The Best Plus-Size Yoga Pants (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Plus-Size Yoga Pants (Reviews & Buying Guide)

As a woman, you need to cover your body parts well during yoga exercise. You can get a better deal when you use the best plus size yoga pants. They offer a 4-way stretch design to accommodate the size of your body.

More importantly, the ergonomic design is unmatched. In that regard, it will allow them to align with the contours of your body. Let’s discover more about the products in the review section.

Best Plus-Size Yoga Pants

  1. ODODOS Women’s Boot-Cut Yoga Pants –Best Fabric Quality 
  2. Lola Getts Plus Size Yoga Pants – Best for Stretching to Support Curvy Bodies
  3. 90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants
  4. NIRLON Leggings for Women High Waist Yoga Pants – Best in Compression Technology
  5. Joyshaper High Waist Gym Capri Pants -Best in Versatility

Buying Guide for the Best Plus-Size Yoga Pant 

Before you buy your suitable yoga pant, comfort should come in mind. For those that have curves, you can wear it without compromising comfort. Indeed, you should also go for a durable pant to appreciate the value of your penny.

As a rule of thumb, you need to understand certain aspects. Once you grasp those elements at your fingertips, your selection becomes easy. Let’s look at those specific elements you must consider as you buy your items.

1. Comfort 

You want to experience comfort throughout your activity, right? A good pant product should be comfortable to wear painlessly. You should feel like you have a second skin on your body. The pant should make your skin comfortable without any complications like irritation.

The yoga activities treasure comfort, and the ideal pant should do so. As you walk, run, jog, and cycle around, let it be effortless. The yoga pant should streamline the body to enhance your movements.

2. Durability 

Durability is an aspect that you should consider before buying your pants. The quality of the materials mainly used dictates the durability aspect. Some elements will never resist tear and wear. It is wise to keep off from such products. 

Alternatively, know the blend percentages of the used materials. Some of them may feature 86% cotton and 14% spandex. Such high-tech materials will last for long. 

3. Compression 

It will be reasonable to buy a yoga pant that has a smooth compression. It should be a type of clothing that allows you to achieve your best. There are incredible materials types with better compression abilities. 

There is a waistband that will secure the pant. You will use it comfortably without minding the inconvenience. The pant should be useful to any workouts as you put it to practice. It should have a better compression ability to encourage beginners to use it. 

4. Stretch 

Most of the products on our list have a better stretching design. An ideal yoga pant should stretch to allow your body to fit in comfortably. Most importantly, the 4-way stretch makes the user comfortable.

Some of the product will perfectly align with the contours of your body. As a result, the user will still enjoy the maximum comfort involved. 


Are there specific activities for plus size yoga pants? 

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Yoga pants may come in versatile designs. You will majorly use them for yoga-related activities and movements. Moreover, you can use them for other schedules. Precisely, they may be walking, hiking jogging, and cycling. 

The primary reason for theses pants is to enhance wellness. You will stay in better health as a good practice for long life. 

What are the best materials for yoga pants? 

Well, several materials can make yoga pants. Some come with a blend of cotton and spandex. Others may feature polyester and spandex. Mostly, cotton and polyester will have a higher percentage in the mix. 

Does the quality affect the pricing?

Surely yes. In most cases, high-quality materials will attract high charges. It is because high-quality materials have more properties to make you comfortable. For instance, they are durable hence ideal for long-term usage.

What kind of material is preferable: Thick or Thin?

The thickness of the material of yoga pants mostly depends on the kind of activities you will be involved in on a regular basis. If you want to be doing hot yoga, thin material what you should go for to make it light and airy for you. There are multiple options to choose from in thick but breathable yoga pants as well. Check those out too and see if they fulfil your needs well enough.

The most essential point in picking out your yoga pants is whether they make you feel comfortable and let you focus on your workout making your whole regimen a lot more productive. This adds ease to your yoga and workout routine.

Product Reviews

1. ODODOS Women’s Boot-Cut Yoga Pants –Best Fabric Quality 

 It has an elastic waistband to keep your waist secure. Ododos Women’s Boot Cut Yoga pants come in various blends. One category will feature 14% spandex and 86% polyester. Moreover, you can alternatively use 14% spandex and 86% nylon. Either way, the two blends will still offer you comfortable service.

The yoga pant features a 4-way stretch. Moreover, the cloth has a non-see through design. You can entirely use it for all yoga activities. Still, the versatile design of this pant makes it ideal for hiking and walking. 

