The Best Travel Yoga Mat in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Travel Yoga Mat in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Your best travel yoga mat will help you to perform your yoga activities conveniently. Some of them are portable and reliable for your operations. 

For a yoga lover, let your travel not hinder you from regular practicing. You can actualize that dream by buying a travel mat. Indeed, most of the yoga mats are heavy. 

You need a convenient mat that requires only folding. Moreover, some models come with a bag for storage. Either way, you will have a chance to perfume your yoga schedule wherever you will be. 

5 Best Travel Yoga Mat in 2020

  1. data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Liforme Travel Yoga Mat – Overall Best Travel Yoga Mat
  2. June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for Moisture-Wicking 
  3. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat with Natural Grip 
  4. Jade Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for traction
  5. data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat – Best Portable Yoga Mat

Buying Guide for the Best Travel Yoga Mat 

There are some features that you ought to know before choosing the best travel yoga mat. As you go to the market, you should have a better understanding of particular elements. 

As such, your selection exercise will be simple. 

As a yoga lover, you can avoid disappointments by looking for specific features. Let’s unveil them in the following section. 

1. Material and Texture 

For one to have a successful yoga practice, you need to choose better materials. Do you know that different materials have varying grip levels? In the case of humidity, your ideal materials should be moisture absorbent. 

It is advisable to avoid extra-grippy mats. They usually lock the user in one place, thus making the transition difficult. A suitable material should have a good texture that will enhance grip whenever needed.

The commonly used material for yoga mats is natural rubber. Exclusive mats come from polyurethane or polymer environment resin. Also, some unique mats use microfibers. It is good to choose the materials that will meet your needs.

2. Durability 

Different mats have varying levels of strength. Your ideal mat should be durable to tolerate any rough handling. Do you know that you cannot take some mats to the sun? Concerning that, you can avoid beaches while using them. 

If you are traveling with a suitcase, you can carry your mat around. A lightweight mat will do for this case. The mat should provide a comfortable surface for you to practice yoga painlessly. For those who like extreme adventures, chose a mat that has a guarantee policy. 

The policy protects the mat against breaks on rocks and humidity. 

3. Thickness 

The thickness level will dictate the type of comfort. For instance, a thick carpet will guarantee you excellent support and enhance user experience. On the contrary, a thin cloth is a recipe for injuries. The yoga practitioner may injure the knees along the process. 

The disadvantage with thicker mats they provide a challenge on foldability. You should not use extremely thick cloth for travel. It might give you a hard time carrying around. Such mats also have unnecessary weight.

4. Style 

You can use yoga as an avenue to express your personality. Brighter colors tend to energize the user. Other colors calm the user. 

You should be mindful of the type of color used. There is also a category of technical mats. They have beautiful patterns to improve the décor of your training room. It would be best if you found your favorite style.


What is the standard weight of the travel mat? 

The best travel yoga mat can be light, medium, or heavy. Generally, a standard one will range between light and heavy. The average weight of a standard one should be 4 pounds. Take, for instance; a travel style mat can be 2 pounds. 

There are also thicker mats that are heavy, weighing 8 pounds.

Does some mat smell chemical? 

It is standard with new yoga mats. The complaints usually describe the smell as rubbery. Also, the scent will dissipate after a while. Some may take some months for them to disappear. It will help if you let your mat sit open for around two months. The time may sound long but will save you from possible distractions. 

What are the commonly used materials for making yoga mats? 

Many manufacturers use different materials to construct yoga mats. For instance, some opt for natural rubber. Others will go for polyurethane. A good material should be toxin-free. Good enough, it should offer good traction with a high level of durability.

Product Reviews

1. Liforme Travel Yoga Mat – Overall Best Travel Yoga Mat

You can place your mat in an included bag for carrying and protection. 

Liforme yoga mat is a travel mat that happens to be eco-friendly. It uses biodegradable materials from natural rubber. As a result, it will not cause any harm to the growing trees and other vegetation.

This Liforme travel mat is light and thin. Furthermore, it offers a lightweight design, which is a plus to the portability aspect. The whole package features a bag for carrying your mat. 

As you practice your yoga movements, you will experience an unparalleled grip. Also, as you sweat, the properties in this yoga travel mat make it maintain grip. This design prevents any accidental falls as you practice. 

