The Best Yoga Mat Bag in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Mat Bag in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Well, yoga provides a proper routine to improve wellness. As you consistently take part in the game, you will live a healthy life. So, where do you store your training items? We will try to answer that question by refereeing you to the best yoga mat bag. 

A proper bag should keep your yoga towel and bag intact as you visit the gym. Let’s get more details from the following section. 

Best Yoga Mat Bag – 2020

  1. Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag – Best for convenience 
  2. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag – Best in Value 
  3. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag – Best shoulder bag 
  4. Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag – Best in flexibility 
  5. Aurorae Yoga Mat Carrier Bag 

Factors to consider when buying the best Yoga Mat Bag

The suitable yoga mat bag should prevent dirt from accessing your yoga mat. It should be lightweight with breathable materials to give outstanding service. To some, a yoga mat plays a critical role more than any ordinary carrying bag.

Remember, there are other yoga mats with carrying handle. That should not distract you from getting a proper yoga mat bag. The bag will provide an efficient way of keeping the mat well. Therefore, you need to check particular elements before you get the right bag.

Let’s discover more from the following section.

1. Materials 

The ideal yoga mat should come from durable materials. The most commonly used materials are mainly canvas, cotton, and polyester. Another covetable property is that it should be both water-resistant and odor-proof. 

The yoga mat bag can easily acquire dirt. In that regard, it should be easy to wash. It would be reasonable if your material is compatible with machine wash. 

2. Durability

One should buy a long-lasting yoga mat bag to appreciate the value of the money used. Do you know that yoga is a continuous exercise? You will, therefore, need a sturdy bag that will resist any wear.

The bag should carry several training gears without posing a threat of tearing. They can be water bottles, yoga mats, and yoga blocks. As you consistently use this bag, it may encounter abrasions, thanks to friction. 

If you use a durable bag, it will prolong its lifespan. One will get more value than a particular bag that lasts for a few months. 

3. Size

Several yoga mat bags come in various sizes to match the needs of different yoga mats. The ordinary yoga mats will come in a standard dimension of 24 by 68 inches. There are smaller and bigger sizes, depending on your needs.

You must know the size of your yoga mat before you buy a suitable bag. A suitable bag should also be spacious to accommodate various gears. Some items can utilize more space than others.

4. Convenience

A good yoga mat bag should enable the user to carry various items conveniently. As a result, one can move around easily hand-free. For instance, you should keep your cell phones in a bag alongside other relevant effects.

Some yoga mats have various partitions with secure storage and better organization. 

You can use larger compartments to store towels and yoga mats. The smaller side pockets will keep small items like keys and cell phones. 

The yoga mat bag should also offer a carrying convenience. For instance, the bag should have straps to assist the user in carrying it on shoulders. That is a hands-free design that many buyers would like to see. 

5. Style

It could be a boring life if every yoga lover used a bag with the same color. Many people would like to have options for multiple colors. It makes the experience unique since colors serve as an expression towards nature.

The cool thing about a style is that it all depends on your taste. Some bags come with different decorations and patterns. Others will come in a single color. Either way, you should choose the right design. 

If you want to appear unique, then choose the right color. You will stand out from the crowd as you appreciate your style. 

6. Pricing

Pricing is a critical aspect of getting the right yoga mat bag. It is noteworthy that some highly-priced products feature high-quality design. If you treasure longevity, then you should be ready to break your bank.

Depending on your budget, you should consider getting a durable product. You can also do extensive research to get affordable bags with excellent quality. Not all affordable yoga mats are of poor quality.

One can still get a better service from a moderate quality. 

Informational YouTube Video on Yoga mat bags


Can you use a standard yoga mat bag to store a thick yoga mat?

A regular yoga mat bag has suitable dimensions to carry a standard yoga mat. Furthermore, it can carry other training gears like a towel and a water bottle. 

An extra-large bag is spacious enough to accommodate a thick yoga mat. Therefore, it can be a suitable choice than the standard yoga mat. 

Which is the most durable fabric for the yoga mat bag?

Yoga mat bags come from three commonly used fabrics. They are traditional Indian fabric, cotton canvas, and polyester materials. Of the three, cotton takes the lead.

