Yoga Burn Program Review (Updated 2023) – Is this Really Worth it?

Yoga Burn is a program designed for women. It aims at ensuring that women attain that fitness and the body shape they desire. It also helps them to retain the shape once they get it.

Women’s bodies are not like men. Their bodies will not respond similarly to the same exercise routine. Furthermore, lifting weights is not the only way to burn fats and tighten up your body.

An alternative way of losing and maintaining your ‘new you’ is through Yoga. It is an effective solution that lets you live a healthy lifestyle. You will gain control of your body and emotional state as you find your inner peace in exercise and routine.

You can achieve all you want for your body without going to the gym or stepping outside your house. Sounds impossible? Check out the incredible results of yoga burn in our discussion below.

What is Yoga Burn, and Who is it for?

Yoga is suitable for both men and women. However, men prefer hitting the gym and lifting weights. It does not mean that Yoga is less superior to physical exercise at the gym. The yoga burn program is intensive for most people. Yoga will retrain your body to move naturally after years of poor habits.

Yoga burn is a gem among many yoga routines out there. If you are a beginner, this program will make it easy for you to stick through the routine. It is a 12-week program that is intensive and interactive.

You do not need any previous experience in Yoga. You can start from scratch and work your way to your dream body in 12 weeks.

Yoga burn is ideal for people in the following categories:

  • If you want to gain more flexibility: At its core, Yoga burn is a weight loss program. However, it comes with other hidden perks. Yoga improves flexibility. You may sit in awe, admiring how your baby can lift his legs to his head. Improved flexibility relieves pain from your body, especially those associated with hip extensors, upper body, and lower back. These pains can interfere with your everyday routine.
  • If you have never had a workout: Yoga burn is for beginners. The present time is better than your past, and it is not too late to start exercising. There must be a guided effort if you want to transform your body.
  • The yoga routine is beginner-friendly and straightforward. You will start with basic yoga movements, then increase the difficulty progressively. It means that every person starts from scratch and moves through the ranks slowly.
  • If you have no time: As it is, time is an enemy of physical progress. Many people who live unhealthy lifestyles never seem to find time for workouts. It is why this program is time-intensive and does not need you to leave your house.

All you need is to schedule a three 45 minutes session per week. If you like, you can add an extra session to promote your body recovery, reduce stress and cortisol levels.

  • If you want to lose weight: It does not matter if you want to shed off only two or 30 pounds. Women generally feel the need to cut off some weight every day. The reason they do nothing about it, is they feel their bodies are too far gone.
  • Yoga burn is a shame-free way of getting back your body as you envision it. You can do it alone or with close friends who support your ambitions.
  • After pregnancy: Yoga burn is also helpful for mothers who have recently given birth. The weight gain that follows a postnatal period can be depressing. Yoga will retrain your body and stabilize your emotions. Because it is time-intensive, you can sneak in a session when the little one is taking a nap.

How Yoga Burn Works

The Yoga Burn program follows a dynamic sequencing technique. Here the program allows you to combine yoga poses at a high-power sequence. As you advance, the yoga poses and movements become difficult gradually. Your body will adapt to the new poses without too much strain or pain.

Dynamic sequencing aims to make you build a body shape that you can easily maintain. It will also help build your muscles and flexibility. All the poses follow a specific order. They are in the correct sequence and time to make your body adapt readily to the program.

The crux of dynamic sequencing lies in executing the right poses and movements at the right time. The challenge is getting your body to adapt to a new way and acquire a new shape. You should be able to get in touch with your femininity. Look good and feel good too.

The Three Phases of Yoga Burn

The 12-week program is split further into three phases. Each phase builds on the next, and so your body will grow progressively. The yoga burn program lets you gain flexibility as you burn your calories. The end game is physical and emotional stability.

1. Foundational Flow Phase

Here you will build a foundation of yoga exercises. The first four weeks dedicates much time to building a solid foundation of the yoga practice. It is also the stage that shapes strong and lean muscles. The initial stages are practical, as well as fun. Exercising should not be a dull process; it is why most beginners and higher-level yoga students enjoy it.

It is a foundation flow of a unique set of sequences that make you build your body as you develop mental strength. You will build proper strength and tune your mind and body connection. In the initial stage, you will learn to challenge your body as you execute your proper form.

The foundation flow phase is crucial for a smooth transition of the other two stages. Executing yoga moves is pivotal to a rewarding session. The lesson should help you learn how to control your breathing, correct your pose and angles.

The process is easy to follow, and the DVD will guide your progress every step of the way. Developing lean muscles is essential to avoid injuries from different postures. In this phase, you will also learn why a good form is important before diving into the concept of yoga exercise.

The first weeks may feel uncomfortable, with little or no change to show. But you should not despair; the muscles on your arm and legs will be sore. It is the only way to know that your work out is paying off.

2. Transitional Flow

It is a stage that teaches you how to control your body after the four weeks of basic yoga moves. Whereas there are some new moves, the focus lies in correcting your posture. In this phase, you will slowly understand the benefits of practicing correct Yoga. You will harness the rewards of consistency.