Besides, travel yoga has a versatile design. You can use it to do all yoga poses. Its shape and size will allow the user to perform various tasks conveniently. You will enjoy the comfort as you do the foundational poses. 

The material used to craft the mat are highly durable. Furthermore, the user is safe when using the mat as it contains no PVC. The high-quality toxin-free materials will keep the travel mat hygienic and clean. 

The mat is spacious to allow all the yoga activities to take place. It also has a cushion lining, which makes the mat comfortable. 

The user will enjoy the grip and a perfect balance to ensure stability. Overall, the mat is 2.6 pounds, thus making it lightweight. 


  • The mat is eco-friendly as it uses biodegradable materials which conserves the environment 
  • The use of natural rubber gives the mat exceptional durability
  • The mat is thin and light to make it easily portable 
  • The spacious dimensions of the mat make it ideal for all yoga movements 
  • The used materials have toxin-free elements 
  • It comes with a traveling bag for convenience 


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other travel mats

You can get an exceptional grip from this travel mat when doing your vigorous exercises. 

2. June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for Moisture-Wicking 

Its highly absorbent microfiber will dry any moisture. 

You will never go wrong if you use this travel yoga for various roles. The versatility of this product gives it an edge over its closest competitors. Most importantly, it has a moisture-wicking microfiber. 

You can easily carry this yoga product to a gym for more use. Alternatively, you can decide to use it at home as you do meditations and yoga stretches. This yoga mat is suitable for all ages as it has a knee pad and a carrier. 

You can easily fold this yoga mat to a compact size. The highly absorbent microfiber will quickly dry any moisture to enhance comfort. You can match its effectiveness with a yoga mat towel for moisture clearing. 

Also, the yoga mat has fast-wicking properties that make it stand out. The materials used to construct the yoga mat are eco-friendly. Typically, they come from tree rubber and microfibers. They provide a proper non-slip grip. 

The portable microfiber remains firm as you do vigorous exercises. As such, you don’t have to worry about slipping as you perform physical therapy or aerobics. Moreover, the mat has stunning aesthetics. 

The highly functional and beautiful yoga mat offers exceptional grip. You can use it for any pose that may require excellent traction. 

You can use the microfiber side since it is suitable for hot yoga. Also, it will grip adequately, even when wet. 

June & Juniper Travel yoga mat makes a perfect gift to every yoga lover. 


  • The yoga mat has a versatile design 
  • You can fold it to a compact size for storage convenience 
  • The breathable microfiber will have high-absorbing properties 
  • The high-quality materials used offer a non-slip grip 
  • The mat has high craftsmanship with exceptional aesthetics 
  • The materials used are eco-friendly 
  • The entire package has convenient accessories like knee pad to support yoga functions 


  • It is not as comfortable as other thicker yoga mats

You can use the black rubber side to experience a better grip. You can adequately use it if your poses require more traction. 

3. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat with Natural Grip 

The yoga mat can fold to allow storage and carrying convenience.  

Yogo Ultralight Travel mat has all features for your traveling convenience. Firstly, it allows one to fold it up in a small rectangular shape. The tiny form will enable the user to take it anywhere. 

The user can store it in a travel bag or a suitcase. Or even better, one can merely carry-on. Alternatively, the user can decide to carry it as a separate item by the use of a travel strap. The integrated straps assist you in rinsing it in a shower. 


The folding design of this product ensures the top is hygienic and cleaner. The mat will be free of molds and specks of dust. 

The slim rubber profile will provide excellent sticky traction. The yoga travel mat is highly portable since it is lightweight, measuring 2.1 pounds. 

YOGO travel mat is of durable rubber material. Furthermore, it is ecofriendly; hence it will not harm the surrounding environment. The material does not contain EPA, PVC, or TPE elements. 

Besides, there is a cotton mesh that will not allow the rubber mat to stretch. Typically, the used rubber is renewable, making it less costly. 

As you use the yoga rubber, you will experience an optimum grip. The yoga mat happens to be among the stickiest. Such a design helps the user to remain grounded as he performs the yoga poses.


