The Best Cork Yoga Blocks Available in the Market

best cork yoga blocks 2020

Best Cork Yoga Blocks

Over time, cork yoga blocks have proven to be a valuable part of yoga gear. Other than enhancing flexibility, they also help achieve the right alignment and deepen stretches.

Yoga practice involves lots of stretching and bending. To achieve optimal flexibility, getting yourself the best cork yoga blocks could favor you big time. However, coming across the best isn’t easy. Read on below to our top choices of what we think are the five best cork yoga blocks. 

1. SUMYOUNG Cork Yoga Block – Best Comfort

The Versatile Cork Yoga Block.

When practicing intense yoga exercises, you need yoga blocks that boast of optimal comfort. The SUMYOUNG Cork Yoga Block delivers just that.

Remarkably, they feature slanting edges. This feature ensures that the blocks don’t cut into your hands. At the same time, they deliver secure, comfortable, and soft grip.

The SUMYOUNG cork yoga blocks feature pure eco-friendly natural cork. This material not only makes them durable but also slip-resistant. Expect these blocks to last for years to come.

Moreover, they are sturdy and lightweight, as well—each block weight around 2 pounds. So, you can effortlessly carry them around. 

These also display high levels of stability. Regardless of the type of yoga practice you exercise, these cork yoga blocks deliver optimal support.

About their size, each of these yoga blocks measures 9” by 6” by 3”. Ideally, they are highly compact to fit in a yoga bag when going to the studio.

These cork yoga blocks are effective in improving your yoga practice. They enhance your exercises by ensuring proper alignment. On top of that, they promote your safety by lessening muscle and injury strain.

As an added advantage, they help improve your stretches, thereby enhancing your flexibility.

Finally, they are ideal for any type of yoga exercise. That is Bikram, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, among others.


  • They help you ensure the proper alignment
  • These blocks are highly durable and sturdy
  • They are compact and lightweight to facilitate effortless transportation.
  • Their slanting edges make them highly comfortable.
  • They have a slip-resistant surface for stability


· Slightly bulky

2. JBM Cork Yoga Block – Best Block and Strap Set

The Strap-inclusive Cork Yoga Blocks.

Are you are an amateur or just someone who needs assistance in perfecting some challenging yoga poses? If yes, the JBM cork yoga block is ideal for you.

Remarkably, the package includes two blocks and a yoga strap. The blocks are plentiful enough; measuring 9” by 6” by 4”. Thus, they offer enough space to sit on when meditating. The strap as well is 8 ft long and 1½ inches wide.

The yoga blocks feature pure natural cork. Because of this reason, they deliver a very soft grip.

More importantly, the cork material makes the blocks slip-resistant and highly durable. Expect to use them in your yoga workouts for years.

Equally important, these cork yoga blocks are moisture-proof and non-absorbent. Unlike some other yoga blocks, they are odor-free to boot. Through this feature, the blocks keep you safe from bacteria.

Carrying these cork yoga blocks is stress-free. They are very lightweight as they weigh just 0.38 lbs.

Another thing, these yoga blocks are also very versatile. They make a great addition to your yoga accessories collection.

You can use these blocks under your feet, hands, or your seat. They are instrumental in helping you deepen stretches and achieve proper alignment. Also, you can use them on any surface.


  • The cork yoga blocks are highly durable
  • They offer a soft grip and are slip-resistant
  • The package includes a yoga strap
  • They are lightweight hence portable
  • They are moisture-proof and odor-less


· Some users complain of missing the strap


3. YogaAccessories Cork Yoga Block – Best Booster

The Soft Grip Cork Yoga Block

There are professional yoga practitioners who like to try a wide range of yoga exercises. From power yoga, Ashtanga, Anusara to restorative yoga, among others. Thus, if you fall under this category, try the YogaAccessories cork yoga block.

In all honesty, these yoga blocks display high levels of stability. Other yoga blocks feature cork that proves to be unverifiable. However, the cork in the YogaAccessories yoga block is highly sustainable. This feature makes the source trees healthier.

The cork combines features from bamboo blocks and foam blocks. Thus, it’s very sturdy to provide extra support for hard poses.

Still, on the material, these blocks are also easy to grip with a non-slip surface. Forget about the block sliding on your surface.

