Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review – Is it Really Good?

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review - Is it Really Good?

Well, for a yoga lover, fitness is the long-term priority. However, the only challenge occurs in finding a proper yoga travel mat. It is useful, especially for practice while in the gym or home. 

Indeed, I found one—the Jade Harmony Yoga mat.

Many consider a travel mat to be an extra burden. Interestingly, I will continue with my fitness program wherever I will be. 

Things to consider before Buying Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The issue of practicing or training yoga is critical for every yoga lover. You need a mat that offers incredible comfort. Furthermore, you will minimize injuries as you perform your exercises.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review - Is it Really Good?


Well, the market is full of genuine and fake yoga mat products. You can overcome the doubt by checking specific parameters. 

The most attractive aspect of the Jade Harmony Yoga mat is the size. With the dimensions of 24 inches by 74 inches, it will accommodate tall-sized bodies. One will use it effectively without the fear of getting out of the mat.

For those who like traveling, you can consider this mat for multiple reasons. It has a lightweight design, featuring only 4 pounds. Undoubtedly, it is highly portable without inconveniencing the carrier. 

Plus, the mat has a closed-cell surface that will not allow sweat to reach the mat cushion. For those who have the habit of sweating, this mat can serve as an option.

The texture of this yoga mat provides a commendable service. The user will encounter a good grip, which prevents accidental falls. As you practice, one will be sure of stability while making movements. 

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga mat comes in standard thickness with a high level of craftsmanship. It has a high-density design, which is useful in enhancing comfort. 

If you have sensitive knees, you will enjoy using this mat since it has a reasonable thickness. Also, the same depth will offer excellent support regardless of the yoga routine. 

The large size is dependable, especially if your movements involve rolling. The entire crafting material is primarily rubber. The content is eco-friendly and long-lasting. 

The user can roll fold. It is a compact size and store it in a suitcase or travel bag. 


  • It has ideal density and thickness which doesn’t sink and compromise balance
  • The textured surface promotes exceptional grip to hold you firmly in all poses
  • The closed-cell surface does not harbor bacteria and is easy to clean
  • The mat is 100% latex-free and will not emit toxic chemicals
  • The mat is safe for use if for those individuals with skin sensitivities


  • The mat will produce a rubbery smell when you purchase it from the shop
  • Allergic people will find it challenging to tolerate a rubbery odor
  • The mat will easily accumulate dirt if you choose bright colors.

Jade Harmony features and Benefits

1. Materials

jade yoga mat

Jade Harmony comes from natural rubber, harvested according to proper regulations. The mat is free from some foaming agents. Still, it does not use plasticizers or toxic materials. You will be sure that the materials lack oil-based products or PVC. 

The good news is that the rubber material is eco-friendly. Moreover, it is durable hence a reliable product for longevity. The sustainable material is body-friendly since it will not irritate your skin. 

2. Durability

It can be a great asset if you buy a durable mat. The design will help you to appreciate the value of your money. Some yoga mats made from PVC materials tend to last less. The situation is quite different from the rubber-made mats.

Jade harmony happens to come from pure rubber materials. The materials are sustainable as it will resist any tear and wear. Of course, you must take care of it well if you want a long-term use. 

You can avoid exposing your mat in direct sunlight. Do you know that prolonged exposure will comprise the quality of the rubber? The heat from the sun rays will automatically degrade your yoga mat.

In the other scenario, extreme cold does harm the rubber. If you continually subject it to freezing conditions, you risk breaking it. 

3. Traction

The most frustrating aspect of the yoga mat is slipping. The mat should not slip to allow one to move comfortably without the fear of falling. It is a strategic way of minimizing injuries as you make yoga poses.

Both wet and dry traction is essential in your yoga training. Whether you sweat or not, you must use a mat that will offer you the correct traction.

Jade harmony is a good mat that is excellent at providing dry traction. The mat has a light-ridged surface on both sides. The minor ridges will make the mat to feel sticky hence excellent traction. 

If you perform a hot yoga, you may have sweaty palms and feet. The open-cell technology will automatically absorb the sweat. You need to have a regular cleaning habit of avoiding any sweat scent on the mat.

4. Thickness

The size of the thickness will determine the type of comfort that one will encounter. Jade harmony features a minimum thickness of 4.72 mm. Such a depth is reliable in providing balance as you make your yoga poses.

The mat will cushion your knees and other parts to prevent injuries. The cool thing is that natural rubber offers proper cushioning. 

Jade Harmony mat offers a nice balance between thinness and cushion. It will restore comfort and make your training more enjoyable.

5. Style/Colors

Jade harmony comes in a variety of colors. Some of the notable ones are purple, Tibetan orange, Teal and Raspberry. You must select the mat that has your favorite color.

Jade harmony mat also has two-toned mats. They come in the following form:

  • Midnight blue/ Slate blue 
  • Purple/ Lavender
  • Sedona red/ Chili pepper red

The associated colors are bright and will not fade easily. Interestingly, the mat lacks any designs or color patterns.

6. Size

Size plays a critical role in determining the type of yoga movements that one makes. For instance, if the size is large enough, one can easily roll on it.

Jade harmony mat has proper and reliable dimensions. Precisely, the mat has a width of 24 inches while a length of 74 inches.

One can easily roll on it without any risk of coming out. Moreover, you can still perform more poses while remaining within the dimensions.

7. Easy to clean and Care

Since the mat has an open-cell technology, its cleaning approach must be unique. You can use clean water and a sponge to clean it. 

One can also perform a deep cleaning by soaking it in the bathtub. Furthermore, you can supplement the cleaning by using a mild soap. 

The only downside is that it takes some days to dry. As a precaution, you should not put the mat in direct sunlight.

And another thing, use proper cleaning agents. For instance, avoid using alcohol or oil-based cleaners. They can prematurely make the rubber to wear out. Also, these chemicals will automatically break the rubber. 

Alternatives that one may consider?

I would highly recommend the following mats should you fail to get the right one. They are:

The Lululemon Mat

You can use this mat effectively when performing hot yoga. It will prevent any skating rink-effect as it wicks away any sweat. 

Also, the mat features double layers. The base layer is thicker to cushion your knees, wrists, and elbows. The polyurethane-made top layer wicks moisture away. 

The Lululemon mat comes from durable rubber materials. It will produce a rubbery scent when new. 

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Mandukate pro yoga mat offers correct cushioning. As a result, you will experience proper stability as you perform yoga poses. 

It noteworthy that the mat is extremely heavy. It weighs around 7 pounds hence not fit for travel. The texture-design will enhance the grip to prevent falls and injuries.

They use natural rubber as part of the construction materials. The rubber is durable; hence it will resist any tear or wear. 

Eco yoga Jute Mat

It is a popular mat whose underside is pure rubber. The top is typically a rubber and fabric mix. The fabric will have a reliable grip.

One can easily clean this mat using water and vinegar. The good news is, the mat has two thickness options. They are 2mm and 4mm, respectively.

It has ethical dimensions for one to use it effectively. In other words, it accommodates all sizes of people. 

In Conclusion

Yoga practice comes with many challenges. Firstly, one is likely to encounter injuries and skin sensitivities. 

In line with such difficulties, one needs a correct yoga mat. It should have proper cushioning to overcome sensitivities and discomfort. 

Besides, the mat should come in the correct dimensions. The right size will tolerate your poses and movements comfortably. You should acquire one with favorable colors.

Overall, I recommend Jade Harmony Yoga Mat.

The mat has a textured-design that will promote a good grip. The user can comfortably perform hot yoga as it absorbs sweaty. The mat is durable hence worth your cent. 

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