The Best Yoga Shoes in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Shoes in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

You may never fully enjoy yoga training if you do not wear the right yoga shoes. Having the best yoga shoes is crucial in improving yoga training. They help much to protect your feet from sharp objects. 

The market is awash with varieties of yoga shoes. The merchants will always try to entice you to buy from them. The main task, however, is choosing the ones that are suitable for you.

The purpose of this review is to shed more light on the best yoga shoes. As you read through, it will be easy to make your decision.

5 Best Yoga Shoes in 2020 – Reviews

  1. FitKicks Yoga Sport Shoes – Best in Design 
  2. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes – Best in Value 
  3. Barerun Barefoot Sports Yoga – Best in Durability 
  4. L-RUN Unisex Water Yoga Shoes – Best for Efficiency
  5. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes – Best in Safety and Feet Protection  

Buying guide for The Best Yoga Shoes

For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to wear shoes or socks when doing yoga. The shoes will protect your feet as it mimics your movements. The best yoga shoe has to be lightweight and breathable.

You may have to stop doing your yoga practices if your feet get infected. One can use the shoes to overcome infections. Before you decide on which shoe is ideal for you, pay attention to the following factors. 

1. Comfort

You should treasure comfort as you buy your yoga shoes. The purchase will become valuable if you locate comfortable footwear. As a rule of thumb, the more comfort, the more you wear your shoes.

Some footwear has padding and light cushioning on the footbed. It will align with the ergonomic shape of your foot for better usage. You should look for a good pair that increases comfort to your feet.

One aspect that dictates comfort is the nature of the material. Cotton material is usually durable and breathable. You can also consider buying those from mixed blends with a breathable design. 

2. Flexibility

If you want to enjoy the yoga workout, you need to perform flexible movements. Good yoga shoes should provide such requirements. Precisely, the shoe should fold, bend, and move freely. The shoe should also offer protection as they mimic the movements.

Material is the number one aspect of determining the flexibility level. Elastic and lightweight materials can easily fit into this category. It is better to be on the lookout to avoid disappointments. 

3. Lightweight

The lightweight design makes the shoes to replicate the barefoot. You can determine this factor easily, whether physically or in online shops. Some of our shoes in this write up are thin and lightweight. Examples of lightweight materials are cotton, mesh, and other fabrics. 

4. Support and Balance

As you wear your shoe, you should feel the grip and balance. The rubber soles should have proper treading that will enhance grip and support the user. Also, the sole should be sturdy enough to resist any breakables from robust objects.


Why should one wear yoga shoes?

Yoga practices involved performing barefoot. Luckily, the hygiene factor made yoga lovers start wearing shoes. No one wants to acquire harmful germs and bacteria, and he/she practices on barefoot. Lastly, they should offer a minimum grip to sustain your movements.

Can you use yoga shoes for yoga-related activities only?

Not at all. It is a fact that you can decide to use the shoe for yoga only. Surprisingly, that is not the end. The reviewed product has a versatile design. If you want to avoid feet damage, always wear yoga shoes in all your activities. They support your natural movements. 

How do you take care of yoga shoes?

It would be best if you washed them regularly. By maintaining general cleanliness, you will be putting it into a wearable condition. You should also wash frequently to prevent bad smells. One can use detergents to clean them with a washing machine. You can use your sink to hand wash them. 

What type of shoe should one wear during a yoga exercise? 

The shoe should be flexible and light. The footwear should offer protection to keep your feet stable and dry. Furthermore, they should have a good sole that provides a considerable amount of traction. As a result, the user can take complicated poses without danger of slipping. Also, it should be durable. 

Product Reviews

1. FitKicks Yoga Sport Shoes – Best in Design 

The shoe has an inner cushion to enhance comfort.

If you are looking for ergonomic footwear with a perfect look, then here is the answer. Fitkicks Yoga shoes are a suitable shoe that conforms to your foot. It offers a better toe comfort as you use it for a yoga training. 

The footwear has a stylish design featuring a minimalist look. Throughout your mobility, you will experience a dependable comfort. Still, the shoe has an inner cushion that is glue-free. It will enhance the user’s experience.

The manufacturer of this shoe puts your safety in mind. The shoe has a protective toe guard that will secure you from any harm. Moreover, there are convenient pull tabs and signature grip straps.

