The 5 Best Yoga Headbands in 2023

Best Yoga Headbands

Your yoga gear is not complete without a yoga headband. As you carry out your daily yogi regime, you are bound to sweat. A good headband will help to absorb your sweat but also evaporate it.

In this article, we will review for you five best yoga headbands that you can acquire from the market.

1. Halo 1 Headbands Sweatband – Best overall

If you are looking for a quality yoga headband, then this could be your sure deal. It is a very high-quality headband whose manufacturers have used dryline fabric and patented Sweat Seal Grip Technology.

One crucial feature of this headband is its ability to absorb sweat. It is of absorbent material; hence it can absorb all the sweat you produce as you practice.

Moreover, this yoga headband does not just absorb sweat; it also keeps back sweat from your eyes and your face. You can comfortably call it a sweat-stopping headband because that is what it does.

The headband is unisex. That means both men and women can use it comfortably. 

It is also very lightweight. If you are using this headband, you may not even realize that it is on your head until you finish your exercises.

Halo 1 headband is 100% polyester and is breathable. It is most likely the most comfortable headband you will meet in the market today. 

This headband is also of a non-slip grip technology. As you use it, you will not need to fear that it will slide from your forehead. The non-slip technology holds it in place. Moreover, this technology helps to hold your hair back as you do your yoga exercise.

The other unique feature of this headband is that after absorbing your sweat, it dries quickly. It is also very efficient in wicking and drying any odor produced as you exercise.

Whether your head is big or small, you need not worry. Halo 1 Headbands sweatband can fit any size of the head with a simple knot.

Finally, for color lovers, this headband comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. 


  • Its non-slip technology ensures it does not slip on your head
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • It wicks, dries and kills all odors
  • It can fit all head sizes
  • It is very comfortable


  • Its color may fade after several washes 

View the current price on Amazon. 

2. BLOM Original Women’s Headband – Best for style

If you are looking for a stylish yoga headband, look no further. The BLOM original women’s headband comes in 14 plus different styles for you to choose from.

Whether sweating, exercising or doing yoga, its stylish look remains intact.

The other crucial feature of this headband is that it is breathable. That sounds awesome! It will help you to cool down even when you are doing the most intense hot yoga exercises.

It is also very comfortable. It will not give you any discomfort as you are wearing it.

This headband also comes with a silky lining. You don’t have to worry about breezy days; it will keep you warm. It will also keep your ears warm in winter. 

If you are doing a rigorous exercise, this headband will hold back your hair from your face. You can also style it to suit your preferences.

Because of its comfort, you can wear this headband all day long without changing it. 

This headband has a movable knot. As such, it is easy to fit on your head.

The BLOM original women’s headband is also very easy to wash. Moreover, it is very long-lasting. Once you buy it, you may not need to buy another anytime soon.

As an additional benefit, you can use this headband as a facemask. Even more critical, this headband also comes with a 30 days warranty.


  • It comes in different styles
  • It is breathable
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is easy to wash
  • It keeps you warm in breezy days
  • You can use it as a facemask


  • It takes too long to dry after washing
  • It might slide once you start sweating

View the current price on Amazon.

3. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Headband for Women – Best for grip

For any yogi woman who desires a headband that can absorb sweat fast, Heathyoga Headband is ideal for you. 

It is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. These materials make it very comfortable.

Thanks to these materials also, this headband can absorb and evaporate sweat thrice faster than average cotton sweatbands.

This headband is also non-slip. It will not slip once you start sweating during your yoga exercises.

The other key feature of this headband is that it can hold back your hair. That means you can do rigorous exercises without your hair distracting you.

Apart from yoga, you can also use this headband for other activities such as running and working. You can also use it in any other fitness-related activity.

Another great feature of Heathyoga Headband is that it comes in a variety of colors. You can thus choose any color of your choice.

It is also a multi-functional headband. When you are not using it for yoga exercises, you can also use it as a neck warmer or scarf.

