The Best Yoga Pants for Men (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Pants for Men (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Yoga practice involves lots of stretching and bending. Therefore, having suitable yoga gear is vital. Moreover, many yoga exercises will leave you extremely sweaty. With that said, part of the equipment is a good pair of yoga pants. 

However, there are so many options available online. Read on to find the best yoga pants for men.

Five Best Yoga Pants for men

  1. BALEAF Men Yoga Pants – Best overall
  2. HDE Men Yoga Pants – Best for a hot environment
  3. YogaAddict Men Yoga Pants – Best for intense sessions
  4. COOFANDY Men Yoga Pants – Best absorbent
  5. ZSHOW Men Yoga Pants – Best comfort for walking

“Appearance isn’t everything.” This statement does not only apply to people but also sportswear. Most people choose their clothes based on color or style that suits them best. Sure, feeling attractive and confident is essential as well.

However, you don’t just buy your car or laptop because of its looks. Of course, there are other features one considers before acquiring such products. 

The same applies here. When buying yoga pants, there are some features you ought to prioritize over color or style.

1. Ease of Movement and Comfort

This factor is self-explanatory. Right? When in your yoga pants, you expect a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Good as: 

  • The fabric shouldn’t be itchy but should be skin-friendly;
  • You don’t have to pause your yoga session for you to adjust a sliding waistband.
  • The pants don’t keep dragging you down when posing.

Yoga pants are not similar to ordinary sweatpants. Sweatpants are only comfortable in the gym or around the house. However, sweatpants won’t fit well in the studio. You’ll probably find them being too heavy, loose, or even too hot for some yoga poses.

Instead, yoga pants, whether for men or women, are lightweight and streamlined. They should not get in your way when posing, especially during Vinyasa or fast-paced power yoga.

2. Performance Properties

This factor involves some specific qualities that you should pay close attention to in your yoga pants. Even so, this depends on what type of yoga you are practicing. For instance, the ability to wick away sweat and moisture, stretch or resist bacteria.

Those whose daily routine involves calm and slow types of yoga, a cotton or bamboo pair should do. Such yoga pants deliver a soft feel. At the same time, they will allow you to squat and stretch while maintaining the shape.

Hot yoga fans, on the other hand, should go for synthetic pants. Such fabric will let your body dry fast by wicking away sweat. As a result, your pants will keep you fresh throughout your workout.

3. Durability

Don’t expect any yoga pants to last you a lifetime. Eventually, you’ll get rid of your favorite pair and get another one.

With that in mind, some fabrics stay longer than others. 

Nylon, for instance, is one of the most long-lasting synthetic materials. Besides, it’s stress-free to maintain. By just tossing them into a Guppyfriend, then to the washing machine; that’s it.

Cotton and hemp, on the contrary, can endure years of wear and tear.

Other materials, such as bamboo and modal, tend to pill off. Thus, becoming unattractive. Such substances require thorough care.

4.  Style and Fit

Unlike women yoga pants, there is less variety in men yoga pants. Luckily enough, men yoga pants are becoming more popular. So, more brands are investing their effort in creating top-notch yoga gear for men.

Whether you like tight or loose yoga pants, the style and fit are entirely up to you. However, ensure your pants are long enough, not too loose or too tight.

Tight yoga pants are ideal for an intense yoga session. They improve blood circulation and facilitate the recovery of muscles after working out.

Whereas, loose yoga pants feel cozy for calm yoga styles. Baggy yoga pants also tend to be more versatile. You can walk around in the streets with feeling exposed or naked.

5. Design

Many yoga pants for both men and women feature a whole array of additional features. Be it zippers, pockets, clasps, among others. While these features might be useful, there’s not much use for them.

Some decorations tend to be bulky and can drag you down during practice. Take zippers; for instance, they may bring about some sort of discomfort.

Additional layers of fabric around the waist area may help control your tummy. Nonetheless, they can also cause difficulties in postures that require you to bend forward. 


What distinguishes yoga pants from leggings?

Yoga pants are athletic pants that you put on to a yoga studio. They can be bootcut, baggy, straight, etc.

Yoga leggings, on the contrary, are a type of yoga pants. They have a skin-tight fit all through.

Should yoga pants be loose or tight?

In my opinion, it’s a matter of preference. Tight-fitting pants are ideal for the gym, running, or fast Vinyasa. They feel light when jumping and moving.

