 

Besides, the leggings have a V-shaped waistband. As a result, the leggings have a contoured, smooth, and secure fit. So, if you are looking for fashionable pants, this is the best choice. 

The spandex material of these leggings makes them elastic and soft. So, the pants can stretch, thus helping you make various yoga poses. This feature makes the pants more suitable for women who like exercising. 

Unlike most pants, these leggings’ pockets are extra-deep. You can use them to hold big phones, among other items. 

Also, it has another hidden pocket at the waistband. You can use this pocket for small and valuable items such as money. 

The pants have calf and hip lines to assist in the perfect contour of the body. As a result, it makes you look good when you put it on. It hides the unsightly muffin tops as well. 

These pants have a lighter material on its sides. This material ensures your body has perfect air circulation. As such, it keeps your body comfortable as you exercise. 


  • They have broad and deep pockets
  • They are not see-through
  • Calf and hip lines give you a more contoured figure
  • They are durable
  • They have a high-quality material
  • It is comfortable


  • Don’t have much tummy control

These leggings are ideal for women who love unique designs.  

3. Persit Women’s Mesh Yoga Pants – Best Mesh Yoga Pant

The leggings have mesh panels on the sides. This feature makes the pants in question unique. As a result, the mesh keeps your legs relaxed, thus making you enjoy yoga. 

Besides, the material used on these leggings is non-see through. This feature makes you comfortable and confident. As a result, you can focus on your workout better. 

The legging is one of the best pants for women. It has two pockets, which you can use to store your keys. The feature ensures that your items are safe as you work out. 

The fabric of Persit Women’s Mesh Yoga Pants is breathable. It allows free circulation of air, thus keeping your legs fresh. This feature makes your yoga exercising sessions more convenient and enjoyable. 

Also, the material is moisture-wicking. As a result, your workout experience becomes more comfortable. Besides, this fabric doesn’t irritate, even when it’s close to the skin. 

So, due to this factor, you can wear these leggings at any time. Also, it is not only suitable for yoga workouts but also other activities. Most women wear these pants as they go on with their usual errands. 

The pants’ crotch is well-positioned; thus, it doesn’t pull or irritate. Also, the leggings hug your body excellently. As a result, it gives you a perfect fit. 

Its high waist helps in contouring your body. It also has a stretchy fabric material that enables you to perform yoga poses with ease. 


  • These leggings are not see-through
  • They lie flat against the skin
  • They are high waist and ideally takes the shape of your body 
  • They come with a 30- day money-back warranty


  • They tear easily

These leggings are suitable for all yoga workouts. 

4. HISKYWIN Inner Pocket Yoga Pants – Best for Diverse Workouts 

These yoga pants are non-see through, thus making them suitable for yoga studios. 

They have a blend of spandex and polyester material, thus making them soft. Also, the leggings have bootleg flare legs, thus giving you more comfort. Besides, this design is fashionable and stylish. 

HISKYWIN yoga pants have a tummy control feature. As a result, they help you maintain an attractive look. 

Also, these yoga pants are perfect for running and workouts. They make your yoga exercises more enjoyable. As a result, you can exercise for a prolonged period, thus meeting your goals quickly. 

The pants give you the necessary support. Also, it is easy to walk around while wearing these pants. 

As a result, it is suitable for yogis. It allows you to make all the yoga poses with ease. The pants are ideal for both hot and regular yoga workouts. 

Likewise, it is perfect for other fitness-related activities. The design of these pants makes it best for performance and comfort. 

But, you can use these pants for other functions apart from workouts. This extensive usage is due to its stylish and fashionable design. 

It has a flatlock seam that doesn’t rub or chafe against your skin. This feature takes your comfort to a higher notch. 

A small hidden waistband pocket makes this legging one of the best pants for women. Ladies carry a lot of small items such as keys with them. So, this pocket is vital to them. 

The pants have high-quality fabric, thus making it durable. Besides, the leggings are soft and breathable. They are capable of wicking moisture as well. These features make your exercises more fantastic. 


  • They are suitable for both exercise and other activities
  • They have a pocket to store small items
  • The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking


  • They are not high waist 
  • They are small fit; thus, you need to order a size up than your normal 

These yoga pants are suitable for all types of workouts and fitness-related activities. 

5. Jockey 2358 Women’s Perfected Yoga Scrub Pants – Best Comfort Yoga Pant

The pants have polyester, spandex, and rayon materials. 

As a result, the legging is comfortable, thus being suitable for many women. Also, they come in vibrant colors. These beautiful colors make yoga exercises more exciting and colorful. 

Most women are lovers of color, styles, and fashion. So, these features make these leggings one of the best yoga pants for women. They give ladies a wide range of choices to select their best yoga pants. 

This pair of yoga leggings have a unique feature. It has a flair-legged design, which makes you more comfortable. Most women are usually excited by unique and stylish designs.  

Besides, it gives your body a flattering look. As a result, it looks fashionable and stylish. Due to this feature, most women use this legging for various errands. This pair of pants is not suitable for workouts only. 

This pant has a well-positioned contoured mid-rise waistband. As a result, it sits perfectly on your skin. Besides, it keeps your waist in place.

Also, it doesn’t dig into your skin, thus making you more comfortable. 

Besides, the waistband has side panel inserts that add extra details to the legging. As a result, the panel inserts give this yoga pant a perfect side silhouette. 

A side leg pocket makes this legging one of the best yoga pants for women. You can put your small essentials such as keys there. 

As a result, this legging becomes super-convenient. It is convenient for you, as well. 


  • It has a mid-rise
  • It has a flared leg design
  • Has a small pocket to keep your small items
  • It is non-transparent


  • The flare-leg design is not suitable for short women
  • These pants’ fit is more massive than expected

This pair of pants is ideal for pregnant women. 


Yoga pants come in different designs and styles, thus making them unique. So, most women use them as loungewear. Also, others have features that offer perfect comfort during the gestation period. 

Most yoga pants are ideal for yoga workouts, among other fitness activities. Various features make them suitable for these purposes. So, while choosing the best yoga pants for women, you should be keen. 

In this review, IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants was the best on our list. 


It has a four-way stretch design, thus making it suitable for all yoga poses. Also, the pants are ideal for performance, comfort, and design. So, you can use these pants for loungewear and workout as well.

High-quality material makes this product long-lasting. Also, it comes with a warranty, which acts as a quality guarantee. Its soft stretch functionality makes it more comfortable. Also, it ensures excellent body movements. This factor makes your exercises easy and enjoyable. 

The pockets in these yoga pants facilitate storage during exercise or other activities. Also, its non-see-through fabric is essential for boosting your confidence. This yoga pant has excellent ratings and customer reviews.

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