The Best Yoga Swings in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Swings in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you already practice yoga, then you must know the benefits. If you are looking to start, then you should know that yoga will improve your life.

It is among the best therapy you can subject your body and mind. It will let you relax, have clarity, and trigger the good mood hormones. Yoga also makes you achieve a stable emotional and mental stability.

There are many ways to practice yoga, including using yoga swings and mats. The benefits of practicing yoga using swings are immense.

Yoga swings let you get into complicated poses (midair) and hold them for longer. The results are numerous, as well. You will develop your physical state as you increase flexibility and mobility. 

In this article, we will review some of the best yoga swings available in the market today. The aim is to accord you the simple courtesy of making a pick at the best options. They are carefully selected to fit the profile of both beginners and advanced yogis.

Best Yoga Swings – 2020

  1. YogaBody Trapeze Yoga – Best Yoga Swing for Longer Poses
  2. UpcircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Inverted Aerial Yoga
  3. Aerial Trapeze Antigravity Yoga Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Extra support and Durability
  4. Wellsem Aerial Hammock Yoga Pilate Swing – Best Yoga Swings for Various Stretches
  5. Aerial Yoga Inversion Hammock Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Safety and Stability

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Best Yoga Swings

Getting suspended on air is a risky venture that can result in injuries. The best aerial swing ensures that all your safety concerns are answered. Therefore, you need the latest information to find the safest and most effective yoga swing. Consider the following guide.

1. Material

You must consider the material of your yoga swing as it is essential to your safety. Because you are going to hang in the air, you need the assurance of durable material. Most manufacturers make their swings with a unique fabric similar to the ones that make parachutes. It is a high-density nylon material.

Some brands offer a stretchy yoga swing. The material in use must be able to adjust without compromising your safety. The material must have the ability to bear your weight for lengthy periods as well. 

2. Size

There is no one size fits all yoga swing. They all come in different sizes and shapes. Some brands have different height levels, while others have singular. The best way to know the size is to check the dimensions of the swing you are buying. See if it can bear your weight and height.

If you are petite, a more significant size yoga swing will be an uncomfortable experience for you.

3. Weight

It is a factor you cannot afford to ignore. All yoga swings have separate entities that have different weight limits. The fabric, daisy chains, carabiners, and chains all have weight limits you must adhere to. 

Failure leads to injuries or damage to the swings and the place you have to mount your swing. One way of getting the right swing is buying a swing that can support double your weight.

4. Portability

Most yoga swings favor both outdoor and indoor use. It means that the features you should look for in a secure mount and dismount yoga swing. Portability is vital if you want to continue with your yoga therapy while traveling.  

Some days you will not have the urge for yoga, and leaving it hanging on your doorway just takes space. The best yoga swing is easily folded and stored until it is needed again.

5. Warranty

Consider the use of your yoga swing. Imagine you are going to trust a company to make a product that you can use to suspend yourself in midair. How can such a company stand by their product? Warranties are a sure way to exude confidence in the buyer. You will feel safer knowing that your yoga swing has a ten year or lifetime warranty, wouldn’t you?


1. Who should use a yoga swing?

There are no limitations to who can use the yoga swing. Regardless of how strong or weak, young, and old or any gender you are. The best thing about a yoga swing is that it supports your body from different positions.

However, you must check with your physician first to know if suspended and inverted yoga is safe for you. Pregnant women are not advised to practice this kind of yoga until they conceive. Some people suffer from vertigo. It makes this kind of physical and mental therapy harmful to them.

2. How will I know what to do once I have it?

Most beginners find yoga swings complex because they do not know any poses as they start. However, most brands offer tutorials that start from setup to exercises. You can also find helpful videos on the internet that guide how to achieve some vital poses.

3. How immediate will the yoga take effect on my backache?

Yoga is a physical and mental therapy that can have both short term and long term effects. If you continue getting regular yoga swing sessions, you will recover much faster. Sporadic sessions will eventually work, but the recovery time is much longer.

