The Best Yoga Leggings for Women (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Leggings for Women (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Would you love some time to breathe? Yes, of course. Who wouldn’t? The gift of exercise helps you relax not only your body but also your soul and mind. Yoga, being a fanciful exercise routine, has grown popular over time. Apart from giving us a sense of well-being, it also strengthens and supports our core muscles. 

Even so, you should approach yoga from your comfort zone. Look at it as a beacon for your inner peace. No technique, instructor behavior, or pose is beneficial if you are at all uncomfortable.  

Since it involves a lot of stretching and bending, finding the best yoga leggings tends to be a challenging task.

5 Best Yoga Leggings in 2020 – Reviews

  1. AY Yoga Leggings – Best in Design
  2. FETY Yoga Leggings – Best for comfort
  3. PHISOCKAT Yoga Leggings – Best Aesthetics
  4. Ewedoos Yoga Leggings – Most Convenient Yoga Leggings
  5. UURUN Yoga Leggings – Best breathability

What to Look for When Buying yoga leggings

Trying new balance poses at the studio is not easy on its own. But, it becomes even harder when your pants are either falling off or too tight. 

Thus, getting yourself the right yoga leggings is as essential as your routine. Getting the wrong attire could severely affect your performance. 

Read on for features to consider when buying yoga leggings.

1. Length of the leggings

When going through different choices, you ought to consider the length. Athletic leggings are available in three main styles.

First, there is the full length. Such leggings have an extension to your leg bottom. They are ideal for use in places with colder climates.

Second, some leggings feature the 7/8 length. Typically, these leggings hit below the calf and right above your ankle.

Third and lastly is the Capri length. These are leggings that extend below the knee, somewhere around mid-calf. Unlike longer styles, they enhance breathability and cover more area than shorts.

Leggings also feature a variety of rises that come in multiple lengths. Ideally, there are only two types of rises.

The mid-rise style hits below your belly button. And the high-rise that hit above or at your belly button.

2. The leggings’ fabric 

Select leggings with the most durable material. However, this depends on your needs and goals.

If your concern is mainly about comfort, cotton yoga leggings are perfect. Even so, cotton tends to lose its shape over time due to stretching. Also, its not an excellent material for wicking moisture.

The other materials are synthetics. These may include polyester, nylon, and spandex. 

Unlike cotton, these materials are good at wicking moisture to keep you dry. What’s more, they keep their shape after stretching but are not soft like cotton.

There are some leggings with a synthetic-cotton blend. They try to combine the best of both materials.

Heavier fabrics are ideal for colder climates, while lightweight materials for hot temperatures.

3. Other features

Yoga leggings include extra features to bolster comfort and enhance convenience. 

Do you want a run but are afraid of where to put your wallet, phone, or keys? Consider a pair of leggings with pockets. Most pants have pockets at the sides of the waistband. Some brands even include zippers as well for extra protection.

If you worry about leggings falling off, you should look for a pair with a drawstring. This feature helps keep your leggings in place, especially during running.

Some brands include seams. With contours, the leggings make your body shape more admirable. 

You can also decide to flaunt your personality through the leggings’ design. Some come in varying patterns and colors.


 How do I find the right size yoga leggings?

A: When it comes to leggings, make sure you try before buying. Try performing some squats. By this, you’ll determine if the material delivers proper coverage. Also, this will help you confirm the content is non-see through. And it ensures the waistband is high enough to boot.

Can I wear yoga leggings to work?

A: Yes. You can wear yoga leggings to work. You just need to pair them with longer tops. Alternatively, you can wear a fitting top then layer it with a blazer or cardigan. With such, you’ll be comfortable around your colleagues at the office.

Do yoga leggings shrink in the dryer?

A: This depends on the material used to make the leggings. If the leggings are of synthetic material, they won’t shrink. If they feature natural fibers, you can shrink them using hot water and the dyer’s heat. Repeat this a few times.

How frequent should I clean my yoga leggings?

A: It’s essential to wash your yoga legging after every use. You can use a mild detergent and cold water in case of a cotton-synthetic pair of leggings. If you use cotton leggings, consider cleaning using warm water and a mild detergent.

Product Reviews

1. AY Yoga Leggings – Best in Design

It has an eye-catching design with printed patterns.

The AY yoga leggings feature a moisture-wicking fabric. In other words, the material is highly breathable. For this reason, these leggings keep you dry by absorbing the sweat from your skin.