Moreover, they include rounded edges. These edges will not dig into your hands when using. As a result, they deliver a comfortable yoga experience.

Neither wood nor foam can absorb sweat effectively. So, they get slimy hence making it hard to use by mid-workout. 

Even though these cork yoga blocks are effective in absorbing sweat. Their surface is slightly porous. Therefore, they stay dry even as you sweat and don’t slip to boot. This feature makes them comfortable, practical, and, most importantly, safe.

About their measurements, they measure three by six by nine inches.


  • They absorb sweat and moisture
  • They are very sturdy to offer maximum support
  • With round edges, they are very comfortable
  • The blocks are also easy to grip and non-slip surface
  • They are ideal for any yoga practice


· These blocks are quite heavy


4. Peace Yoga Cork Yoga Blocks – Best Design

The printed design Cork Yoga Block.

During Yoga practice, some people struggle to achieve poses that require flexibility. They find their bodies to be somewhat stiff. In such a case, these Cork Yoga Blocks from Peace Yoga can help increase your range of motion.

Their design delivers explicitly optimal support to your tight muscles. By this, they help you extend enough to achieve flexibility for hard yoga poses.

Another thing, these cork yoga blocks come in sets of two. Also, they feature print custom designs that make them attractive. The blocks measure 4” by 6” by 9”. With such size, they can accommodate even large-sized hands.

These yoga blocks feature natural cork material. Apart from growing fast, this material has a soft surface with excellent texture to provide grip. 

The blocks are also massive enough than foam blocks to ensure they stay intact in one position. So, you won’t skid during your workouts. 

At the same time, these cork yoga blocks are light enough. Because of this reason, they are effortless to carry when traveling.

Then again, they are also ideal for restorative yoga. They help open up your chest and shoulders while enhancing the correct alignment.

Besides, these cork yoga blocks are also useful in delivering balance and supporting backbends. 


  • They are light enough for convenient transportation
  • Since they feature cork material, they are very durable
  • These blocks are soft but also ensure reliable traction
  • They are slightly heavy to keep them intact
  • They are durable, comfortable, and provide optimal support.


· Some users find them too heavy


5. Arltb Cork Yoga Blocks – Best Support

The eco-friendly Cork Yoga Block.

Sometimes, achieving your favorite yoga stretch or executing certain poses can be difficult. You need yoga blocks to assist you in reaching your feet, master hard poses, and open up your chest. With Arltb Cork Yoga Blocks, that’s achievable.

Firstly, the package includes two cork yoga blocks and one stretch out yoga strap. They measure 9” by 6” by 4” while the belt is 8 ft long and 1½ inch wide. 

Secondly, Arltb recycles eco-friendly natural wood chips to make these blocks. They then squeeze, dry, and smoothen the surface to make the yoga blocks stable and durable.

After these processes, the blocks come out with a slip-resistant surface. Because of this reason and its soft grip, you won’t slide when using them.

The extra yoga strap, on the other hand, features durable cotton fabric. It also includes a metal D-ring for adjusting its length. Then again, the belt is comfortable and anti-skid as well. 

Apart from helping you hold poses for long, it also increases your body’s flexibility. As a result, it lessens the risk of muscle pulls or other body injuries.

Lastly, these blocks are ideal for meditation, restorative yoga, power yoga, hot yoga, and so on. They offer a stable surface for support to help you achieve balance. 


  • They feature eco-friendly wood chips
  • The blocks are slip-resistant
  • The package includes a durable cotton strap
  • They are usable for diverse yoga and meditation practices
  • They offer adequate support and balance


· They tend to be quite stiff for the hands


Buyer’s Guide

Yoga blocks are generally quite simple in design. Typically, they are relatively cut small objects that form an ordinary shape. The material used to make these yoga blocks is both lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

Yoga blocks are essential in helping one access better alignment in different yoga poses. At times, the floor seems to be quite far, and that’s where a yoga block comes in. It helps bring up the level hence providing a solid foundation from which you can move.

Further, they play a vital role in enhancing depth and balance in our poses. Also, the yoga blocks are a tool to work out trigger points in muscle areas. As a bonus, they also help open up the boy at more ease.

Nonetheless, even with as simple as they might seem, yoga blocks are quite different from one another. Below are some features you ought to have in mind before buying a yoga block.

1)     Size

Yoga blocks are usually available in two sizes. That is, small and large. Both block sizes have their measurements.

