The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Fitness and wellness are part and parcel of healthy living. You can improve your health by practicing yoga. Luckily, manufacturers came up with mats. These mats will assist in accomplishing your fitness goal. However, you need proper details before you get the right pick. Here, in this piece, follow us as we will address some of the best yoga mats for beginners. 

Best Yoga Mat for Beginners in 2020

  1. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat
  2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
  3. Aurorae Classic Eco Safe Yoga Mat
  4. Jade Yoga Fusion Yoga Mat
  5. YogaAccessories Non-slip Yoga Mat

Factors to consider before buying the Best Yoga Mat for Beginners

Yoga practices are increasingly becoming a lifestyle for many folks. As you perform the movements, you should cushion your bones from possible injuries. Concerning that, you can make use of the best yoga mats in the market.

Different people have varying tastes and requirements. You need to evaluate your ideal mat in various aspects before you decide to have it. We will check specific elements that you can use to arrive at the right pick.

1. Thickness

The thickness of the yoga mat plays a critical role in providing comfort. Caution is necessary, as some depth might be misleading. The standard softer yoga mats have a thickness that may range up to ½ inches or more. 

Some people will believe that such a thickness will provide reliable cushioning. You should be on the lookout as some use softer foam. As a result, they cause deep indents, which might interfere with balancing.

Focus on both density and the thickness of the materials, especially natural rubber. 

Denser materials will offer a better experience. Most of them come from dense foam or natural rubber. As you use dense mats, they do not stretch or indent as compared to softer mats. 

2. Durability

The type of materials will determine the durability of the yoga mat. If you use cheap ones like plastic and foam mats, they will work for a shorter duration. Furthermore, they will begin to wear off and develop holes in some parts.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly materials are usually rubber. They come in a dense design that will only break down while in pressure and heat. If you restrict your activities to yoga alone, it will take a longer duration.

The durable yoga mats usually cost high as compared to other mats. If you have a big-sized body, use denser materials such as natural rubber. You will perform your activities without losing your mat easily. 

One can also use denser and ecofriendly foam. The materials will not easily breakdown to frustrate your yoga class. 

3. Grip and materials 

The aspect of grip affects various personalities. For instance, if you have sweaty feet and hands, you can go for particular yoga mats. Other individuals will prefer a light texture. Alternatively, they can use a towel. 

Standard yoga mats have a light texture. You must choose the right texture to enhance your comfort as you use the mat. Most of the mats in our review have a standard grip that is practical to many.

You can also target the mat with a light texture. Furthermore, it should have a sticky surface to promote stability. Also, consider high density-made materials. Suppose you upgrade your interest into hot yoga, buy yourself a yoga towel.

4. Style

Many people have different tastes of style. However, some will prefer particular colours. Others will prefer cool colors. Colors are ideal for restoring proper yoga experience.

Some yoga mats have decorations that will guide the user’s movements. Besides, others are plain; hence you have to control your actions. Different dimensions will suit the varying interest of particular people. 

5. The Frequency of Practice

If you are a frequent yoga practitioner, you will determine the lifespan of the yoga mat. In that regard, you should strive to go for a high-quality mat. If you perform your yoga once in a while, then look for the product that supports you well. 

6. Pricing

Pricing determines the quality of the yoga mat that you may likely purchase. For example, if the mat crafting features rubber, then expect higher pricing. You can also shop for a better yoga mat that is long-lasting by doing extensive research. 

If you are operating on a budget, then settle for affordable mats. They must come from at least medium quality.


What is the best thickness for the yoga mat?

A standard mat should be at least 4 to 5 mm thick. You need thicker mats for therapeutic exercises. If you have both back and knee pain, you should go for thicker yoga mats. Also, thicker and best mats will promote better body balancing hence stability. 

How do I choose a yoga mat?

You can settle for proper yoga mats if they offer an excellent grip. Furthermore, the used materials should be durable to withstand tear and wear. It should not have harmful chemicals that can compromise your health. 

Do you need a yoga mat?