The yoga pant features a high waist design, making it suitable to control the tummy. Also, such a design combines well to make it appear stylish. It makes it ideal for many activities. 

The high-quality fabrics are suitable for eliminating the moisture and increase comfort. In other words, they are breathable hence will not cause any discomfort when you wear them. The product offers maximum ergonomic benefits. What does that mean? It can perfectly contour to the shape of your body comfortably. As a result, it will offer your body a streamlined look. 

The product comes with affordable prices. Or even better, the long-lasting design makes it an excellent pick for many consumers. The manufacturers also allowed a thirty-day return policy. You can both hand wash and machine wash the cloth. Secure cleaning options make it simple to handle. 


  • The product comes from a high-quality blend fabric
  • The moisture-wicking design makes it breathable 
  • The stretching design makes it align appropriately to your body streamlines 
  • The yoga pant is a non-see-through 
  • The high waist will control the volume of your tummy 
  • The product comes with a low price tag 


  • It lacks side pockets to carry your valuables like phones 

The yoga pant is comfortable to use since it is breathable. You can choose your style from the available colors.

2. Lola Getts Plus Size Yoga Pants – Best for Stretching to Support Curvy Bodies

The pant wicks away the moisture to make it breathable. 

Lola Getts Plus Size Yoga pants are a versatile product. The crafting of this pant features two fabrics, being 10% Lycra and 90% Supplex. The Yoga pant is machine washable in cold water. Furthermore, you can tumble dry or hang dry it. 

As you wear the Lola Getts Yoga pants, you will realize that it fits most of the sizes. It will perfectly suit a curvy girl. Most importantly, the yoga plus pant comes in various sizes—for instance, medium, large, and extra-large.

You can use this yoga pant to perform various exercises since it has better fabric. The fabric is luxurious and soft to enhance user experience. Interestingly, the pant has the right properties for a 4-way stretch. You will experience worry-free wear due to its non-sheer compression. 

Every seam placed on the garment will strategically support curvy women. There is a flatlock stitching that will prevent the opening of seams or chaffing. Also, there is a diamond shape crotch that will support camel-toe-free wear. 

The pant uses a high-quality garment that will resist any tear or wear. As you use it, you will experience a fantastic workout. It will offer a smooth feeling as well as accentuating your curves. You can also wear it for your athletic activities. 

The leggings are perfect for night outs with an inside key pocket. Besides, the material is not see-through type. It supports quick drying and has a natural moisture wicking. 


  • The yoga pant comes from both shrink and fade-resistant material 
  • You can easily clean the product as it is machine washable 
  • The top-quality materials are long-lasting 
  • The yoga pant comes in various sizes to fit all types of bodies 
  • The stretch design will accommodate the curve of your body 


  • None so far 

The pant is durable and incredibly soft to enhance comfort. You can use it for various activities. 

3. 90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

The ergonomic design of this product allows it to stretch along the body contours. You will always identify these yoga pants due to their high-tech fabric. The fabric blend is ordinarily 26% spandex and 74% polyester. 

The most attractive property from this yoga pant is it is a non-see through. Moreover, it has a moisture-wicking design making it breathable. 

You can use it comfortably for a long duration. Again, you will not worry about any moisture accumulation. The stretching design will ensure that it fully covers the body parts. 

You can use this pant for various functions. Most importantly, if you like fitness, then you can make it your gym attire. One can also use it in many outdoor activities such as jogging, running, and hiking. It will leave you with a stunning fashion style.

The yoga pant features a high waist. The user can take advantage of the design to control the tummy. The ergonomic design of the pant will contour to that shape of your body. By doing so, it will perfectly fit into your body curve without difficulties. 

As if that is not enough, the pant has interlock seams. They will reduce any chaffing and eliminate any form of irritation. Such a design will ensure maximum comfort and wearability throughout its use. 

The user can easily take care of this product as it is machine washable. You should begin your wash by sorting out similar colors. The entire package comes with a bag for carrying convenience. Still, the materials used for crafting the pant does not shrink. 

The product comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. The side pocket design on the yoga pant will allow the user to carry the phone. However, the manufacturers have a refund policy should you feel the product does not address your needs.


