Liforme Yoga Mat Review – Is this the Best Yoga Mat in the Market?

Liforme Yoga Mat Review - Is this the Best Yoga Mat in the Market?

Slipping and falling during my training regime had become the norm. I did not know what to do. I had to resolve this problem; otherwise, it would have dampened my training spirit.

My discovery of the Liforme Original Yoga mat was all I needed to get back to enjoying my regime.

Reasons to Consider Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

Falling on the floor every time as you carry out your yoga regime can be very disappointing. It can kill your spirit for training if you do not deal with it.

Unfortunately, the market is awash with many numerous yoga mats. Many of them claim to be of the best quality and material.

In most cases, it is not until you start using some of them that you realize that you lost your money.

The good news, however, is that the Liforme Yoga mat is quite different. It comes with what the manufacturers call the GripForMe material to ensure your stability.

You may also want to consider this mat because of its size. With a size of 26.8″wide and 72.8″ long, it could be one of the largest yoga mats in the market.

To add on to size, you may want to consider the Liforme Yoga mat because of its thickness. I just discovered that this mat is 4.2mm thick. With such, falling would no longer be an issue to fear.

That is not all; you may want to consider this yoga mat because if you love beauty. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from blue, green, grey, pink, and even purple. Simply put, it spoils you for choice.

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

This mat is the original ground-breaking mat from Liforme. The manufacturers rolled it out with a quietly satisfying plop, and it seems firmly set on the ground.

It could be the grippiest in the market. Its unmatched grip, cushioning, and comfort are some of what makes it unique.

It will offer you the freedom to roll as you do your yoga regime thanks to its large size.


  • Made of natural rubber hence the material is biodegradable
  • Enhanced grip to allow you to practice various yoga positions
  • It offers you navigational support thanks to its AlignForMe feature. You can know where to place your feet and hands.
  • It light, long, wide and thick
  • It comes with a carrying bag.


  • It may produce some strange noise if you are doing heavy yoga exercises.
  • You may have to keep away from your pers. It is not easy to remove pet hairs from it.

Features and Benefits

1. Thickness

It is so uncomfortable to do yoga practices on a thin mat. You end up feeling like you are doing your routine yoga practice on the bare floor.

Moreover, you may end up getting hurt in the process if you use a thin yoga mat. For this reason, it is good to have a yoga mat that is thick enough.

The reason why I prefer the Liforme Yoga mat is that it has a thickness of 4.2 mm. With such a thickness, the mat is quite firm and comfortable.

With the Liforme original yoga mat, I can do my yoga regimes without fear of getting hurt.

2. Cushioned

If your joints are a bit weary, this yoga may be what you need to continue enjoying yoga practices.

It has a smooth-cushioned surface to enhance your comfort. It makes you feel like you are practicing on a high-density mattress.

3. Material

In order to take care of the environment, it is prudent to buy an environment-friendly mat.

The manufacturers of Liforme Original Yoga mat make it from high-quality natural rubber and Polyurethane.

These two materials are eco-friendly as well as recyclable.

Besides, this Yoga mat is PVC free. Its top layer is also absorbent, which enhances a longer grip.

Other than this, the materials are also non-toxic and body-friendly. If you sweat in the course of your yoga regime, the mat absorbs your sweat.

4. Size

The size dimensions of this mat are 26.8″wide and 72.8″ long. It is, without any doubt, one of the largest mats in the market.

Thanks to this size, you may find it quite heavy to carry around. I believe it is for this reason that it comes with a mat bag. The bag has straps that make it easy to transport.

5. Style

If you are a lover of style, Lifrome has taken care of that. It comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

Depending on your taste, you can choose from either blue, gray, pink, or green.

6. Grip

The grip of this yoga mat is another feature that makes it stand out. Many other mats in the market slide when you are doing your exercises.

However, Liforme offers you an ample grip to ensure you do not slide. I think this is very crucial. You do have to worry about sliding or falling as you perform your routine yoga practices.

To know whether your mat will slide or not, use your hands to test it. If your palms slide, that is a sign that the mat will slide. You can avoid buying such a mat.

7. The Revolutionary and patented AlignForMe System

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

This feature is unique to the Liforme Yoga mat. It acts as a navigational tool when you are doing your yoga practice.

With this feature, you will not need to flounder around, not knowing where your hand or feet should go next. You will also not have to worry about whether you are in alignment or not.

As a yogi, it will delight you to learn that the alignment system uses a combination of intelligent markers. The markers are very helpful in giving you the guidance that you may need.

The markers will also allow you to try a wide variety of alignment possibilities as you do your yoga styles.

Without these markers, you will always worry whether your alignment is right or not. The situation is even trickier if you are trying a new position.

This challenge was part of what I faced as I used some of my former mats. Wrong positioning of your feet or hands could easily result in injury.

With the Liforme Original Yoga mat, I found the clearly defined etched alignment marks very useful. At first, they may seem a bit unusual. However, with time, you get used to them.

The centerline in the yoga mat will help you to maintain symmetry. Moreover, the other 45-degree lines, as well as the parallel markings, are for perfect alignment.

8. Easy to clean

Cleaning the smooth, closed-cell, matte top layer of this Yoga mat is easy. All you need to do is to wipe it down after you complete your practice.

Wiping it helps to remove sweat or debris. It is vital to note that sweat and water leave some noticeable marks on the mat’s surface. However, they fade once you wipe and allow the mat to dry.

Alternatives to Liforme Yoga Mat that you can consider?

In addition to this Liforme Yoga mat, I would also recommend a few other mats in the market. They include:

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

The Manduka Pro is another high-density cushion mat. However, it is not as thick as the Liforme Yoga mat.

As I discussed earlier, the Liforme mat has alignment markers. For Manduka, however, it comes with dot patterns that help you to avoid sliding.

Lululemon Yoga Mat

The reason I also recommend this mat is that it has a thickness of 0.19″. Its weight is 2.65kg.

The thickness and weight make it lighter than Liforme. Consequently, you can carry it with you easily while on transit.

Moreover, Lulumelon has an antimicrobial additive. This additive ensures that microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and molds do not build up on your mat.

This feature is slightly different from Liforme, which is free form toxins.

Jade Harmony Professional Mat

Jade Harmony is the third alternative to Liforme. It is a 3.16” premium yoga mat. It is of natural rubber.

Compared to Liforme, jade Harmony is also lighter. If you are on transit, you can easily carry it around.

It is also cheaper than Liforme. It costs $72.95 while Liforme costs $150.

These are the most common yoga mats yoga among yoga practitioners and students. It is all because of their great benefits as well as the balance between support and traction.


As I discussed earlier, you can take your safety for granted in your Yoga practices. It is essential to ensure you do not slide as you practice.

It is also crucial to ensure that you are using a comfortable yoga mat.

Failure to do this may result in injuries. Such will affect your practice, or even dampen your yoga experience.

Consequently, I recommend the Liforme Original Yoga mat because; Firstly, its thickness of 4.2 mm makes it very comfortable. Secondly, it offers you an ample grip to ensure you do not slide. Lastly, its AlignForMe system helps you to align your feet and hands correctly.

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