Best Vinyasa Yoga DVDs in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVDs in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are an inconsistent soul like me, trying to bring a change not only in your room but also in your fitness routine, then I’d recommend you try Vinyasa Yoga.

Unlike other types of yoga, Vinyasa brings you novelty poses and postures to practice every day. Its variety and novelty do not require you to force yourself into the same routine, and you can try out something new and healthy regularly.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is the most popular and broadest form of yoga. It incorporates elements from other yoga styles like power yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, etc. According to one of the definitions given by expert yogis, Vinyasa, in literal terms, means “variation within prescribed parameters of steadiness, comfort and smooth breathing.” This type of yoga calls for an uninterrupted flow of poses at an individual pace along with linking of postures with breath when moving.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa brings myriads of benefits, but I have mentioned some of the most desired ones below.

1. Stay Focused

In Vinyasa yoga, you switch postures in a smooth and continuous flow, which helps you stay focused. So if you have trouble staying focused with other types of yoga, this will help you stay alert and attentive. Believe me; this will not only help you achieve your fitness goals but a lot more in life.

2. Variety

Vinyasa is a lot more flexible than any other type of yoga. It allows the instructor to choose the sequence of postures on their own without having to follow any hard and fast rule. Each session brings about a new position, giving you something new to learn.

3. Explore Your Limits

Since Vinyasa is a hybrid of different types of yoga, it enables you to explore a new boundary of your physical limits. The Iyengar poses were extreme to me, but Anusara inversion is beyond that. It will let you set new limits of balance and flexibility.

4. Amazing Cardio

What’s a fitness routine without cardio benefits? For me, useless. The ‘Vinyasa flow’ will take your heart to new grounds of functionality, teaching it to get going, even at a slow pace.

5. Burn Calories

Vinyasa requires us to flow between postures at a high pace. This type of movement results in instant calorie-burn. In only about 45 minutes, a person can lose up to 415 calories, which is more effective than an equally long session of jogging or jumping jack. But remember the condition is to keep a fast pace.

6. Improves Breathing

Vinyasa requires you to create and focus on a particular rhythmic breath. This control and concentration over your breath during the session grant you alertness and awareness towards your goals. This breathing method fills your lungs to their full capacity and clears them of any toxins.

It tranquilizes your mind, meliorating your sleep, and significantly eradicating the chances of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Not only that, but it also leads your organs to their full bloom, which leads to improved metabolism and weight loss.

Is Vinyasa for Beginners?

Yes, Yes, Yes!! Vinyasa is for everyone. Based on your expertise and experience, you can select the type of training that suits you better.

As a beginner, I started with slow-flow Vinyasa yoga. It taught me every posture slowly and in detail with every instruction on how to control my breath, so I didn’t have any trouble picking my pace over time.

You can consult an expert about your initial speed and, with time, move on to more intense flow. Since there is no strict sequencing of poses, you can personalize each class according to your will or select a relatable teacher who you can enjoy your lessons with.

Can You Practice Vinyasa at Home?

A lot of people prefer to practice at the yoga studio so they can have live expert support and attention. But if you are as busy as a bee or a little yoga-shy like me, then the Vinyasa yoga DVDs can be a lifesaver. Regardless of the reason for not going to the studios, you can still have a fantastic yoga session at home with the DVDs. They are cheap, detailed, and cover all that you need to know.

Because of increasing demands, you’ll find a lot of them in the market, that too from expert yogis. So you can choose them according to your preferences or switch between multiple of them for variety and better reliability. I’d recommend you opt for the most popular and experienced yogis as they are well aware of the difficulties and challenges you might face as a beginner and provide you specific details to help you through them.

5 Best Vinyasa Yoga DVDs

1. Shiva Rae Yoga Shakti

Shiva Rae is an expert yogi who has been practicing since the age of 14. She has practiced yoga in different parts of the world and has filmed this DVD in India and Maldives. With this DVD, she lets you personalize the sequence of postures you’ll be practicing.


What We Liked

  • This DVD can be the right choice for beginners because of its slow-flow and ease.
  • You can create your sequencing from the variety of poses provided or choose from the suggested successions.
  • Written descriptions before every posture are helpful to understand it well.
  • The music choice with each position is well-synchronized.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Despite a slow-flow, you need to have a few works out sessions before you can catch up with Shiva. However, if you are entirely new to yoga, this will prove to be a little challenging to follow.
  • The written pop-ups can be a bit annoying. They used to break my focus as I had to read them between postures. So I decided to read them all at once, so I don’t have to pause continuously.

