The Best Yoga Shorts in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Shorts in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Yoga shorts offer flexible comfort while on yoga activities. Furthermore, they make the user appear fashionable. What makes them accessible is that they have a non-see-through design.  

Moreover, the shorts will minimize moisture to handle your sweating body. Here, in this review, we will discuss 5 best yoga shorts.  

Best Yoga Shorts in 2020

  1. YOGA CROW Mens Swerve – Best in functionality  
  2. 90 Degree by Reflex Soft and Comfy – Best is comfort 
  3. YogaAddict Men Yoga Shorts – Best in stretching design  
  4. ODODOS High Waist Yoga Shorts – Best in ergonomic design 
  5. Gerlobal Yoga Shorts – Best in value 

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Yoga Shorts 

Yoga shorts happen to be among the most flexible attires to use while training. Most manufacturers use the right materials to craft them. They also have a stylish design to make them fashionable.  

It is possible to find the right yoga shorts in the market. However, you need to acquire the correct information before selecting the best. That is what this review will try to address. In the meantime, let us look at some of the parameters to use.  

1. Fit 

Fit plays a critical role in restoring comfort while in the session. You should strive to get a perfect fit. The proper fit ensures that the short remains at the right place. It can be embarrassing if your cloth will fall and expose you while training. 

An excellent short with a perfect fit ensures that it does not slump. Furthermore, it should not fold. The cloth should stay in one play regardless of the poses you are making. The size of the short should agree on the measurement of your body.  

It will be reasonable to fit your yoga shorts before purchasing. As you do so, you will not have to return it to the seller.  

2. Durability 

Buying a fitting and durable yoga short sound easy. Unfortunately, some people still experience challenges in finding durable yoga shorts. It can also be annoying if your attire will break and tear while in the training session.  

You must check the materials that the manufacturer used. A blend of polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex are the most common materials. One can still stretch it to determine if the stitching is okay. 

Besides, one can also do the same stretch test to gauge if the clothing is see-through. The user should buy a durable yoga short that is sustainable.  

3. Aesthetics

Several manufacturers are producing various brands of yoga shorts. They want to make the yoga industry to appear fashionable. Multiple yoga shorts come in numerous designs for your selection. 

Some come with a thick waistband. Also, others will use a thin high-waist design. As if that is not over, some yoga shorts will take a bikini design. Before choosing the right yoga short, consider the design of the yoga.  

A proper waistband short will firmly hold your body in place. The design should also agree with your body size. 

4. Form and Functionality 

Yoga shorts can serve the user on several occasions apart from exercise. They have become fashionable to replace some other attires like jeans. You can also use them while training, running, and swimming.  

Some ladies wear yoga shorts under skirts. Also, some of these yoga shorts have small pockets to store some items. The sweat-resistant shorts will eliminate moisture and make the user comfortable. 

Typically, you will find those shorts that are breathable. In line with that, your skin will remain dry after an intense exercise. Lastly, other designs feature excellent compression. Consequently, they will firmly hold your muscles.  

5. Budget-friendly 

You should select those yoga shorts that will not break your bank. It other words, it should be affordable without compromising on quality. You can consider those with fair pricing with a high-end quality design. 

Unfortunately, there are those yoga shorts that come in low quality. It will be reasonable to avoid poor quality that can tear easily.  

You must do extensive research to get a quality product that features fair pricing. It will help if you read the customer feedback from the reviews.  


Should one wear loose or tight yoga pants? 

It should be a personal choice. Some individuals prefer loose attires and vice versa. Depending on your decision, you must treasure comfort. One advantage of tight shorts is that one can use them at home.  

What is the role of yoga short? 

You wear short yoga while in your yoga routine. These yoga shorts have a stretching property. Furthermore, they are also lightweight with a durable design.  

They will enhance comfort and support your movements. You should choose the best design that meets your needs.  

Which materials are best for yoga shorts?  

A suitable material for crafting a yoga short should be breathable. Remember, you will be sweating in the process. Examples of these materials are cotton, spandex, polyester, and Lycra. Also, a good material should be soft to offer comfort while wearing.  

What should one wear in a yoga class? 

