The Best Yoga Pillows Available in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Pillows Available in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

In the market, yoga pillows are available in different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. With the presence of very many options, finding the best yoga pillow is overwhelming. Now, that’s where we come in. In this article, we narrow down the many opportunities to just five best yoga pillows.

Five best yoga pillows in 2020

  1. Florensi Yoga Pillow – Best Durability
  2. Peace Yoga Crescent Bolster Pillow – Best Versatility
  3. FelizMax Yoga Pillow – Best Comfort
  4. Bean Products Yoga Pillows – Best Support
  5. YogaAccessories Yoga Pillow – Best Size

So, you want to get yourself a yoga pillow. Well, that’s great! Yoga bolsters or cushions are a worthwhile investment for fun yoga practice. They will help you support and deepen stretches in several positions.

Nevertheless, how do you choose what yoga pillow is ideal for you? With many yoga bolster options in the market, it’s not an easy task.

When looking for a yoga pillow, don’t forget the following features.

1. Filling Material and Weight

The filling material and weight are sorts of two distinct things. However, I’ll admit that they relate closely.

Certain fillings are much dense and more massive than others. Therefore, the fill material you select will impact the weight of your yoga pillow and its firmness to boot.

Common filings can either be cotton batting or high-density foam. When you compare the two, cotton batting is much more substantial. Foam as well can be pretty much firm and heavy if it’s of good quality and dense. But it could vary a lot.

Moreover, there are other materials for filling. Such materials include buckwheat hulls, synthetic fiberfill, recron, or kapok fiber.

Buckwheat hulls tend to be denser, and heavy, while synthetic fiberfill is less firm and lighter weight.

So, if you need a pillow you can effortlessly carry around, you should opt for something reasonably lightweight. 

On the other hand, if your yoga bolster is for use at home, try a more substantial version. Such bolsters tend to be more stable and supportive.

2. Shape and Size

Generally, there are four broad categories of yoga bolsters. That is standard, pranayama, round, and junior. Let’s look at them closely.

a. Standard

These yoga bolsters are the typical rectangular pillows. They are great for several different poses in restorative yoga. Standard cushions should be supportive and firm. Besides, they should easily mimic the shape of your body without losing their form.

b. Pranayama

Such yoga bolsters feature a specific design to support pranayama breathing exercises. You can use the bolsters by lying on them as they run the length of your spine. By this, they help open up your chest.

c. Round

Just like the name, these are cylindrical bolsters rather than rectangular ones. Although, they ought to be as stable as standard yoga bolsters. Their circular shape is pretty much personal preference. Most people that use them claim that round yoga pillows are more comfortable in specific postures.

d. Junior

There’s a slight difference between round yoga bolsters and junior yoga bolsters. The latter features a narrower diameter. Because of this reason, they are ideal for some specific postures.

3. Soft or firm

Well, this factor much relies on your personal preference. What exactly is the yoga pillow’s purpose? That’s the question to answer.

However, most yoga teachers would advise you to acquire a firm yoga pillow. The reason being, you need your bolster to be supportive and able to retain its shape. There’s no point in having a yoga pillow that compresses much after putting some weight on it. 

We see people writing in their reviews complaining that their bolster is too firm. In my opinion, they lack the experience to know what a perfect yoga pillow entails.

4. Price

When making any purchase, price should always be a consideration. In most cases, we humans try to determine the quality of a product by using the rate as a shortcut.

It’s high time we acknowledge that quality does not always associate with the price. We always look for the best balance of comfort, convenience, durability, price, etc.

Then we recommend the best product that delivers the best value for your money.

5. Ecology

Due to certain philosophical beliefs, most companies are now using renewable materials. For those who care sincerely about our planet, find a bolster that uses sustainable materials.

6. Color and Design

Most yoga pillows are plain without any design or color. Nonetheless, there are some with decorative patterns. At this point, the choice of bolster relies on your preference.

Even so, yoga pillows with attractive designs are highly versatile. You can use the cushions as part of your bed or couch décor to boot.

7. Other considerations

You can also consider features such as ease of cleaning or the presence of handles for convenient carrying.

Also, is it possible to open the pillow to add or remove the filling? Among other features.


What is the right-sized yoga pillow?

Other than being firm, most yoga pillows are enormous too. Ensure the length of the cushion is almost the same as that of your torso. Height and width can vary much. 

How should I clean a yoga pillow?

Cleaning your bolster depends on the outer material it features. Even so, if your yoga bolster’s cover is removable, things become more manageable. 