The shoe uses flex forms of sole technology. Once you acquire it, you only need to fold it and proceed to your gym or any destination. The shoe is suitable for active lifestyles—for instance, jogging, walking, dancing, and training.

The shoe comes from spandex blend materials. As a result, it has an interwoven durable material. The sole makes use of the peg matrix system. The cushioned innersole will enhance comfort. Overall, you will have a better experience while using this footwear.

The materials used are breathable; hence they will absorb any sweat from your feet. Also, the rubber sole is thin and lightweight. The product comes in multiple colors for the user to select the favorable one.


  • The ergonomic design of the shoe will adjust to accommodate the users’ feet
  • The protective toe guard will enhance the safety of the user 
  • The shoe has an inner cushion to provide adequate comfort to the user’s foot
  • The product comes with a fair price tag 
  • The footwear exists in many designs and colors for selection 
  • The product has a versatile design 


  • The sole is thin enough to resist any shock impacts on the feet

The interwoven durable materials from the spandex blend are breathable. They will eliminate any sweat as you use them. 

2. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes – Best in Value 

You will experience an essential grip from the rubber sole.

You can protect your feet by using Vibram yoga shoes. They will offer you the freedom to operate barefoot. The entire construction features durable textile materials. As you perform the yoga exercise, they will resist any tear and wear. 

Uniquely, the footwear has separate toes. As you put them into operation, you feel balanced on the yoga mat. Besides that, the shoe features a rubber sole, which is useful in providing the necessary grip.

This kind of footwear is suitable for women yoga lovers. The user will enjoy their lightweight design. Furthermore, you may not have to worry about sweating. The breathable design of this footwear will eliminate any accumulated moisture.

The open design of this footwear makes it user-friendly. The yoga practitioner will have little time to put on as she goes to the gym. Also, their design will allow your feet to feel the environment as a good health practice.

The shoe has a point of attraction to potential buyers. It has a ballet-inspired minimalist design for women. Moreover, the synthetic and mesh materials allow air circulation. The design will prevent any bad odor from occurring.

The shoe has simple cleaning options. You can machine wash them in cold water. As a result, you can air dry them for a while. 


  • The shoe comes from durable textile materials that offer resistance to tear and wear 
  • The footwear has a breathable design that makes it expel any moisture. 
  • The user will enjoy a good grip that will enable her to balance correctly on the yoga mat 
  • The shoe comes with relatively affordable market prices
  • The lightweight design does not place extra load on the user’s feet to enhance comfort 


  • It is a product for women only
  • Some clients complained of the shoe falling off the feet after a while

The design of this footwear replicates foot movements to increase comfort. You can use it for a long duration without getting tired. 

3. Barerun Barefoot Sports Yoga – Best in Durability 

 The rubber sole is thick to prevent any accidents that occur from sharp objects.

Barerun Sports yoga shoes happen to be comfortable with a user-friendly design. They have a polyester construction to make them a better choice for you. Their design makes them provide a comfortable fit for the user.

The upper part has a superfine and breathable fabric. Furthermore, the fabric is stretchable with a smooth feeling on the feet. Similarly, the bottom uses a thick rubber sole. The thick sole protects your feet from sharp objects.

The shoe is more convenient to use. What does that imply? You can put it on and off without any struggle. After completing your training mission, you can just fold it up and move on to the next assignment. 

The shoe is suitable for both genders. There exist various sizes to accommodate the needs of each client. The manufacturer designed a variety of versions to suit every category of people. Pick your best from the available options.

The manufacturer used high-quality, long-lasting materials. For instance, the rubber sole is thick and hard enough to tolerate any rough handling. The stretchable upper will resist any tear and wear. Typically, the footwear will serve you for a long duration.

You can apply this product to various uses. Some may prefer to use it for yoga training and other activities. As if that is not enough, you can apply these shoes for walking, jogging, or driving. Consider it as a surprise gift to your family.  


