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About Briohny

Meet Briohny Smyth

An artist, a jetsetter, a teacher, a healer, a mother, and a student at heart, my life is a testament to the fact that life truly is a beautiful adventure. Everywhere I’ve been has led me to exactly where I am today, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a child pop star in Asia with a platinum album by the age of 13, an enormous amount of pressure bore down on me at a young age. I developed a severe battle with anorexia and bulimia as a result. After years of suffering, I found yoga in Thailand in 1999, and it launched me on a path toward healing, health, and purpose. After the birth of my daughter in 2004, I decided to share my passion for yoga with others and set foot on a life long journey of teaching. Mentored by Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford at YogaWorks, I became a certified 500 E-RYT and after almost a decade of teaching experience, decided to expand my passion for sharing yoga into teacher trainings through my FitFlowFly Yoga School. I have continued to share my story as a contributing writer for MindBodyGreen, ElephantJournal, The Huffington Post, and QBlog. I have also graced the cover of Women’s Health Thailand, Yoga Journal Thailand, and LA Yoga.

My flow classes & workshops demonstrate my zeal for the practice. A blend of fun, invigorating flow and insightful instruction, I travel around the globe sharing my practice and teachings with the world. I particularly love inversions and arm balances. You can see my passion in action in the Equinox videos I filmed with my Dice Iida-Klein, “The Contortionist” and “The Balancing Act“. With 10 million+ viewers, these videos sparked significant conversation in and around the yoga community.

I currently live out of my suitcase, traveling around the world with my family offering teacher trainings, and workshops. Check out if I’ll be in your neighborhood next – Teaching Schedule. I’d also love for you to practice with me online at OneoEight TV & CodyApp .

Email me at Bri@BryceYoga

Briohny Smyth

The Contortionist

The Balancing Act


Briohny - Alo Moves

Briohny’s Music

Before becoming a Yoga teacher and YouTube sensation, Briohny was a “a child pop star in Asia with a platinum album by the age of 13.

Here’s a write-up from 2003 found on

“…Briohny was born with a gift. Her ability in singing, Ballet, and Tap Jazz dancing, as well as her appearances in many commercial programs have stirred a record company’s interest, which finally opened a door to her musical career. Briohny had her first album, “Briohny”, ready in 1998. The songs in this album came in Modern Pop style with cheerful tones that reflected her real personality and made people recognized her as a bright shining little girl. However, one year later, Briohny came back with a grown-up look. Her second album, “Black Briohny”, was painted in a stronger tone with Pop Rock sound and more mature content..”