A yoga swing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. It is a form of alternative medicine that complements your treatment. 

4. How do I clean my yoga swing?

A yoga swing fabric is bound to collect sweat from your sessions. It may get damp and eventually have an odor. Cleaning specifications vary from brand to brand. Some can be washed in your washing machine while others just need a dry wash. 

Check your manufacturer’s instructions to know the best way to get your yoga swing clean. 

5. Can I use the same swing with my partner?

Yes. However, it also depends on the physical features of your partner. There are different yoga swings for tall and short people. Other swings have various height adjustments. If you and your partner fit the same category in height and perhaps weight, then yes, you can.

Product Reviews

1. YogaBody Trapeze Yoga – Best Yoga Swing for Longer Poses

It is an advanced aerial yoga swing that is mounted, and you get to enjoy all yoga sessions at the comfort of your home. The manufacturers of this design went a step further to produce a video to enhance your yoga experience.

Initially, the setup is complicated, but the video will guide you on the setup and some routines to get you started. If you have an exposed beam in your house, it is an advantage.

However, you can still enjoy the use of the yoga trapeze swing outdoors. 

You can mount it on a tree or a simple set up on your doorway. It does not matter where you set it up as long as it is stable, and you can get on with yoga.

The benefit of the trapeze is how deep you can get into the poses. You will find it easy to achieve the backbends and inverted positions. It will be possible to hold these poses for longer periods. The effects are more relaxation and a clear mind.

It comes with a ten-year warranty. It means after purchase within the ten years; you can get any part replaced or even the entire swing if you feel it has degraded.


  • Relieves back pains instantly
  • It will improve all your back bending abilities and exercises
  • Easy to set up as well as to operate
  • It can heal both long term and short-term spine complications.
  • Almost has immediate results
  • Durable and flexible as well
  • Risk-free, and gets you into many yoga poses as you hold on longer without feeling overwhelmed.
  • It has a comfortable grip because of the pro-grade rubber made handles


  • You need to buy ceiling hooks separately
  • Not suitable for people suffering from vertigo

2. UpcircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Inverted Aerial Yoga

It is the best choice for people trying to move from a traditional way of yoga to a more advanced inverted aerial yoga therapy. The benefits are many as well, including the option to choose the color that appeals to you.

The design is sleek and suitable for beginners to make an easy setup. It is also one of the preferred yoga swings you will find in studios and gyms all over the world.

The advantages of using upcircleSeven are many. The handles are padded with foam material to add to comfort on the hands as you practice.

The professional design features a triple-stitched seat that ensures your safety while holding your aerial positions. The vibrant colors of the material are from the shimmery parachute fabric. It makes this brand suited for both beginners and professionals.

It is for both outdoors and indoors as the setup is secure and can easily be dismounted. It carries a massive load capacity because of the two multi-loop chain connectors. The connectors are similar to the ones in use by rock climbers and have a weight capacity of 200lbs (90KGs).

Its health benefits include relief from aches and pains, spinal decompression, and inversion therapy.


  • It uses a triple stitched, quality luxurious parachute fabric.
  • Easy to set up and use immediately
  • The set comes with a beginners guide to help you in your initial stages
  • Comes with padded handles that make it comfortable and safe to use
  • Offers the best value for money


  • It does not come with the aerial mounts.
  • Some people find installation to be difficult

3. Aerial Trapeze Antigravity Yoga Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Extra support and Durability

The aerial hammock yoga swing is for everyday use. Its design is for people who need extra support and durability. It is popular among many gyms and studios because it has a large load capacity.

It uses daisy chains that can tolerate weights of up to 5000 pounds. You can relax knowing that it will never let you down no matter how heavy you think you are.

The fabric is from the parachute material, which ensures that it never stretches even with long term use. Despite using a hardy fabric, the finish is soft and comfortable to your body’s feeling.


