The Best Yoga Socks Available in the Market

by Gayathri | Last Updated: March 12, 2020

Yoga needs to be performed in a comfortable environment and with proper accessories.

Yoga socks are of such accessories, and we are going to review some of the best yoga socks readily available on platforms such as amazon. These socks can be different in length; the quality of the material can be of pure cotton or bamboo or can be synthetic blended polymers.

Best Yoga Socks – 2020 Reviews

1. Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Socks- Best Non-Slip Socks

The unique-looking socks come with a twist to the Mary Jane style. The design is unique, and it is easy to wear. The socks are very comfortable, especially in the ankle region, and are highly recommended by different yoga practitioners around the globe.

Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Socks Price: $14.00 Buy Now from Amazon Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Socks If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: April 6, 2020

The unique arch band compression is a feature to support your mid-foot while the design of the heel makes it easy to twist and turn. The high-density rubber present on the sole gives you the perfect grip you need.

These socks have three different gripping points, and besides providing the best grip, it also provides the maximum possible surface areas. The socks are 62% organic cotton and are robust with a touch of delicacy and softness.



2. Gaiam Yoga Socks- Best Attractive Yoga Socks

These socks are available in different attractive colors and can be worn by both men and women. The socks provide full toe non-slip traction. It is warm and comfortable and increases your stability and balance.

Gaiam Yoga Socks Price: $7.99 Buy Now from Amazon Gaiam Yoga Socks If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: April 6, 2020

The socks readily absorb the extra moisture and sweat, which provides an excellent grip in any condition, especially for yoga. It further protects your feet from bacterial and fungal infections.

It is perfect to wear with or without yoga mats. They also come with Silicone grips, which provide a non-slip grip, especially in the absence of mats.



3. Shashi Star Women’s Sparkle Mesh Grip Socks – Best Yoga Socks with Mesh

These socks come with a mesh design, and the soft fabric keeps your feet neat, fresh, and clean. The socks, however, do not provide any particular space for the toes, but it is highly customized for both the right and left differently to fit securely and comfortably, and no extra fabric is left without use.

Shashi Star Women’s Sparkle Mesh Grip Socks Price: $17.99 Buy Now from Amazon Shashi Star Women’s Sparkle Mesh Grip Socks If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: April 6, 2020

The patterned mesh on the upper side makes it look unique and a must to add to your wardrobe. It is not limited to yoga but is so fancy that it could be worn on special occasions.

These socks come in different colors, so you get many options. In addition to this buy is that you get a convenient mesh storage pouch for your ease of access.



4. Toesox Multi-Pack Grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks

The socks are very well suited for Pilates, Barre, and Yoga. The sole has a piece of fabulous fabric. It is made up of cotton and is present in a variety of colors.

The low rise socks just fit so nicely that it makes every movement very comfortable. The low profile design provides your ankle and makes it pleasing wear.

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It has got a raised heel cushion, which relaxes and gives support to the tendon of the heel. The five toes design gives you space to stretch, spread, and relax your toes comfortably.

The unique arch band provides a gentle pressure which makes you lift your sole during exercise. The quality is of 77%organic cotton, which makes you feel comfortable with its soft fabric.



5. Great Soles Ombre, Sport, and Novelty Print Non-Skid Socks for Women- Never Slipping Yoga Socks

Here is something special about traveling.  These pairs of socks are made by an American company founded by two sisters. These socks are best suited on wooden floors.

The socks have high sole and are a hygienic alternative over the barefoot. The socks provide you with stability on the ground, mats, and even on different equipment.

Great Soles Non Skid Socks for Women Price: $14.00 Buy Now from Amazon Great Soles Non Skid Socks for Women If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: April 6, 2020

A “Y” shape contoured is present for comfort, and full sole from heel to toe non-slip pad is present for extra stability. The fabric is 75% of cotton and 23 % polyester. It is an aesthetic sports socks with low cut having superior, and the latest silicon dot technology, which makes it as the company says “never-slip” heel strip sock.

The design is beautiful and is painted with eco-friendly dies, which is easy to wash in and out of the machine.



How to choose the best yoga socks?

Yoga is a practice that gives you peace of mind and makes your body fit. The accessories which help you in practicing peacefully are a must, and we here are to help you to select the best yoga socks. The selection should be based on what you need and expect from the socks.

The choice should be based on the type of yoga you perform. Some of the yoga practitioners who practice meditation and different sitting postures need soft material socks for comfort.