  • The product has thick soles that will prevent the user from acquiring injuries
  • The breathable upper is also stretchable to accommodate the user’s feet
  • The foldable design makes them convenient for carrying and storage
  • There is a smooth lining on the neck to enhance comfort
  • The product comes in various sizes 
  • The footwear is highly affordable 
  • It is versatile 


  • The shoe does not have a cushioning effect

The user will enjoy a hassle-free wearing comfort. The lightweight design will make you enjoy the wear throughout the training. 

4. L-RUN Unisex Water Yoga Shoes – Best for Efficiency

The stretchable upper will expand to accommodate your feet. 

L-run is a unique yoga shoe that will come to uplift your training standards. The upper material is stretchy to accommodate the size of your feet. You can easily machine wash it as you perform a quick dry. 

The entire material is smooth to provide comfort to the user. Moreover, the used stuff is breathable to eliminate any sweat moisture. You have a guarantee that your footwear will not produce any bad smell.

There is a pull tap designed at the heel for easy entry. In other words, it is strategically placed for easy on and off. Furthermore, the design will offer protection to your feet. As a result, it will prevent it from dripping off.

Another feature is the breathable upper that allows cross-ventilation. Also, the ultra-light fabric is excellent and useful for prolonged training. The stretchable upper is flexible to increase comfort to your feet. It is useful when you perform yoga training.

The attached rubber sole will offer non-slip resistance. Still, the rubber features good air permeability. The rubber will provide protection to your feet against any hard objects. The shoe has a better safety design.

The shoe features a versatile design that makes it useful for various roles. You can use it for any yoga training. Alternatively, you can use the shoe for dancing and driving. For those who love beaches, you can comfortably walk through the sand. 


  • The breathable upper material will allow air circulation to eliminate lousy odor 
  • The rubber sole is non-slip to enhance safety
  • The shoe offers a versatile design to tolerate multiple uses. For example, walking and jogging
  • The stretchable upper will accommodate any foot size 
  • The shoe is lightweight with reasonable market prices 


  • The rubber sole is not thick hence not suitable for feet protection against stones

The breathable material allows cross-ventilation to eliminate any sweat and bad smell. 

5. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes – Best in Safety and Feet Protection  

The fabric and mesh cloth used is easy to wash and quick dry.

If you are looking for fashionable footwear, then look no further than Vifuur yoga shoes. The product is perfect for your yoga activities as you enjoy unmatched comfort. Moreover, it will fit you without any distortion. 

Whenever you apply these shoes in your training, it keeps your feet’s shape intact. One distinctive feature about then is that they have a rubber sole. Its flexible design will cushion the user from shock impacts as one runs or jogs.

The entire materials feature mesh clothe pieces of stuff and lycra-elastic fiber. The materials are smooth and soft to enhance comfort to your feet. The breathable material is essential in eliminating any sweat from your feet.

The manufacturer developed this footwear with a safety requirement in mind. The design of the rubber outsole will make the shoe to be non-slip. The soft inner design is suitable to protect your feet as you step on hard objects.

The shoe offers a super lightweight design. Precisely, it is 0.6 pounds, which is light enough to improve your walking. The user can operate for a long duration without sensing any remarkable load on the feet. 

The shoe is suitable for any yoga exercise. Plus, this footwear is both for men and women. Alternatively, you can use them for other activities such as sailing and walking. Also, the shoe is perfect for the beach errand. 


  • The shoes feature durable material crafting that will resists tear and wear
  • The soft inner will increase the user’s comfort 
  • The outsole of the shoe has a non-slip design to enhance safety 
  • The shoe is versatile and perfect for both genders
  • The lightweight design will increase your walking and running freedom 
  • The elegant design of this shoe enhances the aesthetic aspect 


  • There are concerns about the size running awry after some time.

The versatility of the shoe gives more options for the end-users. One can use them for yoga activities as well as hiking or beaching.  


You can use yoga shoes to protect yourself in a gym. But that is not all. The best yoga shoes also offer protection to your feet when you move out for other functions. The ideal yoga footwear should be durable. 

Our best choice in this review is FitKicks Yoga Sport. The shoe has inner cushions and padding to enhance comfort. The upper part of the shoe is breathable. Such a design will enable air circulation, which will eliminate sweat.

The material used for construction is durable. The shoe is lightweight, making it suitable for walking and running. Moreover, there is a protective toe guard, which will enhance the comfort of the user. Furthermore, the product has fair market prices.

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