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About Dice

Meet Dice Iida-Klein

I love yoga, and I love yoga-ing. One of my favorite teachers said it best, “Yoga can be a noun, and it can also be a verb.” My journey courses with inspiring ups and transforming downs. There are so many paths, and I know my path is only one of many, full of ideals and practices inspired by others. We live a life capable of being inspired, passionate, let down, spiteful, angry, sad, and best of all…happy. You get the idea. We live in dualities and variations of polarities. We aim for balance, for our neutral, aware that there are many different truths to finding neutral. There are many truths, period.

I was fortunate enough to become a student of yoga in 2007. To be able to share my passion for yoga through teaching has been one of my life’s greatest gifts. It inspires change and growth in my life daily. Yoga allows me to meet a vast and diverse group of people all connected by one great love for yoga & movement. It seems to me that however you get in the door…meditation, Pranayama, Ashtanga, Iyengar, arm balances and inversions, backbends, hip openings, rehabilitation, anatomy, philosophy, subtle body, meridians, chakras, feeling healthy, looking good, vinyasa flow, hot yoga – the list goes on and on – all are a great start to examining your life from a different perspective. Yoga asks us to look into the darker corners of our mind, and it helps us to see the light as well. I am on a constant search to learn more from others so that I may learn more about myself. I can only hope to inspire others like my family, friends and teachers continue to inspire me.

Dice Iida-Klein
Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein and family

This is my family. These are the people who inspire me on a daily basis…

My wife, Briohny, my kids Taylor and Syd, Mom and Dad (biological and in-law), my grandparents, my brothers Matt and Damian.

Brock Cahill, Chris Chavez, Krista Cahill, Raghunath Cappo, Phillip Askew, Noah Maze, Kathryn Budig, Anthony Benenati, Vinnie Marino, Jerome Mercier, Annie Carpenter, Peter Barnett, Peter Kaufman, David Regelin, Simon Park, Gary and Melissa Margolin, Duncan Wong, Ido Portal, Chad Hamrin, Dr.Luke, Sean Phelps, Ryan Perna, Jon Pears, Vytas Baskauskas, Ernie Thrash, Lamonte “Tales” Goode, Dylan Werner, Bruce Chung, Carson Clay Calhoun, Daniel Scott and many more to come in the future, I’m sure of it. If you’re ever in the LA area, be sure to visit these amazing places for yoga and movement! The Santa Monica Acro Green, YogaGlo, Blackdog Yoga, Yogis Anonymous and Power Yoga.


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