The Best Yoga Towel in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Towel in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A yoga towel is an essential element in yoga activities. It will help you to improve grip and traction. Strategically, it offers a hygienic layer between the yoga mat and the user. But that is not all. 

A yoga towel will improve overall comfort by adding extra cushioning on the yoga mat. As you sweat, you can use it to wipe your hands, body, and face. Let’s discuss some of the yoga towels in the market. 

Best Yoga Towel – 2020

  1. IUGA Extra Thick Yoga Towel –Best for Outdoor 
  2. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel for Mat – Best in durability
  3. Yoga-Mate perfect Yoga Towel – Best in value 
  4. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel – Best in moisture wicking
  5. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel – Best for hot yoga

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Yoga Towel

If you like to practice yoga, then it calls for a better towel. The primary purpose of a yoga towel is to wipe out sweat. But that is not enough. You can also use it to enhance grip and create good traction.

The exercise of finding the right yoga towel needs careful attention. It is wrong if you are using a standard bath towel as an alternative. You can decide to get a proper yoga towel that will enhance your yoga experience. 

Yoga mat exists in multiple sizes. It is up to you to pick the best that will address our needs. You can do so by observing the following elements. 

1. Size

There are two kinds of yoga towels, the hand towel, and the mat towel. The mat towel covers the entire yoga mat by forming a perfect layer on the mat as well as adherence. The role of hand towels is to wipe your face and hand after the workout.

The mat towel is a must use if you are a regular yoga practitioner. This mat towel is about 68 inches in length. As it spreads over your yoga mat, it provides a hygienic layer. Furthermore, the mat towel enhances grip. 

The mat towel also absorbs sweat to prevent your mat from slipping.

On the other hand, a hand towel will come in various sizes. Notably, they exist in standard sizes of 25 inches by 14 inches. Others will manifest in 30 inches by 20 inches. The hand towel is useful in case you have a mat that has an excellent grip.

Generally, the hand towel is usually in a small size. As you perform your hot yoga, you can use it to wipe both face and hands. 

2. Absorbing Qualities

The primary role of a towel is to absorb moisture and sweat. It would be reasonable if you find one that absorbs more water than its weight. A thicker towel is ideal for use in substantial sweating. Remarkably, a thinner towel will absorb moderate amounts of sweat.

The whole issue depends on the intensity of your yoga exercise. There is a tendency of some people who sweat more than others. 

Also, the type of materials used will dictate sweat-absorption abilities. For instance, the microfiber is excellent in moisture absorption. It will completely dry your body to enhance your experience in yoga.

3. Durability/Color

It will be in the interest of the yoga lover to buy a long-lasting towel. Buying it every month is costly, right? A good quality yoga mat will last for long. Suppose you are a frequent yoga lover, then settle for a thicker towel.

Any long-lasting yoga towel should come with the proper color. Unfortunately, different users have varying tastes for colors and patterns. One can use the color as a showcase for a particular fashion.

The color should suit you well as they feast your eyes.

4. Brand

The yoga towels come in various brands across the world. However, some brands will primarily affect pricing and quality. Top branded towels come with high-quality design and better properties. There are also decent towels from ethical brands that offer fair pricing. 

The good news is that most of the yoga brands are not costly. Fear not; it is entirely reasonable to buy an inexpensive yoga towel. 

Informational YouTube video on Yoga Towels


Is a yoga towel essential?

Yes. One needs a yoga towel to facilitate better yoga experience. For those who practice hot yoga, they are likely to sweat a lot. A towel should wipe the sweat and enhance grip. It should provide good traction and prevent you from slipping.

Is there a difference between a yoga mat and a yoga towel? 

The yoga towels are not as firm as yoga mats. Also, you place the yoga towel on top of your yoga mat. Consequently, it will build a comfortable layer and improve the grip. It is easier to transport a yoga towel then the mat. 

The yoga mat is tedious to carry as it consumes more space.

Is it right to use a normal towel while practicing yoga?

It appears as an alternative. Unfortunately, it may not offer an active service. The purpose of yoga towels is to increase grip and traction. The regular bath towel lacks such properties. 

Can I prevent my yoga towel from slipping?