Indeed you should put a yoga short on the list. For colder weather, you can consider wearing yoga pants. Also, one should wear a quality t-shirt. As a result, one should ensure that these clothes come from breathable materials.  

Product Reviews

1. YOGA CROW Mens Swerve – Best in functionality  

If you are a yoga lover, comfort is an aspect that you can never overlook. You can still find the same in Yoga Crow Mens Swerve. The manufacturer used the finest and soft fabric to craft this yoga short. The material is also flexible since it moves with your body.  

The yoga short has a sturdy construction that will automatically last for long. As you walk, the short retains an appropriate structure. Consequently, it avoids bunching around the thighs. The yoga short has a lining of a tight boxer, which is odorless and non-abrasive.  

Besides, this product is suitable for male-only. You can use it on various occasions, such as athletics and yoga training. Its beautiful design makes you focus on your practice rather than distractions.  

Another feature is the high-quality materials used to craft this short. The fabric is a blend of polyester and nylon materials. You will not worry about sweating since the fabric uses moisture-wicking technology. The liner passed all the laboratory tests to prove its worth. 

The product does not discriminate about sizes. You will correctly get a suitable size to match your needs. For instance, one will find all sizes for selection. They range in extra-large sizes, medium, small, among others. 

The elastic waist makes it secure your body. The cool aspect is that the short yoga comes with reasonable market prices.  


  • The yoga short comes from high-quality, durable materials
  • The short has the moisture-wicking property to eliminate sweat
  • The product comes in various sizes for all body types
  • It is a versatile product that will tolerate any usage on multiple occasions
  • The soft fabric used to craft the yoga short has unmatched comfort 


  • Prices are slightly higher when compared to other products 

2. 90 Degree by Reflex Soft and Comfy – Best is comfort 

As a yoga woman who wants to improve on the yoga routine, choose the right attire. Indeed, you can find fulfillment in 90 Degree by Reflex Soft. The yoga short uses a fabric with a perfect blend of 4% Spandex and 96% polyester.  

On the face of it, the fabric is breathable. One will always remain dry since it uses moisture-wicking technology. It will comfortably allow you to go for a vigorous exercise without worrying about sweat.  

Another exciting feature about this yoga short is a four-way stretch. The short is suitable for elasticity and free movements. Furthermore, yoga shorts happen to have interlocking seams, which minimizes rubbing. 

The yoga short has a drawstring that is useful in adjusting to the body. You can use this short in various places, such as a gym. That is not enough. The users can still use it while taking errands on the streets or the beach.  

You can get these shorts in numerous colors and designs to suit your preference. Still, the yoga shorts will come in multiple sizes to match your needs. Some may be small, extra small, extra-large, medium, and large. 

The catch is that the product is compatible with a machine wash. You only have to cool wash and lay it flat to dry. The yoga short also has a side pocket where you can place your small items like phones.  


  • The product features soft and durable fabric which is a blend of spandex and polyester
  • The short has an elastic waistband, which is stretchable. It will accommodate your body size
  • It has side pockets for carrying convenience
  • The versatility of the product opens it up to various function like gym and camping
  • The product is highly affordable
  • The buyer will enjoy a 30-day money-back 


  • There were complaints of poor seaming 

3. YogaAddict Men Yoga Shorts – Best in stretching design  

YogaAddict is a stylish yoga short that will offer you superior comfort. The short will be stretching as you move elegantly. Moreover, the short features two outer pockets for storing smaller items like phones.  

Also, the short has an elastic waist and a drawstring to hold you comfortably. You can also use this short for travel, yoga activities, gym, and any outdoor activity.  


Many people treasure buying yoga shorts that are not revealing. You can seek refuge in YogaAddict shorts, whereby they will not expose you obscenely. Any move will not disclose your private parts. 

The product used high-quality fabric for its crafting. It is typically a blend of 4% Spandex and 84% cotton. These materials are long-lasting and extremely comfortable. Furthermore, they are soft and smooth hence skin-friendly. 

Sweat is always an embarrassing obstruction while practicing yoga. Well, this yoga short has your interests at heart. It uses moisture-wicking technology to get rid of sweat so that you remain fresh. Also, the used material is breathable.  