Most removable covers are machine washable. Just follow the cleaning instructions. After a cold, gentle wash, dry the cover and replace it.

Why a yoga bolster?

Just like how you use yoga blocks and wheels, you can use yoga bolsters in the same way. But yoga bolsters are perfect for longer holds, especially during restorative yoga practices. 

What is the best type of bolster to use for yoga?

In this case, does the pillow have cushioning? Is it comfortable to lean on the cushion? Is it firm? Does the bolster retain its shape after putting weight on it? If yes, it’s suitable for yoga.

Who can or should use a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters boast of high versatility. Almost everyone can benefit from using at least one of them. 

Product Reviews

1. Florensi Yoga Pillow – Best Durability

The Japanese Zen old-style designed yoga pillow.

Most people don’t want a yoga pillow that wears out quickly. Of course, everyone wants their yoga pillow to last long, and the Florensi yoga cushion offers just that.

This yoga pillow features pure buckwheat hulls filling. The cover, on the other hand, features a super-soft velvet fabric that is removable. 


With such quality materials, this yoga pillow lasts for a long time. Its buckwheat hulls are of the best quality to ensure the cushion doesn’t flatten quickly.

Remarkably, its design delivers optimal support making it ideal for yoga and meditation practices. However, this yoga pillow is also very versatile. The reason being, you can as well use it as a chair or a floor pillow around your house.

On top of that, call it a “zafu.” In other words, a round cushion. It has a sufficient height of 5 inches and a diameter of 16 inches. By this, it delivers the utmost luxury when sitting on it.

This pillow accommodates the curve of your spine. As delicate as your back is, the cushion allows it to fall in to place. Thus, it delivers a long-time comfortable sitting experience.

The Florensi yoga pillow resembles the old-style Japanese Zen meditation pillow. Besides, it draws inspiration from the mandala lotus flower. Noticeably, its appearance is very striking.

Cleaning is hassle-free. The pillow’s cover is effortless to remove for machine washing.

Lastly, this yoga pillow’s height is adjustable. Just add or remove buckwheat hulls from their pouch to personalize the height.


  • Its cover is machine washable
  • The pillow has a striking appearance
  • Its height is adjustable, and it offers utmost back support
  • This yoga pillow is very durable
  • The cushion uses top-notch materials


  • Huge people find it too small

2. Peace Yoga Crescent Bolster Pillow – Best Versatility

The full zippered yoga pillow.

If you are after a highly versatile yoga pillow, try the Peace Yoga Crescent Bolster Pillow.

It’s ideal for professional yoga practitioners and beginners alike. Even so, this pillow is not only suitable for yoga practice and meditation. It features a beautiful design that makes it perfect décor for your bed or couch. 

More importantly, it’s very stress-free to carry around to the yoga studio, gym, etc. The reason being, this pillow comes with a grab-and-go handle.

Apart from eliminating stress on joints, it also delivers optimal spine support during yoga poses. Even as you exercise or meditate, this yoga pillow lowers the risk of numb limbs. As a result, it offers optimal luxury for moderate to long periods. 

When posing and stretching, this yoga cushion doubles as a yoga block. Its crescent design reduces lower leg stress by allowing you to tuck your feet close to the body.

It also includes buckwheat hulls filling. This filling offers the correct balance of flexibility and firmness. 

At the same time, the buckwheat hulls provide adequate support without heat retention. Thus, you’ll enjoy quite a several yoga and meditation positions.

Since the pillow comes with zippers, you can effortlessly personalize your comfort level. 

It’s outer cover then features cotton material. Luckily enough, it’s easy to clean as it is machine washable. Nonetheless, use cold water to avoid shrinking. Alternatively, use a damp towel to wipe the pillow. 


  • It’s convenient to transport
  • The pillow delivers limb, spine and neck support
  • It’s flexible and firm at the same time
  • The bolster is easy to clean
  • This yoga pillow is lovely and versatile


  • Its zipper breaks easily

3. FelizMax Yoga Pillow – Best Comfort

The Crescent designed pillow.

It’s no secret that yoga practice can be so engaging. You are likely to spend much time in different postures and meditation sessions. Therefore, you need a yoga pillow like the FelizMax pillow to deliver the ideal comfort

Firstly, this yoga pillow features an ergonomic design. It has a buckwheat hull filling that helps balance between flexibility and firmness.