Yes. You will begin by sprinkling water on the yoga towel as you place it on the yoga mat. By spraying water, you will prevent slipping and improve on the grip. Also, a wet towel will automatically stay firmly on the mat. 

Product Reviews

1. IUGA Extra Thick Yoga Towel –Best for Outdoor 

IUGA Extra-Thick Yoga towel is suitable for active yoga training. You can use it well while outdoors in the full sunlight. It is also ideal for use at the uncomfortable terrain. 

The entire material that constructed this yoga towel is purely microfiber. It is a super-absorbent material that will enhance comfortable holding poses. As it wipes the sweat, the material creates a non-slip surface.


The yoga towel has an impressive corner pocket design. As a result, you will not experience readjustments or distractions. All you need is to peg the pockets under the mat. The towel will securely stay in one place as you focus on yoga poses.

The cool thing is that this yoga towel is machine washable. Its primary role is to provide a barrier between the user and the yoga mat. Such an arrangement is useful in saving time when cleaning the mat.

The cleaning of this product is rather straightforward. Your responsibility is to throw it in the washing machine with another laundry. After a while, the product will be ready for use in the next yoga class. 

UAGA Extra-Thick yoga mat comes in proper dimensions. It will precisely measure 72 inches by 24 inches. It can be perfect for all yoga mats. Moreover, the yoga towel features a lightweight design hence easily portable.

The towel has a standard thickness that is 30% thicker than average towels. The good news is, the towel has textured weave. The design strikes a balance between softness and grip.


  • The yoga towel is 30% thicker than standard towels
  • The yoga towel has corner hooks for one to connect to the mat
  • The product is an excellent option for outdoor use
  • It is machine washable
  • The buyer will enjoy a lifetime guarantee as it is durable


  • The color will be fade as you frequently wash it

2. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel for Mat – Best in durability

Yogitoes is a high-quality product that is suitable for both regular and hot yoga. The towel is light, as it will enable the user to carry it around easily. The durable material makes it fit for long-term usage.

The manufacturer constructed it from 100% microfibers. Or even better, it uses patented skid-less technology. The design uses silicone nubs to grip the mat and keep the user in place. If you involve yourself in a sweaty practice, then this yoga towel is for you. 

The superior quality of this towel makes it stand out. It has high-absorbent abilities and quick-drying properties. It also has sweat-wicking features that are ideal for slipping and injury prevention.

The sustainable design of this yoga towel makes it fit for various tasks. You can use it at the gym, Pilates or the beach. If you are a frequent traveler, then consider this product as your option.

The used materials are eco-friendly. Some of the materials come from recycled plastic water bottles. The patented woven texture makes this product to be long-lasting. Furthermore, the material is both lead and AZO-free. 

You can properly care for it by machine washing. To remove excess dye from the dark-colored ones, you can do a separate washing. You can either hand dry or tumble dry it.


    • The sweat-wicking fabric is suitable for both hot and regular yoga
    • It is easy to maintain and take good care of it by machine washing
    • The towels use patented skid-less technology to secure it on the yoga mat


  • The towel has a versatile design hence suitable for multiple applications
  • The used materials are durable


  • There were notable complaints on color fading

3. Yoga-Mate perfect Yoga Towel – Best in value 

As you purpose to go for a yoga class, consider using Yoga-Mate towel. It is brilliantly affordable and compatible with most of the yoga mats. The super-absorbent quality makes it convenient for sessions. 

If you are a hot yoga enthusiast, you need this towel to eliminate sweat. The high-quality material is durable and odorless. The microfiber materials make it be son-slip to prevent any possible injury.


The Yoga towel comes in a perfect size of 68 inches by 24 inches. It will correctly cover the top of any yoga mat. It can also fit on extra-large sized yoga mats. 

The versatility of this yoga towel makes it ideal for various functions. You can take it anywhere as you practice yoga. For instance, one can apply it while at the gym, camping, travel, showering, and more. 

The user will have a more straightforward option while cleaning. The manufacturer recommends a machine wash. Besides, one will dry it separately for it to be ready for another use. Also, the yoga towel will correctly handle multiple tasks. 

