The Best Cork Yoga Mat in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Yoga is an activity that improves both mental and physical health. Many have been adopting this technique as a lifestyle. Consequently, those actions lead to a demand for yoga gears.

Many consumers are looking for renewable mats from cork and cotton materials. The eco-friendly mats are taking the market by storm. This guide will simplify your selection process leading to the right pick.

Best Cork Yoga Mat – 2020

  1. Luxury Cork Yoga Mat – Best in stability
  2. Valka Cork Yoga Mat – Best for travel 
  3. BASICALLY PERFECT Cork Yoga Mat – Best in Density 
  4. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat – Best in versatility 
  5. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat – Best in durability 

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Cork Yoga Mat 

Before you buy your yoga gear, it is vital to understand some elements. A cork yoga mat is a powerful tool to assist you to practice well. As a result, you must know what it entails to get the right product. 

Many find it challenging to locate the right cork yoga mat. It should, therefore, come from the right materials for it to be suitable. Let’s look at some of the aspects that one should not overlook.  

1. Size 

Size is a critical element before buying your mat. You must understand your needs for you to settle for the correct pick.  

Cork yoga mats come in multiple sizes for you to select the best. If you are tall, you should avoid choosing a smaller size that will make you uncomfortable.  

One should choose a product that has proper lengths and widths. A standard mat comes in the dimensions of 68 X 24 inches. If you are tall, go for longer mats that may have a length of 72, 73, and 82 inches.  

If you have more space in the house, go for the one that has a width of 30 inches.  

2. Thickness 

You should select a mat with a suitable thickness. It will be a good cushion, especially when you have sensitive knees.  

Such a mat will provide enough comfort to make several yoga poses. One advantage of choosing a thinner mat is that it consumes less space when rolled. You can also use it as a travel mat. A good travel mat is usually 1.5 mm in inches.  

A thick mat will feature a thickness of 6 mm. If you are a regular yogi, you can also use a mat with an average depth of 4 mm. 

3. Backing 

The role of backing is to prevent the mat from slipping while using it. The most commonly used materials for backing are rubber or latex. If the mat comes from natural rubber, it will not have petroleum chemicals. Petroleum chemicals are always prevalent in synthetic products.  

The cork materials are the most sustainable than rubber. Also, you can construct backing from foam materials. It will be reasonable to always check the “natural” label on your new yoga mat.  

4. Pricing  

You should settle for the cork mat that has reasonable pricing. There are cheap cork mats out there, which will chip easily. A good mat should be thicker in size. 

If you want a high-quality cork mat, then you should be ready to pay higher. Many manufacturers offer high pricing to the top-quality yoga mat. 

You should buy a durable cork mat. In line with that, you must be ready to dig deeper into your pocket. One advantage with long-lasting mats is that they are worthy of every penny spent.  

5. Durability 

Ever thought of owning a good cork mat? You must check the durability element first. It should come from those materials that will not chip easily.  

Durable materials always provide good traction. They should be both tear and wear-resistant. The good news is that you can use them for an extended period without a threat of losing the value. 

Mostly, high-quality materials with a durable design come from natural rubber and cork. They can also be a combination of both to make a perfect blend.  


How can one maintain and take care of the cork yoga mat 

After completing a sweaty exercise, you can clean it with soap and water. Use a damp cloth to wipe all the dirty sports. At this point, you can allow it to air-dry before rolling and storing it. Drying it up well will prevent the growth of bacteria.  

Does a cork yoga mat provide a reliable grip?  

A yoga mat will increase in grip when it is damp. Such a condition is suitable for those individuals who practice hot yoga. Some mats provide less grip in dry conditions. You can improve the situation by spraying it with water.  

Does cork emit smell? 

Yes, cork material has a woody smell. Luckily, it will disappear after a while. The cork yoga mats indeed come from barks that emit a smell. Interestingly, it is not all users who will detect the scent. For those who are sensitive to smell, they can settle for the one with a rubber coating. 

Are cork mats costly? 

The pricing of this product will largely depend on the used materials. For instance, if the mat has a thin cork, it will feature low pricing. A durable rubber material will automatically attract higher pricing. 