The headband comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you find it faulty.


  • It a very comfortable yoga headband
  • It is non-slip
  • You can also use it as a neck warmer or scarf
  • It has a 100% money-back guarantee
  • It absorbs sweat very fast
  • It is durable and can stretch


· It can get hot under high temperatures

View the current price on Amazon.

4. MoKo Headband for Women – Best Stretchy Headband

For every yogi woman who loves lightweight and stretchy headbands, you may consider the MoKo Headband. It is of imported and non-woven fabric.

Because of its stretchy nature, it can fit all women as well as teens comfortably. 

If the color is part of what stimulates your desire for exercise, this headband takes care of that. It comes in multiple colors that you can choose from. 

Another feature is that it comes in a reversible design. Consequently, you can wear it in different ways. For instance, you can use it as a headband or bandana. Besides, you can also use it as a scarf, a foulard, or a turban.

It also comes with a bowknot tie in front. Other than making it look cute, this tie helps to keep the headband tightly fixed.

MoKo headband also features a seamless breathable high technology help keep you cool in hot temperatures. 

Another great feature is that this headband is windproof. Also, it dries fast and can wick away sweat.

MoKo headband has a multi-use; you do not use it only for yoga. You can use it while running or even cycling. 

You can also use it as a wristband or a helmet. Moreover, it can also be a liner or a mask.

As a yogi, if you would like to have a more versatile headband, MoKo Headband for Women could be your best option. It will come in handy for you in your various needs. 


  • It is seamless and of a breathable material
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It is lightweight and very soft
  • It is a multi-purpose headband; you can use it in different ways
  • It can fit all women and teens
  • It comes in a variety of colors


· It can be loose after using it for some time

View the current price on Amazon.

5. Temple Tape Headbands – Best sweat evaporator

Temple tape headband is one of the fastest sweat evaporators in the market today. Compared to the ordinary cotton headbands, this one absorbs and evaporates sweat eight times faster.

Also, this headband helps you to cool by use of its breathable material. This material allows your head to remain aerated, even as you do your workouts.

Another crucial feature is that it is stretchy. It means that this headband will fit comfortably every head irrespective of its size.

Like many best Yoga headbands, this one is very slim and lightweight. You will not feel like you are bearing another weighty burden as you do your workout activities.

Another vital feature of every yogi is the grip of a headband. Temple Tape headband is of specially blended materials. 

These materials ensure that your headband maintains a firm grip in its position. As such, you will not have to worry about it slipping, especially when you begin sweating or when doing rigorous workout activities.

Like many other headbands also, Temple Tape can keep your hair tightly held in its position. As you carry out your workout, you can concentrate without your hair falling on your face and distracting you.

The headband also comes with great indoors and Outdoors. This feature is very crucial to every yogi. During warm weather, the indoors and outdoors help to wick sweat away. During cold weather, they will keep you warm.

Other than using it for your yoga exercises, you can also use this headband for other activities. For instance, you can also use it in Basketball, Tennis, or Soccer.


  • It can fit all sizes of heads
  • It absorbs and evaporates sweat very fast
  • It has blended materials that provide a firm grip 
  • It is of a breathable material
  • It is slim and lightweight
  • It is multi-use and unisex



· It is of a very thin material

View the current price on Amazon.

Buying Guide for the Best Yoga Headbands

Yoga is an incredible way to achieve physical and mental health. But you cannot be productive enough if your hair keeps falling on the face. Yoga headbands can help you solve this problem and achieve the ultimate results.

These yoga accessories have incredible testimonials from different users across the globe. Yoga headbands are suitable for both men and women. Also, they are fit for both high- and low-intensity workouts. They vary in sizes, designs, colors, and prices.

Selecting the right yoga headband from the crowd can be very challenging. Below are vital factors you should keep in mind while buying a yoga headband.

1, Type of Material

You need to pay close attention to the fabric of a headband. Cotton and microfiber are the most common and preferable materials for yoga headbands. 

