The Best Maternity Yoga Pants in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Maternity Yoga Pants in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Yoga pants are non-restrictive, flattering, and comfortable. So, pregnant women need them for their gestation period. This review discusses five of the best maternity yoga pants. 

Yoga exercises are essential for expectant women. Such workouts help them keep fit and flexible. Also, their pregnancy becomes more comfortable, and their labor less painful. 

But, you need suitable yoga leggings for exercise sessions. Thus, you need to consider various things to have the best maternity yoga pants. Here are five of the best leggings: 

5 Best Maternity Yoga Pants 2020

  1. Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Wear – Best for Lower Back Support
  2. Kindred Bravely “The Louisa” Pants – Best in Sweat Absorption
  3. My Bump Women’s Maternity Pants – Best Athletic Wear
  4. Fishers Finery Women’s Eco-fabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant
  5. Motherhood Maternity Yoga Pants – Best Boot Cut Yoga Pant 

Yoga exercises during pregnancy make your labor progress faster. Doing the correct yoga exercises lowers your blood pressure. Also, it gets your blood circulation smoother, thus better health during the gestation period. 

But, choosing the best maternity yoga pants can be challenging. You should consider several things for your leggings to be perfect. The most crucial things to consider are as follows. 

Things to consider when choosing the best maternity yoga pants

1. Comfort 

Comfort is essential during your pregnancy. Thus, you must ensure that your maternity yoga pants’ tightness is optimum. Also, it should be soft and flexible for adequate relaxation.  

Besides, it should be the right size for you. 

2. Stretch

Likewise, the best maternity yoga pants should be stretching. It should change with your body as it expands. A pant that squeezes your belly can be uncomfortable for you. 

You should have the best feeling during your pregnancy period. As a result, you need something that will make you feel relaxed and calm. So, you need to look for stretching pants for maximum comfort. 

3. Durability 

Maneuvering for 36 weeks with various belly size changes is not easy. So, you need maternity leggings that will take you throughout the journey and beyond. Also, durable yoga pants are economical. 

But, for your leggings to be durable, the quality needs to be okay. You should ensure they won’t have flimsy seams. Also, the waistband should be of the right quality, thus doesn’t fold down every time. 

4. Material 

The fabric choice for your best maternity yoga pants is essential. For your yoga workouts, a substance that will absorb sweat is vital. Sweating allows you to have a fantastic feeling, thus keeping you refreshed. 

Also, the material should be soft enough for you. A suitable material should offer the coverage and aesthetic you need. 

5. Belly panel 

A leggings belly panel is crucial for pregnant women. They cover you better and give you the comfort and satisfaction you need. As a result, they boost your confidence and keep you motivated for yoga exercises. 

But, there are different pants’ belly panel types. Some offer full coverage, and you should wear them over the belly. Others are for covering below the stomach, hence don’t provide full coverage. Besides, others are adjustable, thus suitable for both up and down wearing. 

Therefore, you should choose the most suitable and comfortable style for you. 

6. Thickness 

In the market today, there are many types of yoga pants. Some of them have a design to keep you warm. Also, some are thicker to offer you extra coverage. 

But, for cool leggings, you should avoid thick fabric and materials. Thin materials allow air to pass through, thus keeping your body fresh. 


What is the most suitable material for the best maternity yoga pants?

The most suitable material for your yoga pants depends on your lifestyle. 

Cotton material can be the best choice, but it’s not great for workouts. It absorbs your sweat and holds on to it. You can get irritated to continue working out in a damp cloth.

Also, wool material is not the best for yoga exercises. Although it wicks away moisture, it traps a lot of heat. But, it is suitable for going out and cuddling in the fireplace. 

Pants with spandex or lycra materials stretch well and are suitable for comfort and performance. Polyester material doesn’t absorb moisture, but it’s durable and lightweight. Besides, it doesn’t trap odor and bacteria. 

Nylon pants are high is mildew resistant, wicking away moisture and drying quickly. Also, it has a suitable stretch, comfortable fitting, and it is supportive as well.  

What are the benefits of wearing the best maternity yoga pants?

Various factors make these pants suitable for expectant women. First, they accommodate the growing belly size at all stages. Also, yoga leggings cover your belly, due to the stretching belly panel. 

