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The Bryce Yoga Workshop Experience

Bryce yoga weekend workshops speak to all levels of yoga practitioners and teachers. Yogis will dive deep into asana and alignment, inversions and arm balances and find a deeper understanding of their own yoga path and practice.

Bryce Yoga Workshops

Bryce Yoga’s Signature Inverted Flow Practice (Master Class)

Sample Workshop


All forms of the asana practice are variations of moving meditation. Using elements of vinyasa flow, paired with arm balances and inversions, we link our breath with movement giving ourselves acute focus on the present moment and freeing ourselves from distractions of the past and future. Join Dice and Bri in this fun but challenging flow class where you will use your breath, mind and body to flow through surya namaskars, strong standing postures, arm balances and inversions, backbends, twists and seated folds. Yogis should expect to sweat, work hard, learn a few things and more importantly, feel good while enjoying their practice. All levels welcome!

Bryce Yoga Workshops

Inversions & Arm Balancing
Intro to Flight: Foundations

Sample Workshop


Do you remember your first Yoga class? When down dog and plank were completely foreign to you? Well it’s time to feel like a beginner again! Many yogis consider Handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) a tough asana to encounter and experience. Although handstand requires much strength and agility, it is a foundational asana much like plank and downward facing dog, where knowledge of body mechanics and good use of the bandhas can make the asana “advanced”. In this workshop yogis will learn the fundamental alignment points for handstand through a thorough study of foundational asanas like downward facing dog, plank, chaturanga and the dynamic interlinked movements of the yoga vinyasa. All levels welcome and encouraged!

Briohny Smyth Forearm Hollow Hanuman Demo

Workshop Weekend

Sample Schedule


  • Friday 6pm-8:30pm – Master Class or Explore your roots
  • Saturday 9:30am-12pm – Intro to Flight
  • Saturday 1:30pm-4pm – Any other inversion/arm balancing workshop
  • Sunday 9:30am-12pm – Any backbend or inversion workshop
  • Sunday 1:30pm-4pm – Any backbend or Acro workshop

Bryce Yoga Workshops

Continuing Education Credits


All Bryce Yoga workshop participants are eligible for CEU’s (Continuing Education credits) according to Yoga Alliance.

If you are planning on attending a Bryce Yoga workshop for CEU’s, please email us or the workshop host.

Bryce Yoga

Check out our teaching schedule for upcoming workshops!

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