The Best Fitness Tracker for Yoga (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The Best Fitness Tracker for Yoga (Reviews & Buying Guide)

As a fitness enthusiast, you need a fitness tracker to gauge your activities. Yoga is a health and wellness activity that enhances your overall wellness. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the usefulness of the device. 

A fitness tracker will help you in determining the heart rate and total workout. In this review, we will analyze the best fitness trackers for yoga. 

5 Best Fitness Tracker for Yoga – 2020

  1. Honor Band 5 –Best in Durability
  2. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker – Best in Functionality
  3. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – Best Stylish Fitness Tracker
  4. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband – Best in versatility
  5. Lintelek Fitness Tracker –Best in value

Buying Guide for the Best Fitness tracker

If you are new to any yoga oriented gear, the selection will be a challenging task. Unfortunately, the market is full of both genuine and fake products. You can only distinguish the two if you follow a specific guideline in this review.

Once you get the right product, chances are it will serve you for long. So, what are these elements that you should follow? Indeed, that is precisely what this write-up is going to deliver to you. 

1. Battery Life

It will be reasonable to settle for the product that has long battery life. If that is the case, it will minimize the chances of charging over and over again. It can also be tedious to be charging the device frequently, affecting your schedule.

It is more painful to own a weak battery. It is essential to understand that many fitness trackers have different battery capabilities. There is a category that will feature rechargeable batteries. Others will use coin cell batteries.

It is up to you to settle for the one that meets your needs. 

2. Waterproof

A waterproof material tracker is one of the coveted choices for many yogis. One great advantage is, you can still use it while showering or while swimming. Also, it will prevent you from the hassle of putting it on and off frequently. 

You can wear through the season, regardless of the prevalent weather condition. You should buy a safe fitness tracker. Settling for a fitness tracker that has water-resistant materials should be a priority.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility is another aspect to look for when selecting your product. You should choose the best fitness tracker that is compatible with smartphones. Suppose you are using an Android device, it should work correctly with your tracker.

A good fitness tracker should also tether well with other electronic devices. 

They can be tablets, computers, and phones. The user will have an opportunity for many functions painlessly. For example, you can manage your calls and see incoming texts.

4. Display

Do you know that several trackers lack display? If you are using a device with no display, it limits you. You will not track all the activities that you have been going through. 

It is crucial to get a fitness tracker that has a LED display. The design will assist you in getting real-time results. Alternatively, you can track your activities by using a fitness app. 

5. Style

Style is a critical aspect while choosing the right fitness tracker. You should select a device that will blend well with your personality. Different people have varying tastes when it comes to some specific color.

The color will largely dictate the type of mood one may experience. You should select a stylish design that makes you feel energized. 

6. Accuracy

Accuracy is a critical aspect when you are tracking your activities. The best fitness device should be 100% accurate. As a result, it will be reasonable to test the different methods for the accuracy issue.

Getting accurate data makes you improve on your activities. You will know how you are performing on a particular activity. The user will also gauge the efficiency and determine if he is making progress or not.

In that regard, a good tracker should be accurate in displaying the right information. 

7. Pricing

Many would want to get an affordable fitness tracker. As you go to the market, get a good tracker from a reputable company. Also, the pricing should fit your budget. Some products come in a reasonable price tag to make them favorable.

Some people will still go for higher pricing because of the complexity of features. Higher pricing may also be a guarantee that the device is long-lasting. 

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What consideration should I look for when buying a fitness tracker?

Indeed, as you go to the market, you must look for particular aspects. The device should have a specific feature that can make it give outstanding service. Look for water resistance feature, unisex design, and the warranty. You can also look for activity notifications and wireless sync. 

Will the tracker detect work out when I am working out

Yes, you should understand that there are versions out there with better features. They have built-in apps that will assist you in detecting workout issues. While running, walking, or jogging, the device will inform you about your progress. 

What are the metrics that the fitness tracker will display?