Also, it is stylish and comfortable for you. 

What factors should you consider when choosing the best maternity yoga pants?

Choosing the best maternity yoga pants can be challenging. Where and when you will be using the leggings is a factor to consider. A fitted model is most suitable for workouts since it can’t slip up your leg. 

You should also consider the most suitable fabric material for your yoga leggings. Various materials are vital for different purposes. So, you should choose the most suitable one for you. 

The fitting size is vital for your comfort. Various materials are essential for numerous occasions. 

Why do most moms love the best maternity yoga pants?

Maternity yoga pants are fashionable for pregnant mothers in the current world. Comfort is one of the features that lead to this popularity. Also, it eases their movement and exercises because the pants are non-restrictive. 

The pants are also easy to pull on due to their stretching nature. Besides, the pants give support and shape to pregnant ladies. 

Product Reviews

1. Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Wear – Best for Lower Back Support

These maternity yoga pants are perfect for wicking away moisture. 

The performance material used is the most suitable for wicking away moisture. This feature makes it the best maternity yoga pants for workouts. During the pregnancy period, high intensity can be uncomfortable for you. 

Also, the waistband for these leggings is well designed. The crossover panel offers you back and tummy support. It helps your pants stay up as well, and keeps your body fresh. As a result, you enjoy relaxed yoga exercises.

Besides, the waistband expands as your pregnancy grows. This feature gives you the comfort you need since it doesn’t squeeze you up. Also, it makes your workout sessions more enjoyable. 

These pants have a four-way stretch feature. It allows you to bend and make various poses during your yoga exercises. Also, it has hardy flat-lock seaming that prevents ripping or chafing. 

Besides, these leggings are not see-through; thus, you wear them in a yoga studio. Such features make these leggings the best activewear. 

You can wash these pants using a machine. This feature is essential for pregnant women since they have to stay clean. It can also be a struggle for them to bend, thus not easy to hand wash the leggings. 

You can wear the leggings either while pulled up or folded. This factor makes them more suitable since you can choose the most preferred way. 


  • They wick away moisture
  • Has a four-way stretch
  • Has a back crossover panel
  • You can either wear them band up or folded down
  • They stay in place
  • They are comfortable


  • They are expensive 

These pants are suitable for pregnant women who like working out. 

2. Kindred Bravely “The Louisa” Pants – Best in Sweat Absorption

These kindred bravely pants give you ultimate comfort on your skin. 

They are suitable for both home wear and workouts. Their comfort and fantastic non-restrictive belly support are essential to expectant ladies. The support offered makes the women feel relaxed, thus easy to exercise. 

The material used is incredible, hence making the product to be durable. Polyester and spandex blend materials are soft. Also, the stretch conveniently, allowing pregnant women to exercise. 

While doing yoga workouts, expectant ladies sweat more than usual. This increased sweating is as a result of added weight. Due to the high-quality polyester material, these pants ensure you stay dry throughout. They are the best in sweat absorption, thus making you feel comfortable.  

Another feature that makes these leggings the best maternity yoga pants is the waistband. In these pants, it is better than the first postnatal latte. As a result, it holds us everything.

Also, you can pull up the waistband over the bump. This feature gives you a smooth look. Thus, it helps you increase your confidence. Besides, you can fold the waistband down under your bump. It gives you proper back support. 

After giving birth, these leggings are still useful. The band assists in holding up your tummy as it shrinks gradually. This feature helps you to be more comfortable and works to prevent the weaknesses of the abdominal muscle. 

Louisa pants are also suitable for ladies who have gone through C-section. They give them extra support as they heal. 


  • They are durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Have a non-restrictive belly support


  • They are expensive 

These pants are suitable for both pregnant women and those who have just given birth. 

3. My Bump Women’s Maternity Pants – Best Athletic Wear

These leggings have the best design, most suitable for pregnant ladies. 

They have a bottom cut-edge style feature. 

Their design gives you a choice to trim its lower part for your perfect height. This feature makes the leggings one of the best maternity yoga pants. 

Due to this adjustability, these pants are suitable for all pregnant stages. You can also use them for your post-baby body. 

Besides, its waistband is one of the best. You can fold or unfold it, depending on how you want to use the leggings. When unfolded, it covers over your belly. The waistband offers you comfort and back support as well. 