On the other hand, loose-fitting yoga pants are cozy for Yin, Iyengar, and stretching.

Who should not wear yoga pants?

This question is always ridiculous. Some people say that guys aren’t supposed to wear tight yoga pants. Others think that huge people should wear baggier pants instead of leggings.

However, when practicing yoga, you are doing it for yourself? Aren’t you? So, always go for what you like.

How frequently should I wash my yoga pants?

You should try and wash your yoga leggings after every session. You can use cold or warm water depending on the fabric and a mild detergent.

Why can’t I use regular trainers for yoga?

Regular trainers, also known as sweatpants, are great for workouts but not suitable for yoga practice. The reason being, they tend to become too hot since they feature thick material. 

Product Reviews

1. BALEAF Men Yoga Pants – Best overall

The 4-way stretchable pants

For those men looking for tight and stretchy yoga pants, these yoga leggings from BALEAF deliver just that.

Firstly, these yoga pants feature a blend of fabrics. These include nylon, polyester, cotton, and Spandex. 

Secondly, apart from being stretchy, their material is also highly breathable. With strong moisture-wicking properties, they absorb sweat from your body. As a result, these pants keep you dry all day for optimal comfort.

Thirdly, they employ high technology to achieve a 4-way stretch. For this reason, these pants allow your movements to a more excellent range. At the same time, even after much stretching, these yoga pants can maintain their shape.

These yoga pants also come with significant side pockets. By this, the pants deliver convenient storage space for your mobile phone, cash or keys.

For a smooth, secure, and snug fit, the BALEAF yoga pants include an elastic waistband. The waistband also helps keep your tummy under control.

Moreover, their gusseted crotch layers comfortably and wears close to your body. They look great, especially when under a pair of shorts.

Their waist and length sizes offer sufficient cover to your parts. Besides, they are also non-see-through.

To conclude, they are also very versatile and ideal for many activities—for example, yoga, cycling, hiking, dancing, among others.


  • They include a 4-way stretch for full coverage and a better range of movement.
  • The side pockets deliver adequate storage for your items.
  • Their fabric is highly breathable for comfortable wear.
  • They have an elastic waistband to ensure a snug fit.
  • These pants are ideal for yoga, workouts, and other activities.


  • Some users find their size too small

They are ideal for intense yoga sessions.

2. HDE Men Yoga Pants – Best for a hot environment

The highly breathable yoga pants.

If you practice yoga in a hot environment region, try the HDE Men Yoga pants.

These capri pants feature 5% Spandex and 95% cotton. The pre-shrunk fabric is not only highly breathable but also skin-friendly. 

The pants’ material has moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties. By this, they ensure your skin stays dry, especially during hard workouts.

Still, on the fabric, it’s also stretchable and very comfortable. Remarkably, the HDE men pants are highly versatile. Other than being yoga pants, they are also ideal for lounging, jogging Pilates, or even basketball. 

Another thing, these men yoga pants have a drawstring closure. It’s elastic as well to allow you to achieve the best fit, so the pants don’t fall off.

For convenience, the pants also include two side pockets. The pockets are long and 8 inches deep. Hence, they can fully encase your phone, wallet, or keys.

On top of that, these yoga pants feature a slim ¾-long leg. With such length, they ensure sweat doesn’t reach your mat. The reason being, the carpet could get slippery during an intense yoga session hence becoming unsafe.

These men’s pants are also very lightweight and relaxed. Thus, they won’t weigh you down as you run your errands all day. 


  • The two side pockets deliver convenient storage of your items.
  • They are lightweight thus easy to move around with
  • Their material wicks moisture hence making them comfortable.
  • They have an elastic drawstring closure to keep them intact.
  • Their below-the-knee design offers protection to your knees.


  • Their material isn’t reinforced

They are perfect for warmer seasons.

3. YogaAddict Men Yoga Pants – Best for intense sessions

The best-balanced yoga pants.

Do you engage much in intense yoga sessions? Well, the YogaAddict men yoga pants are ideal for you.

These yoga pants come in a lovely fit. They are not too tight but are loose enough to deliver plenty of range for movement. Unlike other baggy yoga pants, they don’t hang down.


At the same time, they include an elastic and wide waistband. By this, the pants stay intact regardless of how much you move. As a bonus, these yoga pants include wide drawstrings to provide extra support.

Another thing, the YogaAddict yoga pants are also highly flexible. Not only are they yoga pants. You can wear them when running errands, going to a dance, traveling or for outdoor exercise.

