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Over the years, there has only been an increase in the number of people that are incorporating yoga into their everyday routine. This remarkable form of exercise focuses on both physical and mental fitness. This automatically leads to a surge in the requirement for appropriate yoga equipment, such as yoga mats. 

Yoga mats are purchased by practitioners to make a lot of the poses more comfortable to perform. However, while buying one for yourself, there are various factors you need to consider that include thickness, appearance, and sustainability. 

The Jade Yoga Mat has rapidly gained popularity not only because of its high quality, but because these mats are made of natural rubber that is non-toxic as well as eco-friendly.

As much as it’s essential to concentrate on cleaning your yoga mat, it is more important to learn how to do it in the right way to increase its life and productivity. 

We have discussed why it’s essential to regularly maintain your yoga mat and have also shared methods to do so, to make your yoga sessions healthier and happier! 

Why Should You Maintain Your Jade Yoga Mat?

So first off, it is essential to know your jade yoga mat. They are all open-celled. This means it is made of sponge-like materials that are porous and absorb water. 

The benefits of this material are that it’s significantly stickier. This helps you have more stability and grip while you perform yoga as the moisture will not accumulate superficially on the surface. 

But there could be one disadvantage; the open-celled structure could form a potential ground where bacteria can breed and grow. This leads to a collection of odorous moisture. But this can be avoided if you maintain it regularly by wiping the surface down with the recommended yoga mat cleaners or even just warm water mixed with the appropriate amount of soap. 

It is essential to keep yoga mats clean as they are a crucial tool for those who regularly practice. All the sweat that is produced during the yoga session is transferred to the mat due to the user’s direct physical contact with it. This creates a high possibility for bacteria, germs, and pungent odor to build up, which can cause a considerable amount of discomfort to the practitioner. But this can be easily avoided if you make it a point to clean your mat on a regular basis.

Yoga mats are an essential factor in determining your yoga experience as a whole. So, if you want to exploit all the benefits during your yoga sessions. 

It also a great way to save money because maintaining your yoga mat extends its durability, which means you’ll have plenty of time before you decide to invest in a new one!

Methods to Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat

We’ve listed a few ways you can clean up your yoga mat so you can pick what’s most suitable for you and your mat.

After every use, you can choose to spray your mat with the cleaners that the company offers, or you can prepare your mix to use as a cleaner. 

Here are a few ideas to make homemade Jade yoga mat cleaners:

1. Water and Vinegar Solution  


Vinegar is known to be a cheaper alternative that can be safely used instead of other chemical cleaners. Vinegar is acetic acid, which helps to get rid of dirt and sweat stains that may have accumulated from your yoga practice.

Make a 3:1 solution of water and vinegar, respectively. Spray the mat with the solution thoroughly or use a washcloth to wipe it down. Use hot water if your yoga mat smells like vinegar after use. This can be done weekly.

2. Soap-Water Solution 


  • One of the most traditional ways to clean anything, soap, and water. It is the simplest way to clean up your yoga mat. All you need is a mild detergent or some dishwashing soap from the wide variety you can choose from, even around your house. Wash your jade yoga mat on both sides with your soap-water solution.
  • One of the most traditional ways to clean anything, soap, and water. It is the simplest way to clean up your yoga mat. All you need is a mild detergent or some dishwashing soap from the wide variety you can choose from, even around your house. Wash your jade yoga mat on both sides with the soap-water solution and finally rinse it off with some warm water.

3. Plant-based Mat Wash 

  • This is specially made for yoga mats that are made of natural rubber such as the jade yoga mats themselves. This solution consists of trisodium citrate, vegetable-based surfactant, and citrus oil-based emulsion mixed with water.

4. Bathtub  


  • Fill up the bathtub till a level the entire yoga mat could get immersed. You can also wash it in the shower if you think that’s more suitable for you. 
  • Add some detergent, dish soap, or a PH neutral soap and soak the mat in for 15-30 minutes.
  • Use a brush or a washcloth and gently scrub away all the dirt from the surface of the yoga mat. Avoid using stiff brushes that could cause damage to your mat. Remove the yoga mat from the bathtub before you drain it out. This will ensure your yoga mat doesn’t get contaminated by all the washed off dirt again.
  • Rinse it to get a residue-free jade yoga mat!

5. Washing Machine  


  • Use a front load washing machine to wash off all the sweat and dirt that has been built up in your mat. This type of deep cleansing is periodically required for your yoga mat, especially if you do high-intensity yoga routines.
  • Avoid drying your yoga mat under direct sunlight as the UV rays could cause damage to the natural rubber.


The type of yoga mat you use and its condition contributes to your overall experience during your yoga practice. 

The Jade Yoga Mat is an excellent option for those of you who are looking to purchase a good yoga mat for your use. But remember to clean it regularly so that you can utilize all of its features and make full use of the money you have invested! 

Follow the methods we have discussed above to ensure your mat is safe and hygienic to use. 

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