The cotton is exceptionally sturdy. It is also water-proof and long-lasting. The high-quality design makes cotton to be a great choice. 

Which is the best style for the yoga mat bag?

The two popular styles are drawstring or zipper style. A drawstring style is suitable when carrying light gears like a rowel and a mat. The zipper style is convenient when taking a more massive load. It may involve clothes, thicker mats, water bottles, and more.

If you use the zipper style, you will take little time to load. 

Product Reviews

1. Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag – Best for convenience 

One can use this Yoga Tote bag for a natural and peaceful vibe. The interior of this yoga bag features cotton materials. The sturdy material will make the bag to retain its original shape. Furthermore, the cotton material is crisp and cool.

This cylinder-shaped bag uses two carrying straps. Most importantly, it has Velcro closures for easier removal and storage of items. 

The yoga mat bag has zippered pockets both in the interior and exterior. One can comfortably use them to keep smaller items like phones and keys. You can also use its large compartment to store big items like sheets and towels. 

Besides, the large dimension of this yoga bag makes it fit to carry many items. Its precise dimensions are 29.50″ x 7″ x 12.50″. You can also use it to store standard yoga mats. The average thickness should be 0.5 inches. 

It is easier to spot the eye-catching unique design. The beautiful style features distinctive colors that improve the general outlook. The buyer will have a variety of color patterns for selection.

The yoga mat bag is compatible with machine wash. Indeed, you can line dry it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The buyer has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The yoga bag has mounted straps for carrying convenience
  • One can use this yoga bag for various functions such as gym and travel
  • The interior is plausible enough to accommodate regular yoga mats
  • The yoga mat comes in beautiful design and color patterns
  • The product is returnable is the customer find it unworthy


  • The yoga bag cannot accommodate large-sized yoga mats

2. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag – Best in Value 

Many people are ever looking for the best yoga bag that will securely store yoga gear. Your frustration seems to come to a sudden end if you locate the Kindfolk mat. 

The manufacturer donates one dollar for every sold bag to the charity. There is no doubt that as you chose this product, you will be changing your world. 

The size of the bag makes it convenient to store various mats. It can comfortably store both thick mats and the standard ones. 

The yoga mat bag comes in the perfect dimensions of 26 x 8 x 8 inches. One can easily fit a 26-inch mat. As if that is not enough, this bag can store an extra thick mat too. 

This stylish mat comes from environmentally-friendly materials. Plus, the designer used human-made leather, which is animal-friendly. It will not irritate your skin. If one is allergic, then this product can be of great help.

The yoga mat bag has a beautiful design. The eye-catching design makes this product remain a top priority for many yoga lovers. However, the inner compartment will fit yoga towels and mats. The small outer pocket is suitable for storing keys and phones. 

The most outstanding feature that makes it unique revolves around its sustainability. The bag comes from top-quality materials that are resistant to tear and wear. The high-quality material enhances longevity.


  • The yoga mat bag comes from man-made leather which happens to be user-friendly
  • The bag will comfortably accommodate many sizes of yoga mats
  • One can use this yoga mat bag for various functions thanks to the versatility
  • There are multiple compartments within the bag to conveniently store different items
  • The durable design makes it fit for long-range use


  • It comes with slightly costly prices
  • It comes with limited color option

3. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag – Best shoulder bag 

Ewedoos Toga mat bag has a unique design with a wide opening. Indeed, the user will have an easy time when removing and storing the mat. In other words, the wide opening will improve accessibility. 

This sizable yoga mat will correctly fit almost all yoga mats. As a result, you should know the dimensions of your mats to determine storage. The yoga mat bag measures 13 inches in diameter and 31 inches in length. 


One can use this yoga mat bag product for many functions. Surprisingly, this product can also act as a shopping bag, sports bag, or diaper bag. You can also buy it as a wonderful gift for any yoga enthusiast.

Besides, the yoga mat bag has two pockets design. To be specific, it has a smaller inner pocket where you can store keys, phones, etc. 

The other large pocket is suitable for keeping a towel, water bottle, and sunglasses. 