2. Shiva Rea: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The Shiva Rea is another excellent DVD by Shiva Rea, and it’s mainly for people trying to incorporate a fitness routine within a busy lifestyle. Shiva has divided her sessions into seven parts, each of about twenty minutes. The varying combination of postures ensures enhanced balance, calmness, and stamina.

What We Liked

  • You can customize the matrix according to your preference and routine. Your sessions can last from 20 minutes to 45 minutes or longer.
  • In this DVD, Shiva has introduced some new and extreme poses to push your stamina to its maximum. The challenging sessions were a great source of inspiration to keep going and be like her one day.
  • She moves from easy to challenging poses, following a slow transition so you can quickly get the hang of it.
  • The music is exhilarating and fits the environment perfectly. I like her tone with which she describes each step and leads you through the session.

What We Didn’t Like

  • As a beginner, you might find the instructions a little complicated, but it will be quite clear if you have even a slight experience.
  • Shiva doesn’t give audio alerts when transitioning, so you have to be looking at the screen to keep track of her movement.

3. Daphne Larkin Vinyasa Yoga DVD

With Daphne Larkin, you’ll find yourself moving between different asanas like a fluid. Her DVD is excellent for beginners as well as intermediate yogis. It’s a perfect source of inspiration, stability, and strength. Daphne starts from the basics of Vinyasa and takes you to perfection.

What We Liked

  • Daphne gives you the freedom to choose your sequence of flows and practices. Her advanced methods are usually long, but that isn’t a problem since you can create one as per your preferences.
  • I found Daphne very useful and rejuvenating. She inspires people on a different level, which is helpful in other areas of life too.
  • She starts from the basics and enables you to explore a new level of Vinyasa with each pose.
  • The pace is entirely appropriate based on the difficulty of the posture.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This DVD isn’t suitable for people with a packed routine. It offers a complete workout of over 45 minutes, which might not be practical for such people.
  • Even though the content of the video is superior, the quality of video production is relatively low.

4. Jenni Rawlings Vinyasa Flow

Jenni Rowling is a certified Vinyasa trainer with vast experience in the field. This advanced DVD of hers is mainly for intermediate and experienced practitioners, willing to take their current practices to unprecedented levels. In this DVD, you’ll get five routines ranging from 30 minutes to one hour, focusing on seven different poses.


What We Liked

  • These long and challenging workout sessions are pretty excellent in improving one’s stamina and strength.
  • You’ll enjoy the serenity of the music and its potent effect in relaxing your mind. You might also find it motivating you into different poses.
  • Jenni offers descriptive narrations, so you do not necessarily need to watch too. You can simply listen to her and perform.
  • It features various challenging poses like handstands that other yoga DVDs do not usually offer to practice at home. The thoroughgoing explanations in the background make it less stressful.
  • The pace and the overall setting of the video are apt to keep you focused, unlike many other DVDs that turn boring.

What We Didn’t Like

  • I’d highly recommend checking the DVD right when you receive it because I had to return it twice before I got the one that worked.
  • The quick pace transitions make it difficult to follow at times.

5. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

People might not be aware, but Vinyasa can be helpful at the time of birth. That’s because meditation is the greatest pain reliever. This DVD by Jennifer Wolfe ensures safe and secure workout sessions for pregnant women for all three trimesters. It proves terrific for postpartum healing too.

What We Liked

  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility of a schedule that Jennifer has offered on this DVD. Depending upon the availability of time, you can choose between the different sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 75 minutes. This choice is excellent if you do not have a fixed schedule.
  • Since each course offers a new posture, you’d stay focused and alert.
  • To train you well for labor Jennifer has incorporated 5-15 minutes of relaxation in each course. It also helps your body to naturally build endurance to pain.
  • With this DVD, you do not only get some random yoga poses, but the ones specifically beneficial for labor.

What We Didn’t Like

  • I’d say you have to be a little careful with the transitions as I found them quick and jerky at times.
  • Since pregnancy doesn’t hit everyone the same way, some of the poses might be difficult for some women.
  • The videos are dynamic and can get you sweating quickly.


I have mentioned some most popular yogis and their releases that not only I but a lot of people find helpful and beneficial. If I were to choose one, I would go with Shiva Rae because I like her pace and transitions. For me, she is the go-to option. For beginners, I’d say Daphne Larkin’s Vinyasa yoga is a great option. The way she starts with the basics is all you need for the initial stages. She embeds an inner inspiration in the followers to help through their daily routine too. If you find other yogis unable to push your stamina to new boundaries, then Jenni Rawlings Vinyasa Yoga is the perfect pick. Since it’s for advanced practitioners, it would be better to try out others first in case you are just entering the world of yoga. It is natural to relate to one better than the other yogi, so you can switch between them to find the best one for you.

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