Also, it’s very effective in delivering optimal back support and spine alignment. The pillow’s crescent floor pouf relieves any stress on your joints. Besides, it also eliminates any numbness of your limbs for smooth practice.

Secondly, carrying this yoga handle is hassle-free. Each of the zafu cushions includes a sturdy carry handle to ease transport.

Thirdly, its buckwheat hulls filling is easy to add or remove. By this, you can adjust the pillow’s level that suits you best. With zippers, accessing the filling is effortless.

It’s organic cotton cover as well is machine washable. However, use cold water to lower the risk of fade or shrink.

Still, on the cover, the pillow’s canvas fabric is both durable and soft. Additionally, the material is fade resistant and shrink free. 

When making this yoga pillow goes through various processes. These include UV fumigation, high-temperature washing, and treatment of dehydration. For this reason, the buckwheat hulls are insect-proof, clean, and flour free and with low water content.

Finally, it’s 17 inches wide, 11 inches long, 5 inches tall, and is available in 6 colors.


  • It’s convenient to carry around
  • The pillow delivers optimal back support and spine alignment
  • It balances between flexibility and firmness
  • It features high-quality materials for the utmost comfort
  • This yoga pillow allows height adjustment


  • It’s not wide enough

4. Bean Products Yoga Pillows – Best Support

The custom-made yoga pillows.

These yoga pillows from Bean Products are quite outstanding. The reason being, Bean Products Inc. only focuses on using sustainable resources when making their products. So, by improving your health, you’ll also be improving that of the earth with these yoga bolsters.

These pillows feature top-notch removable fabrics. That is a cotton muslin inner case, tight cotton battling wrap, and a foam core. Therefore, unlike cheap yoga pillows, the Bean Products yoga pillows are highly supportive and durable.

Something else, these yoga pillows come in different styles. Each style of bolster depends on how you intend to use it.

First is the cylindrical pillow that you should place under your back. As a result, it encourages a deeper chest opening or a slight forward bend. You can also set the bolster below your knees to release your lower back during Shavasana.

The rectangular pillow offers a lift below your lower back and hips during Viparita Karani. Because of its large surface, it’s ideal for restorative and active poses.

One key feature is how Bean Products custom-makes these yoga pillows. Meaning, they make every item to your specifications. Just explain to them what you want in the yoga pillow, and they make it.

 Moreover, they feature a wide range of covers. Thus, you can find which suits you best.

It’s ideal for people engaging in both restorative and active yoga. 


  • These yoga pillows are custom-made
  • They feature top-quality removable fabrics
  • They use sustainable and healthy resources
  • Their covers are removable
  • They feature a wide range of cover fabrics and colors


  • The cover shrinks after washing

5. YogaAccessories Yoga Pillow – Best Size

 The pure cotton yoga pillow.

Some people engage in intense yoga practice. Others practice calm and relaxing yoga. If you fall under the latter, this yoga pillow by YogaAccessories can suit you.

It’s quite large measuring 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches high. Further, this yoga pillow is substantial and delivers ideal support.

Concerning its materials, this yoga bolster includes a cotton filling. This material makes it very supple and soft.

Point to note, this pillow’s actual measurements tend to be slightly bigger. It’s because of cotton’s fluffy nature that the size difference comes about.

Besides, this yoga pillow is highly versatile. It’s an ideal pick for prenatal and restorative yoga poses. 

In the same way, you can use it otherwise. For instance, when lounging around your house. Also, it can help provide leg and spinal support as you sleep.

On either side of the pillow are carry handles. Thus, moving this pillow around is quite convenient.

Then again, this yoga pillow’s cover is removable. This feature facilitates easy machine washing. Ensure you apply mild detergent and use cold water. After, line-dry the cover.

The core, on the other hand, requires you to spot clean using mild detergent.

By adding and removing the cotton battling, you can adjust the pillow’s firmness.


  • It’s very convenient to carry around
  • It’s vast to deliver maximum support and comfort
  • Cleaning the yoga pillow is stress-free
  • It’s also very versatile
  • You can adjust the cushions’ firmness


  • It has a strong unpleasant odor


After reading through our reviews article, you should have a solid idea of what yoga pillows entail. 

Perhaps you could come up with a little list of the features you consider essential. Then revisit the above reviews and identify the best yoga pillow that suits you best.

Our top pick is the Florensi Yoga Pillow. It features a buckwheat hull filling that makes it very firm and supportive.


Besides, it’s very stylish, versatile and includes a soft removable cover. The pillow allows you to personalize its height and is very durable.

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