Every yoga mat is the right item that will preserve the hygiene of the user. Moreover, it provides an excellent grip on the user as well as balancing. If one forsakes it and uses other platforms like sand, injuries are inevitable. It is critical to use a mat wherever you perform yoga exercise. 

Are expensive yoga mats worth it?

Most of the expensive yoga mats are of high-quality rubber and other materials. They are durable; hence you have a guarantee of using them for a longer duration. Most of them come with a lifetime warranty. Such a design boosts the confidence level of the customers to go for them. 

Product Reviews

1. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

To a yoga enthusiast, getting a proper yoga mat is one of the best decisions. You can find your solution in Health yoga Eco-friendly Non Slip mat. It is noteworthy that this yoga mat is relatively costly due to its essential features. 

The yoga mat uses the latest technology, known as TPE. Furthermore, it lacks harmful chemical compounds such as heavy metals or PVC. The manufacturer made it to last. The quality is dependable since it meets the standards of SGS.


The mat will prevent accidental fallout; the surface is non-slip. But that is not all. The mat is odorless. Moreover, the user will enjoy excellent cushioning while practicing yoga. The mat is eco-friendly, recyclable, and healthy.

This product is among the best mats. It has an excellent body alignment system. The presence of alignment lines helps the user to focus and make perfect movements. Beyond that, they will also maintain your body in proper alignment.

The yoga mat is extra thick featuring 6 mm to provide comfort during yoga practice. Also, it has a double layer design that offers excellent grip. Remarkably, the mat has non-slip texture on both sides with superior cushioning. 

You can comfortably use this mat for all yoga oriented activities. The carrying strap is useful for carrying convenience. 


  • The mat comes in multiple colors
  • The mat is of adequate size to accommodate all yoga movements
  • The used materials for designing it are body-friendly and lacks toxic chemicals
  • The alignment lines control the user to stay within the center during exercise
  • Made with extra thick design to enhance comfort


  • Some customers complained of slipping although it is not an ordinary challenge

2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

If you are in search of the best yoga mat as a beginner, your journey has come to an end. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is a high-quality mat that will offer one an essential service. It is the best bet tool for any yoga practice. 

If your habit is to sweat a lot, you can consider making this mat as your option. The closed-cell surface will prevent the sweat from accessing the mat cushion. The textured-made design facilitates an unmatched grip to enhance yoga practice. 

The high-density cushioning is practical in providing extra comfort to the user. The buyer will enjoy a lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about its quality. Most importantly, the mat has top-level; craftsmanship that comes with a standard thickness. 

Still, this mat is extra-long to accommodate any yoga activities. The lightweight design makes it extremely portable. You can quickly move it from the house to your gym and proceed on to your scheduled actions. 

When it comes to quality, the Manduka Pro Yoga mat has a special certification from OEKO Text. The manufacturer made it with safety in mind. It lacks toxic components that can affect your health. The natural rubber made product is also ecofriendly. 

One can easily store this yoga mat. Roll it while considering the top side to face outwards. The cool thing is that the corners will remain flat when practicing. You can use this product for any yoga match.


  • The mat has better dimensions to increase comfort.
  • The 6mm thickness will reduce discomfort while working on a hard floor
  • The lifetime warranty reduces the chances of buying another one
  • It does not emit toxic chemicals as it is 100% latex-free
  • The closed-cell surface makes it easy to clean


  • Some people raised concerns about slipping

3. Aurorae Classic Eco Safe Yoga Mat

The yoga mat has incredible dimensions of 72 by 24 inches. Then again, it is ¼ inch thick. It is one of the most regular mats in the market. The mat is durable and made for easy washing. It is essential to follow the provided tips on how well you can take care of the mat. 

While all rights reserved, the yoga mat is free from harmful substances. Some of these toxic compounds are rubber, latex, and silicone. It takes your health into perfect consideration. 


The versatility of this yoga mat makes it suitable for all categories of people. All the kids, women and men can comfortably use it. One can use it to practice hot yoga without facing any known challenge. 

Also, you can use this yoga mat to perform other hot yoga like aerobics and Pilates. Other uses among outdoor activities are fishing and or camping. As one purchases this yoga mat, he will enjoy a 2-year warranty. 