  • The fabric used to craft the yoga pant is long-lasting 
  • You can easily care for the yoga pant since it is machine washable 
  • The product materials have a moisture-wicking design to make it breathable 
  • You can use this product for various activities like jogging, cycling, and gym 
  • The high waist is ideal for tummy control 
  • The manufacture allows a return and refund policy


  • The pockets may be too narrow to accommodate all phone sizes 

The yoga pant will not cause skin irritation. The soft fabric is comfortable to use for a longer duration.

4. NIRLON Leggings for Women High Waist Yoga Pants – Best in Compression Technology

The yoga pant has some mechanism to enhance blood circulation. If you are searching for a perfect women yoga pant, then look no further than Nirlon pants. It has a high waist design, ideal for use over long workouts. 

The leggings are non-see-through, hence ideal for gym activities. Still, the black dye makes it attractive. Some pregnant women use it as maternity wear. The high-waist design will prevent one from seeing your underwear. Also, the same high waist has tummy control functions. 

The crafting of these yoga pants comes from durable materials. The materials that come from intense cotton blends are usually durable to resists any form of tear and wear. You can use it for an extended period comfortably. 

Also, the material used is breathable. Plus, it will wick away your body moisture to prevent the accumulation. As a result, the user will enjoy comfort. Still, the stretching design will easily align with the shape of your body. 

One unique thing about this cloth is that it has a stretching design. Such an arrangement is beneficial to the user as it improves the blood circulation. Besides, one will use it comfortably for various yoga activities like jogging and running. 

You can easily take good care of this product. Firstly, it is machine washable. It usually improves in texture for every successive wash. Moreover, it comes in various sizes. All you have to do is to pick an appropriate size. 

The product comes with a reasonable price. You can choose your favorite color from the available list.


  • The yoga pant has a breathable design to make it comfortable 
  • The high waist design will control your tummy 
  • The product has versatile uses such as jogging, cycling, and hiking 
  • The used materials are durable 
  • The manufacturer used compression technology which is ideal in blood circulation 


  • The pant lacks pockets for carrying convenience

 Since the yoga pant is machine washable, you can maintain it easily.

5. Joyshaper High Waist Gym Capri Pants -Best in Versatility

The pant supports all seasons like hiking, gym, running, and cycling.

Joyshaper is an impressive and unique pant for various uses. Firstly, this yoga pant comes from a combination of 5% spandex and 95% polyester. Such high-quality design makes the pant to last for an extended period. 

The high waist design makes the top appear stylish. As you go to the gym, the pant enhances your looks with a stunning style. The workout leggings are attractive and beautiful, with pockets for carrying convenience. 

Still, on the leggings, there is a sheer mesh featuring two side pockets. The design will conveniently support a higher rise. Moreover, the pant will remain flexible with a mix of both gentle and elegant designs. 

As you put on this Joyshaper, you will enjoy maximum comfort. The yoga pant will conveniently stretch to suit your style and shape. The leggings are so flexible in tolerating any body size when put to use. 

The yoga pant uses premium stretch materials that are quick to dry. There is also a phone pocket for carrying convenience. The material is breathable as it wicks the moisture away to increase comfort. There is a high and wide waistband to leave the user with a fashionable stunning style. 

The leggings will stretch to increase comfort. To some, it will conveniently hold your muscles to appear like a second skin layer. You can use this pant for various activities. For indoor types, you can use it for a gym to increase your body fitness. 

Some of the outdoor functions may be running, jogging, cycling, and more. You will meet your fitness goal effortlessly as you use these pants. 


  • The presence of side pockets will allow you to carry phones along with your activities. 
  • The pant has a breathable mesh to increase the comfort
  • It has a versatile design allowing the user to run, jog, and cycle and hike around 
  • The fabric used is durable hence tear, and wear-resistant
  • The stretching design makes it comfortable to wear 
  • The high waist design leaves it with a stunning fashionable design 


  • Some customers complained of a see-through-design 

The stretching design of your yoga pants makes them flexible. You can use them to any place as you enjoy the comfort and style.


Are you a yoga enthusiast? This article may sound useful if you implement the advice to the latter. Of course, as you perform your activities, comfort comes as a priority. Most of the products in this write-up are suitable to handle your needs. 

Our top pick is ODODOS Women’s Boot-Cut Yoga Pants. The pant comes from a high-quality material blend. It will resist any wear and tear. Also, the stretch design makes it suitable for many body sizes. 

The buyer will enjoy a 30-day return policy. As a result, you may have a guarantee of quality. The materials used wicks away the moisture to make it breathable. 

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