Most yoga poses are very demanding, and sweating is inevitable. As such, you need a headband that can wick sweat and is fast-drying. If possible, look for a breathable fabric such as ultra-soft bamboo fiber.

The front-band of an ideal headband should be soft and stretchy. This feature is necessary to prevent pain or discomfort to the user.

Other fabrics are cloth, elastic, plastic, and leather. Whichever material you prefer, ensure that it has anti-slip properties. Non-slip headbands wick sweat and stay put throughout your workouts. 

2, Width of the Headband

There are wide yoga headbands, and there are thin ones. Indeed, wider headbands hold more hair and rest well on your hair than their counterparts. These bands are appropriate for unruly hair.

If you prefer a thinner headband, buy one that has a firm silicone lining. However, silicone linings are grippy and can cause damage to thin and weak hair. In such a case, you can use a velvet-lined headband as it is firm and gentler.

3, Price

Having a single yoga headband is not enough for daily use. Some headbands take too long to dry while frequent washing accelerates fading and tearing. Thus, you need a couple of headbands to alternate.

Buying several single pieces of these headbands can be very costly. As such, it is recommendable to purchase yoga headbands that come in packs. Doing so saves you money and eliminates the pressure of washing your headband after every practice session.

4, Design

The design of your yoga headband speaks volumes about your personality. There are plenty of designs and colors to choose from.  

Yoga headbands are either gender-based or unisex. You need to know what you want in advance and also check the specifications before buying. 

Presently, there is a drastic improvement in the designs of yoga headbands. They are not only fit for yoga and workouts but also double up as fashion accessories.

There are specific headbands that are multi-style. You can wear them in over ten different ways. Such headbands come with a manual to guide you on how to wear them. As such, you can use them for workouts as well as other outdoor events.

Also, all-purpose yoga headbands are perfect for workouts and general use. They are foldable into different sizes and come in multiple patterns and colors.

5, Size 

Most headbands in the market have a standard size that can fit all people. Though this feature works for most people, it is not good to take chances. Measure the circumference of your head and look for your exact size.

A baggy headband is not comfortable since it easily slips off during your exercise. It is also likely to stretch further with time.

A tight headband is not also recommendable because it strains the blood flow in your head. Ensure that the headband you purchase is firm but not too tight.

A fully adjustable headband is preferable, especially if you don’t know your exact fit. It works well for people with thick hair, unlike those with thin hair.

Alternatively, you can go for an elastic headband. Ensure that it is slip-free and can stretch up to 30 inches.

6, Quality

Quality is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a yoga headband. A high-quality band does not fade or stretch even with regular wash.

Warranty is one guarantee of quality. If possible, ensure that you buy a yoga headband that has a manufacturer’s warranty.

The price of a product also determines its quality to a great extent. Avoid low-priced yoga headbands as they are not likely to serve you for a long time.


What is the core purpose of a yoga headband?

The primary use of a yoga headband is to keep your hair off the face during exercise. It also absorbs sweat during high and low-intensity workouts. Presently, yoga headbands are also doubling up as hair accessories and scarfs.

How do I wear yoga headband?

First, fold your hair into a bun on top of your head or tie it back. Then, slip on the headband, ensuring that it covers the front part of your hair and forehead. You can allow it to cover your ears slightly or push it behind the ears.

How can I keep my headband from slipping off?

First, you need is to ensure that you buy the right size of a headband. You can also buy a no-slip yoga headband.

If your current headband is slipping off, you can hold it with bobby pins.

Informational YouTube video


In conclusion, you will need a good headband as you do your daily yoga workouts. A good headband should be able to wick sweat and lightweight.

For this review, the Halo 1 Headbands Sweatband is our most preferable headband. It is of very high quality and very comfortable.

Besides, it can absorb sweat but also keep sweat from eyes and face. This headband is unisex, meaning both men and women can use it.


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