Product Reviews

 1. Luxury Cork Yoga Mat – Best in stability.

If fitness and wellness is your goal, then you need the correct yoga gear. Look no further than Luxury Cork Yoga Mat. The most prominent yoga instructors designed this cork yoga mat. These instructors have a wealth of experience; they understand the student’s needs. 

The exciting aspect is that the mat employs extra cork. The cork is 6 times thicker than a standard cork mat. Interestingly, the mat comes from premium Portuguese cork. 

Besides, you will encounter superior stability and premium support. The entire cork mat boasts of extra thick padding to cushion your knees and elbows. Furthermore, the smooth surface will prevent injuries from strenuous poses.  

Another exciting aspect is that the cork yoga mat is non-slip. It has a convenient texture that will support gripping even after sweating. Surprisingly, the cork will increase in grip as you sweat more.  

The soft, cork yoga mat will ensure your stability. Also, its sturdy design makes it withstand rough handling. It will not tear or wear easily. The mat is sizable enough to enable you to practice with more styles. It has perfect Dimensions of 80″ x 26″ x 6.5mm. 

The good news is that this mat is for both men and women. One can use this cork yoga mat to perform various functions apart from hot yoga. Also, the user can perform Pilates, aerobic, and more.  

The mat is highly flexible to unroll flat on the surface. It only weighs 8 pounds. The mat also has a backing of durable rubber.  

You will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


  • The cork yoga mat is non-slip to prevent falls and other related accident
  • The product contains alignment lines to help you stay within the dimensions
  • The yoga mat has mechanisms to absorb sweat and increase in grip
  • It is durable and smooth to resist any breakage
  • The mat has reliable cushioning to enhance stability and overcome any sinking effect


  • The mat is heavier than standard mats

2. Valka Cork Yoga Mat – Best for travel 

You don’t have to count yourself off if you have a habit of sweating. You can comfortably use the Valka cork yoga mat to advance your training. Undoubtedly, this mat improves on the grip when you sweat. You will still perform any poses while your legs and hands are moist. 

The versatile designing of this mat opens up to various opportunities. The yoga practitioner will use it to perfect multiple yoga styles. You can wear shoes and use them in the gym and other fitness exercises.  

You can use it in the studio, home, or make it a travel mat.  

The product has a 3mm rubber base that is non-slip. The design makes it grip the floor as your practice firmly. Meanwhile, the same base has a reliable thickness to offer comfort and support. Also, the mat is lightweight featuring 5 pounds. 

Naturally, the mat will not catch dirt easily. In that regard, it gives you ample time to practice. You will clean it in the shortest period possible. The mat also comes from environmentally-friendly materials.  

All the materials used for the crafting of this cork yoga mat are long-lasting. They are mainly from natural rubber and recycled cork.  

The cork yoga mat passed various tests from reputable bodies such as SGS. 

Still, the smooth materials are skin-friendly and soft. They will resist any odor, and they lack harmful chemicals and compounds. Typically, they will preserve the ecosystems and your health. 


  • The mat is eco-friendly and uses non-toxic materials
  • The mat has a lightweight design making it fit for travel
  • The product is anti-microbial hence it will feel gentle on your feet
  • The bottom uses heavy-duty rubber, which increases the grip on the surface. 
  • The used materials are durable.


  • None so far

3. BASICALLY PERFECT Cork Yoga Mat – Best in Density 

Basically Perfect Yoga mat is among the popular products in the market. The mat comes in a combination of beauty and environmental conservation. As you purchase one mat, you will realize that no tree gets destroyed in the process.  

The cork yoga mat comes from two remarkable elements. They are natural organic rubber and organic cork. The cork surface is unique as it will not chip easily. It is, therefore, non-slip to make it more gripper even when sweating.  

You will practice correctly without requiring a yoga towel. It also uses non-toxic materials and harsh chemicals. It is, therefore, breathable. You will not encounter such compounds like Phthalates, PVC, and TPE.  

The yoga mat does not accumulate dirt easily as it is self-sanitizing. It has natural anti-microbial; hence it will enhance your hygiene. Besides, it weighs 6.5 pounds to make it lightweight. You can easily transport it from one spot to the next.  

