PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat Review

PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat Review

Yoga activities can be quite strenuous at times, leaving you very sweaty. As such, the yoga mat you use should be able to absorb sweat. Besides, it should also maintain its traction so that you do not slide. 

These challenges are some of what I faced until I discovered the PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat.

Reasons to consider Prana E.C.O Yoga Mat

Sweating is part of what you experience as you go about your yoga regime. Consequently, you need a mat that still holds you tight in your position despite the sweat.

Moreover, you need a very skin-friendly Yoga mat. You will not want to use a Yoga mat that has some toxins that might affect your skin. 

Many yogis travel from time to time as they go for their yoga regime. Having a light yoga mat makes it easy to move around.

All these are key features that a yogi would like to consider before acquiring a Yoga mat. Unfortunately, it is always not easy to know which mat to buy since there are numerous of them in the market.

The PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat is one of the mats you can trust to serve you to satisfaction. 

The manufacturing process of this yoga mat is free from any toxic byproducts and emissions. You are thus sure of your safety as you use this Yoga mat.

The manufacturers of this mat have also textured it on both sides. With this, you will not have to fear about slipping or the mat itself sliding on the floor.

Besides, this yoga mat is very light, thus easy to move with from one place to another.

PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat

PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat Review


This mat is one of the environmentally friendly Yoga mats you will ever come across. The word E.C.O in its name stands for Earth Conscious Offering. It is 100 percent recyclable. 

If you are a yogi who travels a lot, then this is your best traveling companion. You will not even feel the weight.

If the kind of yoga regime you carry out leaves you soaked in sweat, you need this mat. It will assure you of firmness, even in your sweaty condition.


  • It has excellent traction for sweaty situations
  • Its underside is very grippy. It can hold firmly to any surface, even on a carpet.
  • It comes in several colors
  • It is 100 percent recyclable
  • Superior cushioning
  • Its price is pocket-friendly
  • It is PVC free and has no latex, rubber or any kind of toxic material


  • It is not very breathable
  • It has a strong smell when new, hence may not be suitable for you if you have a sensitive nose

PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat Features and Benefits

1. Durability

One of the crucial features that every yogi looks for in a mat is how long it will last. It is expensive to buy a mat several times in one year.

A good yoga mat should be able to withstand the sweat, the temperatures as well as other conditions. It should be able to last for at least a couple of years before you think of buying another one.

PrAna E.C.O Mat is among the most durable mats in the market. Its thermoplastic elastomer material enhances its durability.

Moreover, the TPE is UV resistant. Consequently, you need not worry about the color fading after exposure to sunlight. 

Also, the mat will not fade or degrade if you expose it to sunlight. You can thus hold outdoor yoga sessions on your mat very comfortably.

During the first days after buying the mat, small flakes may come off the mat. After a short while, however, this stops, and you can use your mat comfortably.

The only precaution you need to take with this mat is to avoid folding it. The creases may not go so easily. Instead, just stick to rolling it.

2. Comfort​

The other very important aspect of any yoga mat is its comfort. When we talk about comfort, it is usually about the thickness and stability of a mat.

A thick mat will provide you with more padding, which translates to more comfort.

Comfort is vital, especially when you are doing planks. During such, your elbows must get some extra support. Lack of this comfort may result in sore elbows or joints.

A good yoga mat should have a thickness of at least 5mm. 

PrAna E.C.O Yoga mat offers you this thickness without being bulky. The material used allows for the optimal thickness without any extra weight.

Stability is also key to ensure you do not collapse into your wrists, especially if you are doing chaturanga

The stability of the PrAna mat allows you to enjoy doing yoga poses without the fear of slipping or falling.

3. Traction

PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat Review

When buying a mat, traction is the other key factor that any yogi puts into consideration. 

If you are a great fun of vinyasa, then you know that sweating comes after just a short while. As such, you need a mat that has excellent traction.

With this and other flexible poses, yoga can be quite hazardous. As a yogi, you can easily slip, especially if your hands are sweaty, and this may lead to injury.

The prAna E.C.O Yoga Mat has a raised design that increases its stability. Moreover, its TPE provides the right smoothness that allows efficient transition.

With this feature, a yogi can effectively transition from one position to another. 

Another great feature is the grip. PrAna Yoga mat has a downside that has enough grip to stick on the floor. Consequently, you can be sure of your safety even when the mat is wet. 

Of great importance to note is that both surfaces of this mat have a textured surface. As a result, the mat provides sufficient grip to you and on the floor.

However, I may not recommend this mat for hot yoga. 

If you want to use it, it might be necessary to place a yoga towel on top of it. 

4. Price

How would you feel if you got a mat that offers you almost all the benefits you want at a fair price?

Many of the Yoga mats in the market are quite expensive. The price is high, mostly for those that claim to offer numerous benefits.

However, the good news is that you can get all those benefits at a lower price. You need not drain your pocket to get traction, comfort, and durability.

PrAna Yoga mat will offer you all the benefits you need as a yogi at a very fair price. 

5. Material

The prAna E.C.O mat is 100 percent Thermoplastic Elastomer. Moreover, this mat is also UV resistant. As such, it can withstand direct sunlight without degrading or discoloring.

Besides, it is also lightweight and PVC free. The mat’s materials are all non-toxic. That means you need not worry about your toxins affecting your skin.

The mat is also chloride free and latex-free.  

6. Size and Weight

Although it may not be as big as some other mats, PrAna E.C.O has a standard size. It measures 72″ x 24″ and is 5 mm thick. Despite that size and thickness, it is among the lightest mat and weighs only 2.2 pounds.

7. Odor

After buying this mat, it may have some faint odor. However, this smell fades away within a few days.

8. Color

Colour is another feature that influences the buying of a Yoga mat for some yogis. This mat comes in 2 to 4 color options for you to choose from.

What other alternatives can you consider?

Other than PrAna E.C.O Yoga mat, you may also consider other alternatives. They include:

1. Manduka eKO

Compared to PrAna, Manduka eKO is quite larger. It comes in two different sizes.

One type has a size of 71″ x 26″ and a weight of 7 pounds. The other one has a size of 79″ x 26″ and a weight of 8 pounds. 

That means they are both heavier than PrAna E.C.O. As such, they may not be ideal for you if you travel a lot.

Just like PrAna, Manduka eKO is 5 mm thick. 

Also, unlike PrAna E.C.O, Manduka eKO has a strong odor.

2. Jade Harmony Professional

The Jade Harmony Professional also has two size options. You can get a smaller one at 68″ long or a longer one at 74″ long. 

However, their thickness is less than that of PrAna E.C.O mat. They have a thickness of 4.7 mm.

They are also heavier since they weigh 5 pounds each.

Besides, unlike PrAna, they have a strong smell that stays for some time. They also contain some latex.

3. Aurorae Classic Thick

Aurorae Classic differs with PrAna in that it is thicker. It is also heavier since it weighs 3.2 pounds. 

Unlike PrAna, Aurorae is odorless from the time you unpack it.

Moreover, it comes with 12 color options for you to choose from.


In conclusion, your safety is critical when carrying out your yoga regime. You need to guard zealously against slipping, especially when you are sweaty.

Also, your health is a crucial aspect to consider. You need to use a mat that is entirely toxin-free to avoid any infection on your skin.

As a yogi also, you need a mat that you can easily carry around.

It is for these reasons that I recommend the PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat because:

  • It absorbs sweat when you are sweaty
  • It maintains traction even when the mat is wet
  • It is toxic-free
  • It is light

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