Other than being lightweight, the fabric is smooth and soft as well. These guarantee premium comfort.

You cannot fail to notice the leggings’ fashionable appearance. If you fancy fashion, the AY leggings are a perfect choice for you. 

They also come with an elastic waistband that offers healthy tummy control. It compresses your midsection. Thus, contouring your curves to make you appear slimmer. 

Besides, the waistband also keeps your leggings from dropping. So, you don’t have to fret about your pants falling off while running or walking.

Also, they feature high tech and soft 4-way stretch materials. The sewing materials are thick enough to provide full coverage. This makes the leggings non-see-through. 

Then again, the leggings can stretch according to your body movements. The compression also allows the leggings to keep their shape over time. This feature is handy, especially when you are working out.

The leggings’ gusset crotch also supports interlock seams and unrestricted movement. At the same time, it lessens skin chafing and irritation. while enhancing durability and comfort.

Further, these yoga leggings include pockets—one at the right side and the other hidden at the waistband. The side pocket is big and deep enough to keep your phone. And, the hidden pocket can stash your car key or other essentials.


  • They have pockets that are convenient in holding gadgets and keys
  • Their compression property allows them to retain their shape hence durable
  • The leggings have thick materials to provide full coverage
  • Their waistband is elastic for ideal tummy control
  • The material wicks moisture and sweat from your body thus keeping you dry
  • They allow unrestricted movement to avoid skin irritation


  • Their size does not favor huge people

2. FETY Yoga Leggings – Best for comfort

They have a contour design.

Coming first on this list is the FETY yoga leggings. They constitute 23% spandex and 77% polyester. With such materials, these leggings make an ideal blend of luxury. 

They feature a lightweight and moisture absorbing fabric. With exceptional breathability, this fabric wicks away the moisture from your skin. As a result, they keep you dry all day.

Moreover, the material is super comfortable and soft to boot. You can even compare its texture to that of soft wool. 

With the high tech 4-way stretch, they deliver optimal support and cover. Hence, this makes them non-see through. Also, the stretch mimics your movements and can still retain its shape.

They also include a Gusset Crotch. Apart from interlocking seams, it also supports free movement. Thus, it minimizes chafing and rubbing.

Further, these pants have a high waist. The high rise delivers mild compression to your midsection. By this, the pants can provide better tummy control.

Besides, compression promotes free blood circulation and reduce fatigue. And, it also supports your muscle movements.

These yoga leggings include both a side and a waist pocket. You can use the hidden waistband pocket to hold your cards or keys. On the other hand, the side pocket is ideal for phone keeping.

They are also very elastic. This makes these leggings ideal for yoga, exercise, running, etc.


  • They support free movement to lessen skin rubbing and chafing
  • They feature a blend of synthetics to make them lightweight and soft
  • Their fabric absorbs moisture to enhance breathability and keep you dry all-day
  • They offer an ultra-soft texture and are also super comfortable
  • No matter how they stretch, they still retain their shape
  • With a high waist, they bolster support and won’t fall off
  • They exert a mild compression to your tummy hence delivering an ideal body shape
  • Their pockets offer enough space to hold your keys and smartphone.


  • Their material tends to get dusty quickly

3. PHISOCKAT Yoga Leggings – Best Aesthetics

Follows aesthetics principles to promote but lifting.

Check out these yoga leggings by PHISOCKAT. Remarkably, these yoga pants feature a highly breathable sports fabric. In case you get wet, the fabric wicks all the humidity away hence keeping your skin dry at all times.

Then again, the material is also ultra-soft with its texture comparable to that of a smooth fleece. The fabric, therefore, delivers maximum comfort throughout the day. 


Other than that, the fabric is also opaque. In conjunction with the legging’s special sewing, these pants are non-see through. To clarify, the sewing craft applied makes the leggings appear thick. Therefore, the material covers everything while staying cool.

They also feature a 4-way stretch. As a result, these capris yoga leggings offer boundless freedom of movement.

Just like gloves, these leggings fit your body curves perfectly and don’t constrict at all. Because of this, they are ideal for a wide range of activities. That is yoga, running, dancing, fitness, or even household activities.

Unlike the previous model, these yoga leggings have a broad and high waist waistband. The purpose of this is to compress and support your butt and tummy. By this, it helps you achieve a better shape.

They also two deep side pockets and one hidden pocket in the waist. The side pockets provide enough room to keep your smartphone. You can use the waist pocket to hold your key.