You will not worry about your body size as you purchase this product. The manufacturer made sure that all formats are available to suit multiple customers. You can choose from large, medium, or small among various specifications.  


  • The yoga short uses both drawstring and the elastic waist to secure your body
  • The product uses a durable blend of spandex and polyester
  • The fabric used wicks away moisture to handle any sweat that you encounter
  • The yoga short uses outside pockets to carry small items like phones
  • The attire comes in multiple colors and sizes to suit your taste 


  • There were complaints about a weak seam 

4. ODODOS High Waist Yoga Shorts – Best in ergonomic design 

Ododos is a product for women who like to improve wellness through yoga. The unique aspect of this short is that it is non-see through one. Such a design will make you focus on your exercise with contentment. 

The manufacturer crafted this yoga short with an excellent blend. It precisely consists of 14% spandex and 86% nylon. Another model under the same brand features 14% spandex and 86% polyester. 

The yoga short has an elastic closure to keep it secure over your body. It also uses a four-way stretch to accommodate different body sizes. One can use this short for various purposes like fitness, fashion, and yoga. 

The construction materials used are of the highest quality. The user will still enjoy comfort while practicing as the fabric takes care of sweat. It uses moisture-wicking technology to get rid of sweat and keep your skin dry. 

Also, the short features an ergonomic design. In other definitions, it will perfectly contour to the shape of your body. As a result, you will have a streamlined look. The inclusion of side pockets is convenient for carrying purposes.  

The good news is that the short is affordable. Furthermore, the manufacturer will offer you a 30 money-back guarantee. In case you find it unworthy after purchasing, you can return for a possible refund.  


  • The elastic closure will conveniently secure the yoga short on your body
  • The product uses a high-quality blend that is long-lasting
  • The used fabric will eliminate sweat since it uses moisture-wicking technology
  • It has an ergonomic design hence it will perfectly contour to your body shape 
  • It is a versatile product whereby one can use it for various purposes
  • The product is affordable with a money-back guarantee 


  • It is not a perfect fit for individuals with larger bodies 

5. Gerlobal Yoga Shorts – Best in value 

Are you a male looking for the right yoga shorts? Undoubtedly, this Gerlobal will give you a reliable service. The short comes from 100% polyester, which is of high-end quality. Furthermore, the material is ultra-lightweight.  

Uniquely, the product has two zippered pockets on each side and the back. One can put valuables in these pockets to prevent them from falling. Most of those items should be small in sizes like cell phones and chains. 

The yoga short uses an elastic waistband and the drawstring. The adjustable drawstrings will secure the attire on your body.  

You can loosen or tighten in accordance to your needs. It will improve comfort and prevent it from falling. 

The polyester material used is breathable. The material will control the sweat by wicking away the moisture. As a result, your skin will remain dry and cool. Also, the material is soft hence will not irritate your skin as you wear. 

Also, the short has excellent seam construction. Consequently, it will enable a full range motion without posing a threat of chaffing. Apart from yoga, you can use this short for various functions. It may be biking, running, basketball, and workouts.  

The exciting part about this product is fair pricing. Also, the short yoga manifests in various sizes to suit the multiple needs of the users. The elastic enclosure will keep it tightly on your body.  


  • The product comes from pure polyester material which is highly durable
  • The short has various pockets to improve the storage aspect and portability
  • It is a versatile product that one can use to achieve multiple functions
  • The used fabric will control sweat since it is breathable
  • The drawstring and the elastic waist are crucial to securing the short on your body 


  • The yoga short comes in limited color designs 

In Conclusion 

Before going to a yoga session, consider having the right attire. In our case, you should have the right yoga shorts. A good short should enable you to perform poses by giving you comfort. It will also make your training enjoyable.  

This review has a list of 5 best yoga shorts. Our best choice is YOGA CROW Mens Swerve. The short comes from high-quality material that is are durable. Also, the used material is breathable.  

The short uses moisture-wicking technology to eliminate moisture. As a result, it keeps your skin dry. The elastic waistband will securely hold your short within your body. Furthermore, the used material is soft with unmatched comfort.  

You can make the product as your right pick since it is durable. Moreover, the yoga short has a thin lining boxer that is non-abrasive.

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