On the other hand, the yogis who perform different positions such as “Garudasana” need a lot of grip on their feet with or without a yoga mat, so such people will go for the socks which have more number of dots which increases the grip and a right foot sole.

What is the advantage of having yoga socks?

A yoga sock is considered to be a lot more beneficial than doing yoga barefoot. However, the old yoga practitioners believe in doing it barefooted. These socks have their benefits and can increase the efficiency of your practice, which ultimately takes more useful out of the yoga you are performing.

These socks reduce the moisture, and the extra sweat secreted on the soul and helps to keep the foot dry. When there is no moisture, and the foot is covered, it reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal infections on foot.

These unique socks help you get a better grip with the yoga mat or the ground, which makes it easy for you to perform yoga postures; they enhance your stability and grip.  They also prevent cramps and stretch and reduce irritation on your foot.

These socks increase the movement and flexibility, and they support essential muscles and tendons out there in the foot to minimize any tear. These socks reduce the different pains and stretches; hence we consider it worth buying.

What can you look for in these socks?

One word which answers is “comfortability”. All the products which we have reviewed in the article are best suited for yoga. You can look for some of the most comforting fabric, with attractive and beautiful designs.

The socks are lightweights, and all of them have unique features like one has a supportive sole, others have a firm grip with the floor, and some others have hygienic fabric. You can expect the best comfort possible for yoga by these socks.

What is the best way to use yoga socks?

The yoga socks we have reviewed have the fabric which mainly consists of cotton and poly blend; hence are very delicate and soft yet are durable. The yoga socks are too worn during tour practice and should be washed frequently and thoroughly for the best possible outcome.

The yoga socks should be cleaned after use either manually or by a machine depending upon the quality and strength of the material.

These socks should be worn correctly, as described in the user guide for the best results. Rough use should be avoided while using these socks. These socks should be handled with care for long lastingness.


Do extreme use of these socks cause irritation and allergy?

To some extent, yes it does. The yoga socks are not to be always worn. It entirely depends on the quality of material and its interaction with your skin to cause irritation or infection.

Extreme usage without washing is terrible and can cause accumulation of many different germs and bacteria’s which might cause damage to your sole

Doe the grip fades away, and what to do for the best grip?

Most of the socks when they are new have an excellent grip; however, with time and frequent wash, it starts to fade away, which might cause a problem.

So if you are in a search for a sock that gives you stability on the ground, go for the one which has more number of rubber dots on the sole and has a durable fabric to support it and try to avoid roughly washing it.

Are these socks worth buying?

This question entirely depends on personal use, but as much as we talked with the yoga practitioners who are using them, they seem to be quite impressed by using it.

It is said that it increases their efficiency by helping and comforting them.

Does it hamper my yoga if I wear them?

If you have got the wrong pair of socks yes it will happen to you, as the stability and balance would be false.

Most of the time it will be in mind that you are wearing something very uncomfortable in your feet which ultimately distracts and you from your yoga and disturbs your focus.

Which one is better than the five-toed or the plain?

Both are good enough and have unique features which makes them different but I personally think that it is more comforting once the size of the socks are accurate as you get to stretch your toes and relax them.

Precaution before using the yoga socks

Yoga socks are one of such accessories to perform yoga, which are in trend and demand by people out there. If you choose the right pair of socks, wisely it really can help you in improving your yoga. Good socks, made up of high-quality cotton fabric, are always comfortable to wear.

The yoga socks nowadays have excellent and unique designs and patterns, which makes them look a lot stylish and classy. They not just help you with the comfort but allow you an excellent grip, which might have been impossible barefooted.

These socks help you out to increase your flexibility and movement and hence help you in easy get going. With socks on are much less in number and were minor injuries as compared to those who were not wearing them. Not only the socks make you perform yoga correctly, but they also help in keeping your foot warm.

Yoga socks will help you to get a lot more flexibility and grip, and this, in turn, allows you to avoid any fatal injuries or ligament tear.


We recommend the Toesox Multi-Pack Grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks. The material is 77% cotton and hence is very soft and light in weight. Even the color combinations are attractive, and the socks look very classy and stylish. I personally liked it and will recommend it.

Toesox Multi-Pack Grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks Price: $39.00 Buy Now from Amazon Toesox Multi-Pack Grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: April 6, 2020

Socks are like your essential partner during your yoga classes which gives you more grip and confidence while performing different pose and makes you look smart. I hope you liked the article. Thanks for reading!!