Small blocks tend to lie around 3” long by 6” wide by 9” high. On the contrary, large blocks add an inch in length hence 4” long, 6” wide and 9” tall.

If you are tall or you feel your flexibility is still not great, consider going for the large block. The reason being, its additional inch could provide bonus support. During standing, poses is when you need the assistance most.

If you are short, the small block should be enough. Even so, it’s good to try both blocks and decide the one that suits your yoga practice best.

2)     Shape

Just like the name itself, a yoga block is blocky in form. Most of the time, it’s a rectangular block. But, other similar products, such as the yoga brick, also features the block shape. The only difference is, the yoga brick has holes in the middle.

Besides, there is also a yoga egg. It has round edges that make it resemble an egg. There is also a yoga wedge and a yoga arch. Both provide back support.

So, even though the yoga block is standard, it is vital to learn of other options out in the market as well.

3)     Material

When it comes to the yoga block material, just ask yourself the following question. How much am I going to move around with the yoga block? 

Three standard materials make yoga blocks. They include foam, wood, and cork. So, the choice of material depends on how often you are going to travel with the yoga block.

If you plan to be carrying your block a lot almost everywhere, a foam block will do. Foam yoga blocks tend to be lighter in weight, more pliable and softer as well. It’s even cheaper than the cork block.

On the other hand, there is the cork yoga block. I like and recommend the cork block, and here is why.

Cork delivers a solid foundation of support during your poses, and it is also durable. However, you’ll need to pay extra as it is more expensive than foam. It also enhances sturdy support in standing poses. During laying or sitting postures, the cork block also delivers the required density.

More importantly, we all have unique and different practices and values. Therefore, realizing that what may suit you may fail to qualify as another person’s best material is essential.

Besides, if you care much about planet earth, consider a cork yoga block.

The other material is wood. It is the least common material in yoga blocks. The reason being, it tends to be heavier and costlier. It’s not easy to carry a wood yoga block around to the studio or class.

Nonetheless, wood is the most environmentally friendly and the sturdiest choice as well. It’s ideal for buying your personal or home yoga studio. The extra toughness is worth the money.

4)     Cost

How much does the yoga block cost? Do I have enough money? These are the precise questions to ask yourself before buying. In that sense, a nice pair of yoga blocks shouldn’t cost more than $30. In most instances, it’s always reasonable.

5)     Is the yoga block slip-resistant?

An excellent yoga block should slide just a little. If you experience too much slide, you’ll most likely develop sore and pull muscles. Hence, always go for a yoga block that is slip-resistant.

Moreover, consider a block that sticks to the floor. In the same way, you can place your yoga block on your mat to avoid sliding altogether.


How do I clean my cork yoga blocks?

Like any other piece of work out equipment, bacteria, germs, and odor can build up on yoga blocks. Fortunately, cleaning cork yoga blocks is effortless.

Use a wet cloth and scrub the stains. If the stains or dirt persists, use a gentle organic cleanser to wash the areas. Then, let air-dry.

How do yoga blocks work?

Generally, they serve as tools to aid yoga practice. They just act as a platform for your belly, hands, legs, and other body parts to enable you to make specific yoga moves.

These exercise blocks help you enhance your stamina and deepen your poses. What’s more, they improve your flexibility.

Why use yoga blocks?

Yoga blocks are optional props. However, if you use them correctly, they will prove to be very useful in boosting your yoga performance.

If you find balancing, bending, and keeping stable hard, consider using yoga blocks.

How many yoga blocks do I need?

The number of blocks, in this case, depends on the yoga poses you want to perform. On average, two blocks should be enough.

What is a yoga block?

It is a rectangular piece of a block from wood, foam or cork. People use it as a support system or a prop when practicing yoga.


Informational Videos of Best Cork Yoga Blocks


With lots of ideal cork yoga blocks in the market, we tried our best to present to you our best choices. 

We believe that all the cork yoga blocks above are among the best the market has to offer. Just find the one pick of cork yoga blocks that suits you best.

Our top pick is the SUMYOUNG Cork Yoga Blocks. The surface is slip-resistant, and they are also quite comfortable.

Besides, these blocks are very sturdy and durable to boot. Other than being compact and lightweight, they ensure proper alignment and lessen muscle and injury strain.

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