The exercises for the transitional flow aim to increase your overall metabolism. It will increase your heart rate and calorie burn as well. In the first stage, you learn the moves as you grow your confidence. In the second phase, you get a more intensive workout from a single session.

It is a crucial process as you will build muscles, tone your body, and lose weight. The workouts in the videos target the large muscles of your body.

The exercises will strengthen your core, upper body, and lower body. The difference between this stage and the foundational stage is significant. In the transitional flow stage, you do not learn the form but how to transition between poses.

The process of learning smooth transitions makes the entire routine fun and rewarding. You will enjoy the movements as you lose fat in all the right places.

Most people find the first four weeks beneficial to making them feel good. You will appreciate your body from the inside and outside. But as you transition to week five, you become conscious and aware of your movements. Regardless of what is around you, it will never distract you.

The transitional flow is a moving meditation. It connects your body and mind naturally. There will be an inner peace as you get your workout.

By the time you are getting through this phase, your ass will have the right tone. You will have a strong core and strength to pursue longer yoga sessions.

3. Mastery Flow Phase

You can think of this stage as the testing stage. It tests the lessons you learned from the first two phases. The challenge of the mastery stage is that it all targets your metabolism and recovery period. You should be able to get more rigorous work done as your body recovers faster than usual. There are diets you can supplement with the program to keep your body healthy.

The exercises at this level include the poses you know from the transitional phases. The difference is the intensity and high gear routines. The difference between the videos is small. One might think it is a lack of imagination. However, Yoga burn routine encourages targeted muscle fatigue. It achieves this by repeating a set of poses and positions over and over.

You will discover that getting through some days of workouts become harder as you go. It is because the movements include a combination of both upper and lower body. The moves have huge benefits within a short time because they are explosive. You will get a more intense session within a shorter time.

If you take a keen interest, you will learn all the muscles women have problems developing. They include the hips, arms, and core. The mastery stage flow will push you to your limits, and you will discover your body new.

By week 9-12, you will have sharp mental clarity. You will also notice significant weight loss. By this time, your favorite pair of jeans will threateningly become loose. The kind of problem most women wish upon themselves.

The bonuses that come with the Yoga Burn package

The Yoga Burn is a carefully-curated process. After you buy your DVD as you wait for the mail to arrive, you can start on the digital package. It means you can start your workout anywhere you are. The option of sending both digital and DVDs is to cater to places without internet access.

The following bonuses also make the Yoga Burn a worthy investment.

1. 12-weeks of body shaping course

It comprises of three phases split into four weeks each. The yoga videos are in-depth and teach you how to perform 20 yoga poses.  The nine videos teach you to master different yoga poses, positions, and movements.

2. Bonus audio clips

The audio clips are good for the journey. You can reinforce the lessons you did not get right anywhere.

Audio clips are essential for regular practice when you cannot access a DVD player. The audio instructions are clear and informative. You will understand the movements you should make and the poses to strike with ease.

All lessons have an audio version to make sure you never skip a session of the 12-week challenge.

3. Bonus session #1 Tranquility flow class

It is an optional session that you can do after performing your routine program. Though optional, this bonus session is vital for your recovery time. You will find that on top of the regular exercise, it will relieve you from stress as well.

The initial days are difficult. You should get your head in the game to determine if you will see through your 12-week program to the end.

The Tranquility flow video is only 15 minutes long. It focuses on restorative Yoga and how it works. You will learn the importance of basic yoga stretches and making the right Yoga poses.

Beginners will find this video helpful as it teaches how to distress after a tiring yoga session.

4. Bonus #2- Beginner Flow

The video is for beginners that find it tough to understand or execute the poses from the initial stages. The video takes 45 minutes, and the paces are slower so that everyone grasps the different poses. In this video, there is a step by step instruction for every pose that you need in the advanced stages.

Beginners harness their skills, progressively making them catch up with the 12-week challenge.

5. Bonus #3- Pose Tutorials

It is like the last stage of a beginner course. The first four weeks are tricky because you have to learn many new poses within a limited time. In this video, there are 21 yoga poses that you should acquaint yourself with. The tutorial is a step by step instruction to help you achieve posture, technique, and form.

These bonus videos are critical within the first three weeks. They will make you do basic yoga movements with ease. However, there is nothing easy about the poses. It takes hard work and commitment to get your balance and poses right.

6. Bonus-Immersion Community

You can join this all-women community program for free. It is for women dedicated to the program and who own the Yoga Burn DVD. The community is ever-growing, and it offers support, coaching lessons, and mentorship.

The community helps you with your journey, as it keeps you accountable and motivated. The community instigates a spirit of friendly competitiveness. In return, you will benefit from this and accomplish your goals collectively.

7. Bonus- Yoga Burn Monthly

These are other optional DVDs by the same creator that lets you in on other yoga routines. These include

  • Hatha
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Vinyasa
  • Yoga Asana

If you feel you want more after the 12 weeks is over, you will reap more from these DVDs. You will stay in the program and learn new techniques for improving your body. The DVDs extend the period for six months. The first month is free, but you will pay $37 each month afterward.