It will largely depend on the goals of the clients. Some of the fitness trackers will display various information. It is vital to use the ones that you want to know. For example, the heart rate, sleeping habits, and workout information.  

Is it a must that I use a tracker on my health and fitness?

Not at all. You can still perform your fitness activity without using a tracker. Many will settle for a tracker as a motivating aspect when you want to know how you are progressing. 

Product Reviews

1. Honor Band 5 –Best in Durability

Honor Band 5 is a high-quality smart band that features 50m water resistance. Interestingly, the fitness tracker has a large screen that displays several controls. It also has integrated features to monitor your heart rate.

You can use this fitness tracker to monitor other activities like swimming. You will see the notifications and reminders to stay updated. The product is best suited for yoga as it monitors health issues and fitness. 

One can still download the Huawei health app and connect the band to your smartphone. The phone will help you to manage the band and your fitness routine effectively. The band has a belt clip design to enable it to attach to your wrist firmly. 

Notably, the watch has the TrueSleep feature to detect your sleeping actions. Furthermore, the function will track oxygen saturation in the blood. As a result, you will understand how your body is responding during workouts. 

One can still adjust the volume and change the song effortlessly. The fitness tracker will display the data of your heart rate in real-time. Unique features include a remote control camera and multiple watch faces.

The product uses multiple sport modes. It will support both indoor and outdoor activities. In other definitions, you can perform various training exercises. They may be cycling, swimming, walking, and running.


  • One can use this tracker in a highly humid environment since it offers water resistance
  • The fitness tracker has multiple support features to monitor your activities
  • The product has a large screen with better controls for smooth operation
  • The user can connect the band to the smartphone for improved operation
  • One can easily monitor the oxygen level in the bloodstream


  • The clients complained of battery life inconsistencies

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker – Best in Functionality

You need a proper fitness tracker to run your yoga routine. Xiaomi band 3 is there to end your fears. The product has a 39.3% AMOLED color. Also, it offers a full-touch display whereby the user can adjust the brightness.

You will also entertain yourself by selecting the favorite music from the list. It is possible to adjust the volume of the song without touching your cell phone. Still, this fitness tracker has a sturdy design; hence it is water-resistant.


Consequently, one can use this product to accomplish different missions. One of my favorites is swimming. Interestingly, the tracker has excellent features to detect your swimming style. It uses 12 data points in the tracking exercise.

The health and wellness feature makes it outstanding. It will ideally monitor your heart rate for 24 hours continuously. The stylish band will display various colors to match your moods. One can select the photo from the gallery and make it be your watch face.

Also, the fitness band will indicate the incoming call so that you do not miss communication. You can either receive the call or reject it. One will also get a notification for social media and other texts. 

The good news about this product is that it has a long battery life. You will comfortably use it for 20 days uninterrupted. Also, the sturdy design makes it long-lasting. 


  • The Fitness tracker has notification support so that you remain updated 
  • It is the excellent battery life that that can serve you for several weeks
  • It will correctly monitor your heart rate throughout the day
  • The product manifest in multiple colors to suit your preference
  • The fitness tracker is waterproof hence suitable for swimming activities


  • The user will experience charging challenges

3. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – Best Stylish Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless is a practical and stylish device that will serve you well. The device will track your calories and steps as a fitness aid. 

The product uses waterproof materials. The user will correctly operate in humid conditions.

Once you charge the battery to the full capacity, it serves you satisfactorily. It will precisely take more than five days before the next recharge. One can use it well while operating in the remote conditions. 

Still, the fitness tracker is lightweight. Your hand will rarely feel any load while training or at rest. It comes in various colors for you to choose the most suitable. The most common ones are charcoal, grey, and black.

The fitness tracker uses Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly. It will comfortably tether with some other electronic devices such as cell phones. As you buy it, set a Fitbit account to help you manage the daily goals. 