The product comes in various patterns and colors to suit your style. Plus, the microfiber material is ordinarily odorless. One can use the towel to handle fast-paced yoga. As it becomes wet, it will end the sliding and activate the grip.


  • One can use this yoga towel for both regular and hot yoga
  • The product comes from durable microfiber materials
  • The yoga towel comes with a reasonable price tag
  • It has high absorbent abilities to wick away sweat during hot yoga training
  • You can easily wash it by the help of a washing machine


  • The towel must be wet for it to grip
  • It produces lots of statistic while in the dryer

4. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel – Best in moisture wicking

Manduka eQua Yoga towel will clear the sweat from your skin. Other people use it as a substitute for the yoga mat. This yoga towel is perfect when providing a protective layer between the mat and you.

Manduka yoga towel boasts of extreme grip. The unique frog-dot pattern is right within the material. As one holds a pose, the pattern prevents any slide or slipping. The user can increase the grip by sprinkling water on a towel. 

Also, the design of this towel does not favor yoga exercises; you can apply it elsewhere. Some of the remarkable uses are beaching, travel, or gym. The towel is also lightweight, and one can easily store it in a bag. 

The distinctive feature on this towel is a tightly woven fiber. As a result, the towel will have a suede-like softness. The design will enhance the user experience by increasing comfort to the user.

On the face of it, the product uses split microfiber technology. The method is reliable since it will enhance wet grip. Furthermore, it has better mechanisms for absorption and evaporation. 

This yoga towel has a standard dimension of 72 inches by 26.6 inches. Beyond that, the size is large enough to cover almost every mat in the market. With exceptional durability, you can comfortably use it for a more extended period. 


  • The yoga towel has excellent moisture absorbent abilities
  • The use of frog-in-pattern is good for grip
  • The towel is machine washable
  • The used of microfiber materials makes it long-lasting
  • It comes in the correct dimensions to cover almost all the yoga mats
  • One can also use it as a yoga mat


· The bold colors will bleed at the initial wash

5. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel – Best for hot yoga

If you are a hot yoga lover, then put this product in mind. The damper it gets, the more grip one will experience. If the sweat can convert your yoga mat into slipping, then use the Youphoria towel. 

The product boasts of lightweight microfiber. The microfiber will absorb seven times the towel’s weight in water. You can maintain and take care of it by washing it immediately after use. 

The towel plays a critical role in reducing bacteria risk. It prevents excessive sweat from accumulating and form bacteria. Moreover, it offers a hygienic layer between the mat and you. Furthermore, it prolongs the life of your yoga mat. 

The yoga towel has perfect dimensions to make it fit for any yoga mat. It accurately measures 24 inches by 72 inches. However, one can consider it a travel mat. You can fold it well into a compact size and store it in a travel bag.

Interestingly, the yoga mat uses silicone technology. When the fibers of the microfiber are wet, they will offer a good grip. Consequently, the user will be free from dangerous slipping and other related injuries.

The yoga towel has a versatile design. Apart from yoga activities, one can use it for other purposes. It may be showering, beaching, camping, and gym. 


  • The silicone-free technology will prevent dangerous slipping
  • You can use the yoga towel for both hot yoga and non-hot yoga
  • The product will provide a hygienic layer between the mat and the user
  • The towel has a high absorbent ability
  • The yoga towel is both machine and dryer compatible
  • The lightweight design makes it for travel 


  • The towel must be wet for it to grip

In conclusion

Yoga training is increasingly taking shape as time moves. Initially, people used to practice yoga on bare grounds. Consequently, it was not hygienically right. Therefore, it led to the emergence of yoga mats and towels.

As discussed earlier, yoga towels should be part and parcels of yoga elements. They will eliminate sweat and enhance grip. 

For this review, we pride in carrying good news for you. Precisely, our number one recommendation is IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel. It got the highest rating in Amazon with good reviews.


The yoga towel comes in suitable dimensions to cover your mat. It is compatible with machine wash. Furthermore, it has pockets that will securely hold it firmly on the yoga mat. Here, you will not worry about slipping.

The entire material for its construction is primarily a microfiber. It has high moisture absorbing qualities as well as being durable. Enjoy your practice with the right yoga towel!

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