8. Discount bonus

You can buy a second copy of the Yoga Burn DVD at a discount price. It can be useful if you plan to gift a friend or family. Though not significant as the other bonuses, you can gain by taking advantage of the offer.

How to Make Yoga Burn Work Effectively for You

There is no doubt that this program will work for you. But it needs more dedication and time to get the results you want.

1. Discipline

It is just like hitting the gym. You will not see the results if you are not consistent. Like all other workouts, you need the discipline to function correctly. The first step is to allocate a time you will adhere to. Schedule your daily activities with your session in mind.

You should rest well between sessions so that your body recovers faster. Having a chaotic Yoga Burn session will not lead to the results you want. And if you happen to lose weight, it will be temporary. Once you start the program, you should make it a priority. Love yourself as you learn your body.

2. Breathing and movement

Learning the exercises is separate from performing. As you move from one pose to the other, focus on your breathing. You should free your mind, as well. If your mind wanders to stressful thoughts or harbors fear, you will get little reward.

One of the aims of a Yoga Burn session is to make you detach from your normal life.

3. Focus on your goals

You set the goals before you start the program. Some want to lose weight while others want to maintain specific body shape. Keep your goals in your mind as you practice. You will lose weight and still enjoy life and good health. To get the most from this program, try to develop a positive attitude all the way.

What next After the Yoga Burn 12-Week Program?

The reasons why people start the program vary. While some aim to reduce their weight, those with a good body can build on it.

The program is mostly for women, but men who buy the DVD have positive words to share. It helps create a mind and body connection, which is vital for a healthy lifestyle. If you are through with the 12-week program and feel you can get more work done on your body, then it will still work. Besides giving you the body shape you want, the routine also lets you retain it.

The Advantages of Yoga Burn

1. Lose weight at home

The 12-week program of Yoga Burn is suitable for most women who feel shy to exercise in crowded places. Most people who want to lose weight do not know how to start or if Yoga will work for their bodies. However, Yoga burn is not like other types of Yoga, as it aims at weight loss and body fitness.

There are bonus audio tapes that allow you to continue your routine while traveling. You should not stop your Yoga Burn program because of the influence of your daily activities.

2. Step by step progress

The creator of the program is consistent in the way the lessons follow one another. Each phase is different from the next one, but all are important to a broader perspective. You will enjoy the various levels as the lessons are not difficult but specific.

The techniques are easy to learn, and the method of teaching makes them fun as well.

3. Dynamic sequencing

What this implies is that you will feel the challenges as you advance from your current level. As the days go by, the challenges keep getting tough, but your body adapts faster.

The program assumes that everyone is a beginner. It will take you through the basic poses and movements until you reach an elite level. As you develop your muscles, your core toughens as well. You will be able to hold challenging positions for more extended periods.

The three phases plus the bonus videos make you learn faster and feel better about your body.

4. Healthy lifestyle

As you get to the latter stages of the program, the effects should start to show. Besides shaping your body as you want it, you will improve your immune system as well. You will be happier, and your skin will have the tone you want.

Yoga Burn also enhances your metabolism, which will make your body and grow healthy.

5. No extra investment

Unlike paying for a gym membership, the DVD is a one-off payment. You will not need to renew your membership every month which, as we know, can be expensive.

You will cut on the hidden costs of having a trainer, buying gym equipment and transport. What should change is your diet. You need to alter your grocery shopping list and buy food that watches your calories.

6. Money-back guarantee

The program creator is confident that you can never fail to get results if you stick with the routine. When you buy the 12-week program at only $37, you get a 60-day unconditional guarantee.  Within this period, if you feel you no longer want the program, you get your full refunds within 48 hours of asking. The program does not aim to benefit from cash proceeds without getting you the help you seek.

7. Social proof

There are many positive reviews from people who finish the 12-week challenge. It is an indication that the program is effective.

The Disadvantages of Yoga Burn 12-week Program

1. You must apply what you learn

The program is not a magic pill that works wonders overnight. Once you start, you must adhere to the routine until the end. The videos are 45 minutes, and each session needs your commitment. On average, you should spare at least 45 minutes three times a week. Some people may find this too demanding.

If you do not make the time for the three sessions, you may have disappointing results. Opposite to the body shape you had in mind.

2. Initial pain

Most people who are new to Yoga or regular exercising feel pain at the initial stages. You should not quit because of these pains as they are normal.

The reason is your body is yet to adapt to the new stretches you are performing. But the program is in a way that your body adapts faster and heals faster as well. The 15-minute video helps you to practice restorative Yoga increasing your recovery time.  After some weeks of exercise, you will stop feeling the pain.

3. Not for suitable for yogis

It is a beginner program and will work best if you are new to yoga exercises. Chances of getting the results you expect when you are an advanced learner are low. It is because you already know most of the Yoga poses. The program is ideal for people who are inactive and want to get into a workout program. 

Is it Worth the Buy?

Yoga Burn is an affordable and reliable way to lose weight and maintain body fitness. It is useful for all women and men who wish to regain their body and mind control.

It has no age limitations, and the exercises are easy to follow along. The dynamic sequencing technique makes your body adapt and recover much faster. Get yours today on Amazon, it works!

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