The designing materials for this yoga mat are natural rubber and Portuguese cork. The yoga mat is extra-long and wide to increase more surface for practicing yoga. The non-slip design will prevent any accidental falls and injuries. 

Aurorae Classic is among the best mats that come with fair pricing. 


  • The yoga mat comes with appropriate length to accommodate many users
  • The mat is free from toxic materials and harmful chemicals such as silicone or rubber
  • The inclusion of a free rosin bag will enhance the grip
  • The buyer enjoys a 2-year warranty
  • The medium density design will save sensitive knees from any injury


  • Sometimes the bottom and top edges curls
  • Some complained of slipping

4. Jade Yoga Fusion Yoga Mat

As you put Jade Yoga Fusion Yoga Mats to use, you will experience an excellent grip. Made from natural rubber, one will feel a better cushioning effect throughout. Furthermore, it does not have toxic chemicals like EVA for jade harmony.

While all rights reserved, these mats are extra thick. As a result, one can comfortably use them for restorative yoga, aerobics, and Pilates. The extra cushion is practical in maximizing comfort to enhance user experience. 

The Yoga mat comes from sustainable materials. Precisely, made from rubber trees; hence the material is both durable and eco-friendly. For every mat bought, the company plants a tree to support environmental policies. What that means is that every mat bought serves some noble work.

One can encounter outstanding performance as the yoga mat uses top-quality materials. Furthermore, the yoga mat comes in proper dimensions to accommodate all movements. This mat also supports all body sizes for jade harmony. 

The yoga mat comes in outstanding style. Or even better, the yoga mat manifests in various colors for one to select from the list. The user will also encounter excellent traction. The surface of this yoga mat promotes an excellent grip.

Lastly, the mat comes with a reasonable price tag. If you are a tall yogi, you can consider using these yoga mats as your product of choice. 


  • The yoga mats are incredibly durable therefore meant for longevity
  • Its dimensions especially the lengths will also accommodate tall people comfortably
  • The yoga mats come in multiple colors to match your favorite style
  • The open-celled surface will enhance grip to avoid slipping
  • The yoga mats are eco-friendly as they come from biodegradable natural rubber.


  • Slightly heavy
  • It produces mild rubber small

5. YogaAccessories Non-slip Yoga Mat

YogaAccessories happens to be among the tallest and best yoga mats. They are much longer than the regular yoga mats in the market. They have a thickness of 6mm inches, which is twice as dense as a standard mat will be. 

Both sides of this mat have a non-slip texture to enhance grip. One will encounter appropriate stickiness to ensure stability. Furthermore, one can perform any training activity without a threat of falling.


One can still use this yoga mat to perform any hot yoga. The materials used to design the yoga mat are durable. They have tear and wear-resistant abilities. Notably, the yoga mat lacks toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and latex.

Its thickness is dense enough to reduce any feeling of the underneath floor. Made of spongy foam it will enhance comfort to the yoga practitioner. However, for those with sensitive joints, seek for the yoga mats from this model.

As you perform hot yoga, you will probably sweat in the process. One may need a towel to control such perspiration challenges. 

The yoga mat is among the best yoga mat made for beginners since it is budget-friendly. 


  • The yoga mat comes in multiple colors
  • The yoga mat has a raised texture that is sticky for an excellent grip
  • Both sides of the yoga mat are non-slip so that the mat will not move on the floor. 
  • The medium-sized thickness will offer better cushioning to many users
  • The yoga mat comes with pocket-friendly prices


  • Frequent use of this yoga mat compromises the quality
  • Some people complained of slippage


As a beginner, you should settle for the best yoga mat. However, the selection exercise may seem to be a daunting task. If you are in such a situation, fret not. This write-up carries some specific solutions for you. Follow us for better guidance. 

From our list, the best choice is Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat. This mat has essential features that are worth your attention. The overall texture is reliable to prevent any slipping.


The yoga mat comes in s thickness to prevent knee and back pain. The material used for construction is toxin-free. It has a strap to enable one to carry it. 

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