These leggings are suitable for various purposes. First, they are perfect for relaxing at home and walk as well. They look stylish and offer you optimum comfort. 

Also, you can use them for your yoga workouts. They are lightweight and soft, thus perfect for this purpose. 

Besides, they offer you an excellent fit to your body contours. They expand as the baby grows, thus making them more convenient.  

You can also wash them using a machine. This feature makes the leggings to be the best choice for pregnant women. 

These leggings also help in wicking moisture away. So, your body remains cool and dry. These factors give you the necessary comfort you require during your gestation period. Besides, it helps you conduct your yoga exercises more conveniently. 


  • Great for exercise
  • Wicks away moisture
  • They are affordable


  • The waistband hits at a weird spot
  • They are not long

These leggings are perfect for short ladies since they come in relatively small sizes.  

4. Fishers Finery Women’s Eco-fabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant

These pants have a back pocket to put your small essentials. ‘

The pants have a mixture of materials. It has sixty percent bamboo viscose and twenty-five percent of organic cotton. Also, it has fifteen percent spandex. 

They have a moisture-wicking property as well. This property is essential in keeping you calm and relaxed. 

The material of these pants allows them to absorb sweat from your body. As a result, this feature takes your exercise sessions on a higher notch. So, if you are looking for suitable workout maternity yoga pants, go for these. 

The design for these leggings is fantastic as well. These pants are mid-raised. 

Due to this feature, they hold your body tightly. Thus, the pants give you ample time for your yoga workouts. As a result, you end up exercising for a prolonged period. 

Workouts are essential for body flexibility. Also, for pregnant women, they make the give birth process more convenient. Likewise, it becomes lesser painful.  

The product has a wide waistband. This feature helps in covering your bump better. As a result, it makes you more confident in the yoga studio. You can do more yoga poses, hence increasing your flexibility. 

The leggings are more comfortable to wash and come in a variety of sizes. 


  • They have eco-fabric, thus environmentally friendly
  • They wick away moisture
  • They have a back pocket
  • You can wear them for many pregnancy stages
  • They are tagless


  • They run a little long

These pants are most suitable for taller individuals due to their long length. 

5. Motherhood Maternity Yoga Pants – Best Boot Cut Yoga Pant 

These pants have a boot cut, which is great for many body shapes. 

The pants consist of five percent spandex and ninety-five percent of cotton material. This mixture of elements improves the quality of the pants, thus making them durable. As a result, you get to enjoy the value of your money. 

Also, the leggings have breathable material. As a result, they keep your body relaxed and comfortable. Even, due to this feature, you sweat less, thus keeping your body dry. 

They give you a feel of great feeling as you work out. Besides, the stretching feature takes you comfort on a higher notch. It enables you to perform various poses conveniently.

Also, the material of the pants keeps on expanding throughout your pregnancy. So, it gives you perfect service during your gestation period and after. 

As a result, these leggings become one of the best maternity yoga pants in the market. 

The leggings are easy to wash. Besides, you can clean them using a machine. 


  • The boot cut is flattering to many body styles
  • The material helps you stay dry and cool
  • The secret fit belly keeps stretching as your belly grows


  • The material used is thin

These motherhood pants are perfect for ladies who like lightweight materials.  


In conclusion, yoga pants are essential for pregnant women. They do their workouts, which are vital, more comfortable, and bearable. Also, the leggings are suitable for wearing as you relax at home.

But, there have been various types of these pants in the market. As a result, it is challenging to choose the best maternity yoga pants. In this review, we have discussed five of the best yoga leggings. However, Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Wear is on our top list.

The pants in question are the best for wicking moisture away. 

This factor makes them the most ladies’ choice. It makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Another essential feature for these leggings is the waistband. It gives them back and tummy support, thus allowing the baby to grow with comfort. Besides, it holds the pant up; therefore, you don’t have to keep pulling them up. 

The feature also makes them suitable for yoga exercises. 

Materials used in these parts are high-quality and durable. So, it is easier to make yoga poses while on these pants. They stretch well and make you have comfortable yoga sessions. 

Besides, the pants are not see-through, thus boosting your confidence. Confidence motivates you to extend your work out sessions. As a result, your body becomes more flexible and healthy. 

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