Enjoy a full refund from PHISOCKAT within the first 30 days if not satisfied.


  • Highly breathable fabric to preserve your skin dryness and prevent overheating
  • Ultra-soft hence ensuring premium comfort all-day
  • Material is thick and opaque thus no one can see through
  • Two deep pockets offer enough room to hold your phone and wallet
  • High and broad waistband supports and offers mild compression for tummy control
  • They mimic your body curves making them ideal for numerous activities


  • Their color washes away over time

4. Ewedoos Yoga Leggings – Most Convenient Yoga Leggings

These leggings have two deep, enough side pockets.

The Ewedoos yoga leggings comprise 25% spandex and 75% polyester. This makes a perfect ration to deliver both comfort and flexibility.

These leggings feature a 4-way stretchy material. With such stretchy ability, they can cover everything. This means you cannot see through them. 


The material is almost silky and ultra-soft as well. Thus, these leggings are an ideal pick for fitness fanatics.

Still, on the material, the fabric is also breathable. Its design enables it to wick moisture from your body. Thus, these leggings keep you dry throughout the day.

What’s more, these yoga leggings contour your body. As a result, you achieve a fashionable and fit appearance.

You no longer have to fret about where to keep your phone. These yoga pants have side pockets deep enough to secure your phone. Additionally, they also have an inner pocket hidden at the waistband. You can use it to keep cash, clips, or your keys as well.

Furthermore, these yoga leggings by Ewedoos feature a high waist. With the material being also elastic, the size offers optimal tummy control. So, you tend to appear slimmer.

Not only does its gusset crotch provide support and compression, but it also promotes free movement. Other than using it for yoga, running, or exercise, these leggings are also ideal for casual wear.


  • Fits your body perfectly
  • Exert a slight compression to allow free movement and blood circulation
  • With an elastic and high waist, they deliver optimal tummy control to make you appear slimmer
  • Offer enough room to keep your phone and keys through their deep pockets
  • Their fabric is breathable and wicks moisture from your skin to retain dryness
  • Are silky and very soft as well hence adding on comfort
  • Stretch in all directions to provide full coverage and allow free movement
  • They have a blend of synthetics making them both flexible and comfortable


  • Some users find these yoga leggings quite loose causing them to fall off

5. UURUN Yoga Leggings – Best breathability

They have mesh panels for breathability.

Next in line are these yoga leggings by UURUN. They highly boast of premium comfort, style, and performance.

Firstly, they include a very fashionable and breathable mesh. So, if you become wet, the mesh absorbs all the moisture. Hence, they will keep you dry when working out.


Secondly, UURUN yoga leggings are highly elastic. This means they accommodate your body movements. Because of this reason, these leggings make you appear slimmer as well.

Thirdly, they come with two side pockets. These pockets are wide and deep enough to provide adequate space for your wallet and phone. These pants are, therefore, ideal for running, yoga, exercise, and even casual wear.

For people in search of a remedy to slipping pants, these leggings are ideal for you. They feature a high waist with a gradual narrowing design. 

In the same way, the unique cut of the butt makes the leggings fit your abdomen and legs perfectly. As a result, they prevent slipping while providing better tummy control.

The materials that make these pants are thick to boot. So, you don’t have to worry about people seeing through you. 

Also, they include the 4-way stretch. To elaborate, these yoga leggings can stretch towards any direction, thus enhancing flexibility.

In addition, these pants employ unique sewing techniques. And for this reason, they make straighter and firmer stitches. These guarantee durability and sustainability by preventing the leggings from tearing.


  • Fits your abdomen and legs perfectly
  • Two pockets provide enough room to secure your phone and wallet
  • A gradual narrowing waist design that keeps the leggings intact
  • Are elastic thus allow free blood circulation
  • Breathable mesh that wicks all moisture thus keeping you dry
  • High waist ensures better tummy control giving you an ideal body shape


  • Most users find them too small


If you seriously practice yoga, the right pair of yoga leggings should be a vital part of your gear.

No matter the design or style you pick, your yoga leggings should be well-fitting and comfortable. Nobody likes to keep pausing their exercise to adjust their pants. 

Besides, you need good leggings to help you focus on correctly aligning your body when stretching. Also, look at the fabric and ensure its breathable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

In this article, our top pick is the AY yoga leggings. Other than being very effective in keeping you dry, it also very durable. Its substantial compression property makes it retain its shape for very long.

Moreover, it’s very fashionable with its printed eye-catching patterns.

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