The purchase of this set includes an e-book that will to your email. The email book contains a guideline of the best use and a variety of poses you can try at home or go to the gym.

The manufacturers are sure of their brand and guarantee 100% satisfaction. The slings are time tested and will never show any signs of wear and tear even after lengthy use.

The health benefits are many, owing to that it offers stability to do a variety of yoga poses midair. Helps with backache, general body pains, and stretching of your muscles.

The aerial trapezium yoga swing comes with an easy to carry pouch that makes it ready to go for an outdoor yoga session. 


  • Relieves you from back pains and body aches
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Durable and does not wear and tear
  • The daisy chains can sustain heavy loads of up to 5000 pounds
  • Comes with an e-book to help you set up and get some routines
  • It can be for both outdoors and indoors.


  • You will need to buy ceiling mounts as an added accessory

4. Wellsem Aerial Hammock Yoga Pilate Swing – Best Yoga Swings for Various Stretches

Compared to other yoga swings that do not stretch, this one does. It offers you a unique experience and alters the way you practice standard yoga swing routines. It is rewarding to have a different set of yoga swing that can provide many variations.

For example, Pilates is a form of an intensive yoga routine that embodies the precision and strengthening of your core. The Wellsem aerial hammock has some Pilate routines that are useful for your health benefits.   

The brand is safe to use. It comes with two daisy clips and carabiners to sustain up to 2000 pounds of load capacity. Once you mount the swing, it will never budge. The mounting is fixed, but the swing itself can stretch to allow different movements. It is why this brand is different from the rest.

The health benefits to your back are many because it allows you to hold long at challenging back poses. The entire fabric is sturdy enough to last many years without the need for a replacement. The swing is two way because as it stretches, it also hugs your body, securing you on the swing.

The set up comes with a video to help you in your initial days.


  • Easy to setup
  • The material stretches to enable comfortable movements while on the swing
  • It comes with instructions on how to tie knots as the installation is guided
  • Accommodates a full cocoon lay on it
  • Comes in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Perfect for Pilate yoga exercises
  • Durable and flexible. 


  • It does not have a pre-setup. You must learn to tie the knots yourself
  • Does not come with handles and may be difficult for beginners

5. Aerial Yoga Inversion Hammock Swing – Best Yoga Swing for Safety and Stability

It carries an aura of personality with a bold blue color. However, it has more health benefits that always leave your body fully relaxed.

Once you get up on it, you realize how comfortable the padded handles feel to your hands. The grip makes you adjust in various positions with ease.

The swing seat has a triple stitch to offer durability and safety while on the hammock. It grants you the peace of stability while in an inverted position.

The hammock suspends by using two daisy chains that are both strong to handle your weight. You will enjoy staying put in awkward positions as the daisy chains and clips will never give in.

The mounting can goes anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. It makes your practice sessions enjoyable under your terms.

You will find that the price is also friendly despite having lots of versatility in use. The brand specializes in a compact and comfortable design to allow a natural shift in positions. You will enjoy the inverted poses more as it has three strands to switch between different height levels.

The set does not accompany the mounting hardware. It is the only sad part. You will not know the right hardware for this type of swing if you are a beginner.


  • Padded grip handles for safety and comfort
  • Durable and can hold your weight for lengthy aerial poses 
  • Has health benefits from doing back stretches 
  • Safe to use for both outdoor and indoor
  • Easy to setup


  • Does not come together with mounting hardware


Given the number of yoga swings available, it is easy to get spoilt for choice. However, following the review above, some have superior features than others. Having the best yoga swing makes sure you stay injury-free.

The best pick should be one that has all these superior qualities at a reasonable price. The YogaBody Trapeze yoga swing meets all these features.

It is durable and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The health benefits are immense and are reliable to hold your weight as you try different poses while suspended.

Finding the best yoga swing is easy, as this review has taken the best products under consideration for you.

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