It also has an exercise app where you can add dancing and yoga. One will be in the position to compare the effort level. You will know your competency in dancing as well as yoga. 

Most importantly, one can get the product at an affordable price. 


  • The fitness tracker has many connection options like Bluetooth
  • The waterproof design makes the product to be rain resistant
  • The fitness tracker has many features that are easy to use
  • You can upload the exercise app to track your steps and calories consumed
  • The device is compatible with other electronic gadgets like phones and computers


  • The device will not track sleep
  • It uses a flimsy rubber case

4. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband – Best in versatility

Indeed, one will use this wrist band to count the heart rate. Furthermore, it monitors your fitness activities throughout the day and beyond. 

Consequently, the user will maximize workouts and determine the burned calories. 


Uniquely, the product has multi-sport modes. One will have the opportunity to read the actual workouts on the displayed screen. The presence of the SmartTrack automatically records the selected activities.

The product uses a large OLED display that enhances communication. You will conveniently respond to the text, call, and calendar alerts. It will sync automatically and wirelessly connect to over 200 Android and iPhone devices. 

Besides, the product has a battery that can last for five days. The cool aspect is that the tracker has a feature to monitor your sleep. Undoubtedly, the tracker will consistently count the duration. 

You will know the time you spend in light or deep sleep. After that, the tracker will begin peacefully by raising a silent alarm. You can also use this tracker to monitor specific exercises like walking or yoga.

The screen will display work statistics. The user will also connect it to a smartphone’s GPS to view real-time stats. The operating temperature will range from 14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating altitude should not exceed 30,000 feet. 

Lastly, the circumference range should be between 140 and 170 mm. 


  • The product has simple features that are easy to use
  • The fitness tracker uses a sizable OLED screen to display real-time statistics
  • One can connect it to various smartphone versions like iPhone, Windows, and Android
  • The fitness is reliable since it monitors your activities with high accuracy
  • The product can correctly monitor your heart rate 


  • The product is not waterproof
  • It is also prone to smudges of the fingerprint

5. Lintelek Fitness Tracker –Best in value

Lintelek Fitness Tracker is an excellent fitness tracker that perform various tasks. You will monitor the number of consumed calories. Furthermore, the user will monitor the heart rate and the covered distance.

Moreover, the fitness tracker will notify you when there is an incoming call. As if that is not enough, you will also know if there is a text message. One will also monitor sleeping habits. You will tell you how long and well you sleep at night. 


The user can also set the alarm as a reminder to wake up. It may be a call to begin the exercise or take some medicine. You can also mark your sports routine by connecting it to the GPS tracker. The app helps determine energy consumption and activity distance.

The fitness tracker uses an OLED screen, having several customized clock faces. Interestingly, the tracker has an adjustable anti-lost strap. The design is practical to the kids who are prone to losing it carelessly. 

The product comes in many colors to make it fashionable. You can select from the available options to suit your style and preferences. Do you know that color dictates the mood of your day? The product is suitable for people in business and sportsmen. 

Another feature is that the product has 14 sports modes. It offers a real-time heart rate monitoring for 24 hours. You can also use the smartphone to manage the attached activities. 


  • The Fitness tracker has multiple features to support your activities
  • You can easily connect it to a smartphone to enhance the usage
  • The battery has an extraordinary battery life that will serve you for many days
  • The device has secure charging options
  • The product comes with a reasonable price tag


  • The device is not waterproof
  • The screen appears to be dim 

In Conclusion

It can be helpful if you manage your fitness schedule while using the best fitness tracker. The device will track several aspects and assist you in determining progress. The presence of reminders will keep you alert and updated.

Our best choice in this review is Honor Band 5. The device will offer a remarkable water-resistance. However, one can use it when swimming or in a rainy season adequately. It also has a large screen to display the output.

Honor band 5 has a sleeping app. You can track your sleeping baits and determine where to improve. 

It also has a remote camera and multiple watch faces. You can still use it to know the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. 

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