One unique thing about the mat is it features a reversible design. The user will enjoy the two unique textures. The design is useful since it supports different moods while training. You can use this product for various functions. 

The product’s dimensions are perfect for any yoga style. Specifically, they are 68 inches by 24 inches. For that matter, it will support almost all body sizes comfortably.  

Another feature is that it manifests in an extra thickness of 5mm. It has a non-slip surface that has supper cushioning. Moreover, the mat will offer the user excellent stability and traction.  


  • The cork yoga mat is suitable for sensitive knees due to extra cushioning
  • The mat will remain clean and safe from harmful bacteria
  • The user will enjoy unrivaled grip and stability
  • The used materials are non-toxic and free from toxic chemicals
  • The yoga mat has a grippy surface to enhance support


  • One may need a water spray for it to provide a perfect grip.

4. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat – Best in versatility 

Gaiam Cork yoga mat features two surfaces for one to practice yoga. One side of it will offer a beautiful cork surface. The other side of the mat has a TPE rubber surface. Such options will enhance your experience while doing your yoga.  

All the materials used are non-toxic. You will not inhale harmful substances that can compromise your health. As a remedy to that, the manufacturer used recyclable and non-toxic materials. 


If your routine calls for frequent traveling, then make this product as your company. The mat is lightweight, with a comfortable weight of 3.7 pounds. Its dimensions of 66 X 24 inches makes it suitable for all the sizes of people.  

As you use this mat, you will encounter excellent cushioning. If you have sensitive knees and elbows, then the cork mat will serve you well. The mat has a non-slip surface that enhances good traction. The extra-thick design increases comfort to the user. 

Typically, the cork yoga mat uses rubber and other cork related pieces of stuff. The user will not encounter any irritation on the skin. Furthermore, these natural materials are biodegradable.  

As you use this cork yoga mat, you will not limit it to yoga only. The mat is also suitable for use while in the gym. 


  • The lightweight design makes this mat to be suitable for travel
  • The extensive dimension makes it ideal for all yoga styles and routines
  • The two surfaces are non-slip hence they will enhance your daily practice
  • It has extra cushioning which is supportive when having sensitive knees
  • The used materials are eco-friendly and recyclable 
  • The construction materials are durable


  • Some clients complained of some odor

5. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat – Best in durability 

Yoloha cork yoga mat is a unique product that comes with unmatched durability. It uses the blend of recycled materials from rubber and cork. The two elements combine perfectly to provide adequate grip while practicing.  

The premium surface from cork and rubber materials is non-slip. You can still use it well, whether it is dry or wet. While practicing yoga, one will not use a cumbersome towel to wipe the sweat. 

It also has added inches on its dimension. However, it allows you to make more movements without going out of its space. 

The yogi will use the cork mat to accomplish various missions. You can use it to do restorative yoga, among other functions. The cork mat is also suitable for travel and the gym. The used materials are non-toxic. 

The mat also has anti-microbial properties, which makes it sustainable. There is toxin-free foam to provide dependable cushioning. One will comfortably use it without losing balance. Furthermore, they contain no harsh chemicals and PVC. 

The recycled materials are also eco-friendly and renewable. While making the materials, it is only the bark of the tree that is useful. The manufacturer will not cut down the tree to facilitate production.  

The buyer will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If unsatisfied with the quality, you may return for a refund.  


  • The anti-microbial properties make this cork yoga mat safe 
  • The used materials are sustainable as they resist tear and wear
  • The surface is non-slip hence it will not enhance grip and stability
  • The thick cushioning on the mat makes it suitable for sensitive knees and elbows
  • The yoga mat does not have harsh chemicals


  • It produces some slight smell


Yoga is a fitness game that will improve your health. You must use the correct cork yoga mat. Unfortunately, many yogis experience difficulties in finding the right mat.  

A good mat should meet all your needs. Our number one recommendation is the Luxury Cork Yoga Mat. The cork mat has a thick cushioning that will serve sensitive elbows and knees.  

The cork yoga mat will increase in grip as you dampen it with sweat. It is, therefore, suitable for intense yoga. It also has a non-slip design, which will prevent falls while making poses. Also, it has an alignment line to keep you within the dimensions. 

The mat is also durable hence suitable for long-term usage. 

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