  • The yoga mat has a folding design that makes it easy to carry around 
  • The built-in straps are convenient for hanging and carrying while traveling 
  • The product is lightweight hence easily portable 
  • You can fold it to prevent the entry of germs thus improving personal hygiene 
  • The travel mat does not have harmful components such as PVC and TPE 
  • The rubber materials used are both eco-friendly and durable 


  • As the user sweats, the mat becomes slippery 

The super-grippy product will not tear or wear comfortably. It comes from top-quality materials. 

4. Jade Travel Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for traction 

The natural rubber used offers a firmer grip than most other travel mats. 

You can use this Jade yoga mat if you want to perform all yoga wellness positions. The mat is lightweight for you to move around comfortably. The user will get the optimum grip as he performs all types of yoga movements. 

The Jade Travel yoga mat is of natural rubber. One outstanding quality of natural rubber is that it offers a higher traction level. Moreover, it has more cushion and provides a firmer grip as compared to others. 

The folding design of this rubber mat makes it travel-friendly. The mat can fold up easily to fit into your travel bag. Beyond that, it does not consume space as it is compact to maximize the available one. 

The rubber mat comes from rubber trees. The said material offers a high-quality design to serve the user for a long duration. Still, the used materials do not contain harmful components such as PVC. Also, synthetic materials are toxin-free. 

Also, Jade Travel Mat offers you unmatched comfort. It comes with light cushioning that enhances the user’s experience. As you practice your yoga postures, you can rarely experience any injuries. 

The yoga travel mat is relatively longer compared to its counterparts. 

It helps you achieve many positions within its coverage. The super stickiness of Jade travel mat prevents any accidental falls. 


  • It is of natural rubber which offers a high level of traction to the users 
  • The folding design improves the mat’s carrying convenience 
  • The mat is of high-quality, durable material
  • The presence of a cushion layer enhances the user’s comfort 
  • The mat is free of dangerous elements such as PVC 
  • The mat is large enough to allow more extensive movements 


  • The yoga mats lack straps for carrying convenience 

The light cushioning on the mat will provide incredible comfort to the use. 

5. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat – Best Portable Yoga Mat

It’s among the best travel yoga mats with a dense cushioning.

Manduka travel mat weights below 2 pounds. This feature makes it the best lightweight travel yoga mat. All you have to do is just fold it, and you are good to go. The travel mat is of durable and sustainable materials. 


The used materials for constructing this mat are eco-friendly. They are biodegradable as well as long-lasting. They do not contain any dangerous plasticizers or PVC. Still, the super-light design eases its transportation and general use. 

The surface of the natural rubber offers an excellent grip. Its construction design also prevents any sweat, bacteria, or dirt from getting absorbed. As a result, the mat remains hygienically clean. 

The natural rubber used for crafting this mat is both tear and wear-resistant. The material is safe for any individual who has latex sensitivities. It has a closed-cell surface that offers grip when you have light perspiration. 

One good thing about Manduka eKO mat is that it is sticky. It gets better when it bunches up in transition. 

It also happens to be a thin mat. Therefore, you should be careful when using it as it may cause some knee injuries. 

You can easily take good care of this travel mat. It is fit for hand wash or machine wash. Also, it is recommendable to use cold water for better results.

Avoid using bleaches and fabric softeners because they can destroy its look.


  • The used natural rubber in construction of the mat is long-lasting 
  • The materials used in construction do not have any toxic elements 
  • The yoga mat is exceptionally light thus enhancing portability 
  • The surface of the mat offers maximum grip to the user 
  • The materials used are safe for use to latex-sensitive individuals


  • The mat emits some rubbery smell when purchased 

The thin layer may harm your knees. You can use this mat while traveling for a distance painlessly. It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around. 


Having the best travel yoga mat plays a crucial role in your yoga practice. As you travel, you will make sure that yoga exercise does not end with your journey. You can use foldable mats to carry around conveniently. 

For this review, our number one recommendation is Liforme Travel Yoga Mat. You will get the value for your money as you buy it. Firstly, the travel mat has an extra bag to carry it along your journey. 

Furthermore, it uses eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Moreover, the surface will offer an exceptional grip. The material used is durable, with no toxic elements. There is a cushion lining to increase comfort. Also, the mat is spacious to accommodate all the yoga poses. 

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