The yoga mat bag originates from top-quality materials. The designer used cotton canvas materials that are durable. Furthermore, it has long straps that will enhance the carrying convenience. It will not strain your shoulders or arms. 

The lightweight design makes it easily portable. The good news is that one will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Suppose the product does not please you, the manufacturer will refund your money. 


  • Since the yoga mat bag is versatile, it accommodates various applications
  • The double pocket design will conveniently store multiple items appropriately 
  • The bag comes in the proper size to accommodate diverse seizes of yoga mats
  • The quality materials used makes it suitable for long-term usage
  • The mat is highly affordable


  • There were complaints on the bag not accommodating many items at ago

4. Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag – Best in flexibility 

The manufacturer constructed the Yogiii yoga mat bag to make your work simple. The catch is in its convenient size. Do you know that it can perfectly fit all your training gear? Precisely, we mean the yoga mat, water bottle, and towel, among others.

Another exciting feature lies in durability. However, the yoga mat bag has perfect seams with a cozy design. The designer stitched them inside and out with a long-lasting 8 oz cotton canvas. 

Moreover, the product is lightweight. Such a design makes it a convenient tool for travel. Furthermore, the yoga mat bag has fasteners or zippers. The only option available to the user is to grab and go to the destination. 

One can easily admire this yoga mat bag due to its beautiful crafting. Firstly, the yoga mat bag is suitable for all genders. The bag has a large compartment to place all your gears. Besides, there is a minor front pocket where one can carry phones, keys, and more.

The exciting aspect of this product is that it is a multi-purpose bag. You can use it while on various occasions like beaching, at the gym, etc. 

For those who love to go shopping, they can take advantage of this yoga mat bag.

The yoga mat bag comes from sustainable materials. They are cotton canvas materials that will resist tear. The kit is compatible with machine wash; hence it has secure cleaning options. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. 


  • The yoga mat bag has a sturdy construction that makes it long-lasting
  • The product can carry large sizes of yoga mats comfortably
  • The large compartments can accommodate various items with a convenient front pocket
  • The yoga mat bag has a lightweight design making it highly portable
  • The kit comes with a fair price tag


  • It is likely not to be large enough to match some needs

5. Aurorae Yoga Mat Carrier Bag 

If you own a mat, you will require a proper mat carrier. You can seek refuge in Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag. The bag will comfortably store yoga mats that are below 5 pounds. Also, the mat should not be 72 inches long, with a thickness of less than ¼ inches.

This adjustable yoga mat bag will widen to accommodate various travel gears. It has straps for carrying convenience. Interestingly, the bag has a built-in phone pocket. You can carry it comfortably on your shoulders without experiencing fatigue.


The entire material construction features polyester materials. The materials are heavy-duty to make it ideal for carrying heavy items. The bag is durable hence worth your penny. The large compartments will conveniently tolerate various items.

If you think this yoga mat bag only serves yoga-related functions, then you will be wrong. The versatility of this product makes it fit for various uses. The bag will not limit the user if one thinks of using it as a shopping or diaper bag. 

The zippered pockets are convenient for easier accessibility. The product comes with a two-year warranty. Furthermore, the yoga mat bag has reasonable market prices, making it affordable. 


  • The bag has an adjustable design to accommodate various items
  • Various pockets and single compartments enhance the proper arrangement of items
  • The heavy-duty polyester materials make the bag to be long-lasting
  • The shoulder straps improve the carrying convenience
  • The yoga mat bag is affordable with a two-year guarantee
  • The lightweight design makes it highly portable


  • The clients complained of smelly chemicals while new

Final Thoughts

A yoga mat bag is a convenient tool to store your items. You can use it to store different items. The yoga mat bag can store your bag to keep it clean against any dirt or bacteria. 

Some yoga mat bags have eight different compartments. You can use each pocket to store different things for easier accessibility. 

From our review, we highly recommend the Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag. One can use this yoga mat bag for various occasions like the gym and shopping. Furthermore, it has straps for carrying convenience.

The spacious design allows you to store several items and yoga mats. The partitions or compartments will help in a better organization when storing things. The product is durable since it used high-quality construction materials. 

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