For enhanced convenience, they have two outside big pockets. These pockets deliver adequate storage space to keep your phone, keys, and wallet.

Concerning the material, these yoga pants feature both cotton and spandex fabrics. These materials are not just comfortable but highly breathable.

The material absorbs moisture from the body, keeping you fresh at all times. For this reason, you can put on these pants for long without feeling uncomfortable.

Besides, the fabric is also 4-way stretchable. This feature makes the fabric non-see-though, thus providing full coverage.

Finally, these yoga pants come in various colors.


  • Have a great balance between a tight and lose feel
  • They have a snug fit with an elastic waistband.
  • The two outside pockets offer adequate storage for keeping your items.
  • They are 4-way stretchable to provide full cover for your parts and allow free movement.
  • Their material is highly breathable for comfortable wear.


  • They are too small for huge people

They are great for people whose primary concern is versatility.

4. COOFANDY Men Yoga Pants – Best absorbent

The back and side pocketed yoga pants.

For those after a loose pair of men yoga pants, the COOFANDY yoga pants are an ideal pick.

About the material, these yoga pants feature cotton linen. It’s very skin-friendly and highly breathable to boot. As a result, you can wear these yoga pants during the warm season.

The cotton absorbs any sweat and moisture from your body. By this, it keeps you cool and dry when working out.

Something else about these men yoga pants is how they allow free movement. Unlike cheap pants, you won’t find them constricting any parts when exercising.

Luckily enough, they feature a flattering and broad drawstring. You can, therefore, personalize the waist size to fit you best. Also, the drawstring keeps the pants in place, especially during intense workout and yoga sessions.

These pants are also very lightweight. This feature makes them comfortable to wear for a long time.

Also, these yoga pants are highly versatile. Other than being yoga pants, they are also perfect for dancing, martial arts, traveling, among other activities. 

Besides, these pants also come with both back and side pockets. Therefore, they deliver enough security to your items.

Lastly, they are both machine washable and hand washable as well.


  • They provide enough storage with both back and side pockets.
  • They are highly versatile and are ideal for different activities.
  • Their cotton linen material is highly breathable hence comfortable.
  • They include a drawstring for a snug fit.
  • These pants are very lightweight.


  • The bottom is too wide

These pants are perfect for people who practice calm yoga.

5. ZSHOW Men Yoga Pants – Best comfort for walking

The lightweight yoga pants.

Do you walk around much after a yoga session? If so, try the ZSHOW men yoga pants.

These yoga pants are very lightweight. Thus, they are very comfortable and easy to walk in as they don’t weigh you down.

They also feature pure top-notch cotton material. Other than being super comfortable, the material stretches to every move you make yet remaining fit.

The material is highly breathable and wicks moisture to boot. This feature facilitates proper air movement, thereby avoiding overheating. Because of this reason, these men yoga pants are perfect for intense yoga sessions and exercises.

Further, these yoga pants are highly versatile. Thus, you can not only use them for yoga but also martial arts, Pilates, outdoor activities, etc.

To achieve a snug and excellent fit, they include an elastic drawstring and waistband. The band keeps the pants in place so that they don’t fall off.

More importantly, these men yoga pants come with two slanting side pockets. They are long and deep enough to provide convenient space for storing for your cards, cash, phone, etc.

Equally important, they are both hand washable and machine washable.

Regardless of how often you wear them, these yoga pants don’t lose their shape and elasticity. In the same way, they maintain their color as they don’t quickly fade. 


  • Their elastic waistband and drawstring ensure a snug fit.
  • The cotton fabric is highly breathable and lightweight for comfortable wear.
  • They are highly versatile and are ideal for numerous activities.
  • The pants maintain their color and shape over time.
  • They include two side pockets to provide storage for items. 


  • The material is fragile.

It’s ideal for people who like taking walks after yoga sessions.


If you seriously practice yoga, then it’s no news to you that having the right gear is critical. 

Always prioritize comfort when going for yoga pants. The reason being, during the various poses and stretches, you want to focus on proper body alignment. 

Also, check on the pants’ material. Consider a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Our top pick is the BALEAF Yoga Pants for men. They feature a blend of fabrics that are highly breathable and comfortable as well. 

Moreover, these pants are 4-way stretchable, thus providing full coverage. Other than that, these yoga pants are versatile and ideal for intense yoga sessions. 

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